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What is Erotic?

Posted by Luna on January 9, 2008

This post on my Live Journal, got the most responses, so I’m including it here, editing out the bits that don’t apply to today (i.e., who I was writing it for).
Well, a recent friend suggested that I post more. I know, I know… There are several people who have told me the same thing.

(no comments from you folks)

I don’t know. My best posts tend to come when I am inspired to talk. And that usually comes when I am turned on sexually and creatively at the same time, or when I’m pissed off or disturbed by something.

I mean, I have these deep dark corners of my mind where I think of really sick twisted, erotic, taboo in every sense of the word, fantasies and indulgences. And the truth is that for ever person who would condemn me, call me a sinner, or send me to therapy for having these ideas, voicing these ideas, or even worse get turned on by these ideas…. there are probably just as many who would shrug their shoulders say ‘yeah… so…’ and then trump my hand by telling me of stuff that gets them off that’s even deeper and darker than the shit I would ever think of in my wildest nightmares…

I mean let’s face it, one person’s taboo is another person’s bread and butter. Read the rest of this entry »

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