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Four Wedding Stories – Part 3: The Bachelorette Party

Posted by Luna on July 16, 2009

The continuation of my “Four Wedding Stories” series… basically I came up with four sexy ‘lesbian’ scenarios all around weddings.   This one is probably the most emotional, but the most ‘crazy’…  Part of this story spun out of my epic erotic lesbian story that I have permanently put on the back burner. 

Links to previous episodes in the Four Wedding Stories Series:

Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting

Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids

This one is a little more fevered and all over the place.  It’s probably a much longer story, but one whose characters don’t really demand more time spent with them.  So they are more shallow than I anticipated when I started writing this.  Regardless, I think the fantasy, and the eroticsm of the moments and the emotions are real enough.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Luna Zax

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Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids

Posted by Luna on February 9, 2009

Finally, after months of planning and writing, here is the second installment in the Four Wedding Stories series. The first in the series, The Fitting, can be found here.

I’m sorry for the delay… I say that the erotic muses didn’t visit me too often, but that’s only half of the truth… The truth is that I created characters that spoke to me, on such a ‘real’ level, that it was very difficult to write a ‘quickie’ erotic story about them. Jana and Amy became very real to me, over the last six months. And I couldn’t do them the disservice to them.

Anyway, the plan is to post this here, so the few readers that hit this site first, get first crack. Then I will post it to the usual other places: Nifty and Leslita etc.


Luna Zax

P.S. Please note, this is not a “sequel” to the fitting… None of the stories are even inner related. Probably should have, but so be it.

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Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting (FFF)

Posted by Luna on January 14, 2008

This story spun out of a quickie poll I did on my livejournal page, where I asked people what stories I should write about. Many people liked the idea of four wedding vignettes. I was originally going to write about the bride and the bridesmaids all exploding in an orgy-like scene. But seemed to much like porn rather than eroticsm. I really like this story much better, and am rather pleased with it.

It’s a little quicker than some of my stories, but not that much. I’m never going to dump you in the middle of the action, sorry….

Let me know what you think,

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