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Posted by Luna on February 4, 2010

I usually always write stories on the actual blog site, for safety purposes.  So that any story I write is saved and captured, because sometimes I write stories and I am so engrossed in the telling that I forget to save the document.  The blog sites typically save stuff automatically.  So I wrote this story a few weeks ago, and did not save it, and of course, a blue screen of death took the original content with it. 

This is my recreation of that story.  The story is inspired by happenings that I witnessed when I was younger.  Someone feeling the exhilaration of a performance (acting, singing, playing instrument, etc), and the feelings after the performance is complete, then meets someone who they have been attracted to for quite sometime, and yet have never gone past flirting. As to why this has not happened, in my head there is a vague tabooness to the relationship, that I leave upto the reader to determine.  Feel free to choose what ever erotic pairing gives you pleasure.  This is an imagining of a young inexperienced girl who meets up with the wrong lover at the right time.

One final note, the story may give the reader an impression of virginity for the female protagonist.  When writing, I was trying to stress her inexperience both emotionally and physically, but not necessarily true innocence and virginity.  I hope that comes through.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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