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Four Wedding Stories – Part 3: The Bachelorette Party

Posted by Luna on July 16, 2009

The continuation of my “Four Wedding Stories” series… basically I came up with four sexy ‘lesbian’ scenarios all around weddings.   This one is probably the most emotional, but the most ‘crazy’…  Part of this story spun out of my epic erotic lesbian story that I have permanently put on the back burner. 

Links to previous episodes in the Four Wedding Stories Series:

Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting

Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids

This one is a little more fevered and all over the place.  It’s probably a much longer story, but one whose characters don’t really demand more time spent with them.  So they are more shallow than I anticipated when I started writing this.  Regardless, I think the fantasy, and the eroticsm of the moments and the emotions are real enough.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Luna Zax

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Weekend Friends – Part 1a: Arrival

Posted by Luna on June 1, 2009

A beginning, hopefully…

This is the start of a story I have been trying to write for quite some time.  The story is that of a younger girl discovering pleasures with another friend her age.  The setting is the beach, during the summertime, and it does hit home for me, based on my childhood. 

This is going to be another slow one, and in fact this chapter is 100% set-up, without even a hint of any thing going on.  So if you’re looking for ‘action’, it’s not found in this post. 

Let me know what you think,


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Luna’s Erotic Fiction Advice – #103

Posted by Luna on May 22, 2009

Luna’s Erotic Fiction Tips, Tricks, and Advice #103:  Nudism in Fiction

(Basically Luna’s Guide to Erotic Fiction is #101, and the last one is #102)

I do occassionally read straight erotic fiction… I know hard to believe… but is definately true…

Anyway, I have a recommendation of a good erotic author and then I’m going to slam him in the same article.. FUN!!!!!

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Chat Recap (with Sasha and Paula)

Posted by Luna on May 20, 2009

Post Edited on Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay, this is the edited version of a previous posting.  I started a chat with Paula (aka gymlinks) and my friend Sasha joined in.  Basically, as you will see, gymlinks asked me to tell her how I would seduce a younger girl (tween or awkward early teen). 

What follows is simply a stream of consciousness of a fantasy in my own head.  Certainly nothing meant by it, other than a story written on the fly. 

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Erotic Fiction Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Posted by Luna on February 13, 2009

A follow up on my posting on my Guide for Writing Erotic Fiction page, which has been getting some responses, so I thought I’d collect some additional thoughts on this page:

Other rules for writing erotic fiction:

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Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids

Posted by Luna on February 9, 2009

Finally, after months of planning and writing, here is the second installment in the Four Wedding Stories series. The first in the series, The Fitting, can be found here.

I’m sorry for the delay… I say that the erotic muses didn’t visit me too often, but that’s only half of the truth… The truth is that I created characters that spoke to me, on such a ‘real’ level, that it was very difficult to write a ‘quickie’ erotic story about them. Jana and Amy became very real to me, over the last six months. And I couldn’t do them the disservice to them.

Anyway, the plan is to post this here, so the few readers that hit this site first, get first crack. Then I will post it to the usual other places: Nifty and Leslita etc.


Luna Zax

P.S. Please note, this is not a “sequel” to the fitting… None of the stories are even inner related. Probably should have, but so be it.

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Cherry Bomb

Posted by Luna on December 22, 2008

This is a real-life encounter, changed to make a better story… I will leave it up to you to determine which part actually happened and which part did not.

Slight warning, this story probably teases more than it delivers.

Be forewarned.

Cheers! Luna

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Other Authors

Posted by Luna on September 5, 2008

I have been in contact with a very dear girl, named Keiko… who has written some very sexy stories for the lesbian lolita site (leslita).  Anyway, she wrote a very sexy story one day…  it was very hot, made my blood (and other liquids in my body) boil….

I asked her permission to add it to the blog, and she agreed… 

It’s a very intimate story about a mother taking her young daughter home on the train, and seeing a young girl on the train as well.  There’s a definite twist at the end… but I’d hate to spoil it. 

I’ve added a new page to the site called: Stories from Other Authors , you can access the story there (as well as any future stories from other authors) .

If anyone reading this post would like to share a story and have me post it, please feel free to email me.  Keep in mind, I have high standards and won’t just post a run of the mill stroke/rub story.  Give me something good, that you’re worked on a while and are proud of… 

Comment here, or email me at



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Luna and Her Niece, Part 7 (fg)

Posted by Luna on August 21, 2008

This is the seventh chapter of the Luna and Her Niece Series.

It is the story of a bisexual Aunt and her (very) young niece. She encounters a situation with her young niece where she gets drawn in, simply by the unintentionally erotic nature of some friendly play with her young niece.

Disclaimer: If stories of underage sex make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy. If you cannot understand the difference between fantasy indulgement and condonement, you should not read the following story. I do not, in any way, condone or agree with sexual activity betwen adults and underage children.

    Luna and Her Niece, Part 1
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 2
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 3
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 4
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 5
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 6

I hope you enjoy.


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WOW, I’m impressed

Posted by Luna on August 18, 2008

I checked my blog stats for the last month, and I’ve received close to 12,000 people visiting my little blog.  I do really appreciate it.   I know that it’s a lot of people looking for quick stroke/rub material, but to a degree, that’s what it’s designed for. 

I don’t know if these are individual hits, or what.  But it’s still nice that so many people are reading my stories. 

Whether they like my stories or not, well that’s a different story.  But… to be fair, it’s rare that I send an email to someone telling them that their story made me feel really good and was well written, so far be it from a goddess like myself to be so obviously hypocritical.

The next story (I think) I will complete is the second of the Four Wedding Stories, called The Bridesmaids.  I’m very excited about the story, but it is very intense (emotionally and sexually), so it’s tough to write it for long periods of time. 

But I feel like I should be doing something else on this blog… Like more frequent postings of … something… 

I mean I’m not going to post nude pics, plenty of places do that.  I can’t crank out stories when the muses aren’t visiting me, then the stories turn into crap. 

I’ll try to come up with something, but if anyone has suggestions, please email me or comment below. 

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading the stories.  Please respond if you feel so inclined.

Love, lust and lolipops,

Luna Zax – Goddess of the Moon and all her mysteries

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