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Writing Tip: Changing Things Up

Posted by Luna on March 23, 2011

Most advice I give is really tailored for those who are erotic writers or wanna be erotic writers.  Writing erotic fiction has some similarities to standard fiction.  But, there’s no question that it is much easier to get an original work of erotic fiction read by people. 

(I mean according to WordPress stats (which I’m not sure I totally believe), I get 100 hits a day to this blog, and I haven’t published an erotic story in over a year. )

Anyway, I digress.  This is about shaking things up when you are in a funk or have writers block.  We all have process, but sometimes it’s time to break the routine. 

So, one of my readers mentioned that I should finish the Four Wedding Stories series.  And she was right.  It is the one story that I ‘promised’ to do.  And you can’t call a series ‘Four Wedding Stories’ and only deliver on three of them. 

Normally, I think of the erotic stories in the car.  Why the car you ask?   Well, I can think about scenarios, talk through important dialog, and bounce ideas around in a free environment. 

(The second reason, is I can’t just use it as a masturbation fantasy, cause I’ll crash the car!)

Then I take the idea that I have fleshed out in the car, and start typing it on the computer.  My key thing is to get the characters and the scenario onto the cyber-paper.  Once I have enough of their personalities on the paper, and the boundaries of the situation in place, then it’s like physics… the story is set into motion.  Once the story is set in motion, then the writing is secondary.  The reactions already exist, and I just need to capture them.

For example, in Wedding Stories: The Bachelorette Party… One I had the protagonist, Kathy, pissed off and willing to confront Melanie; And I had Melanie who secretly had been in love with Kathy for years; The sex scene inside the front door of Melanie’s house was already created, I just had to type it.

This process hasn’t worked for me in a while.  I haven’t liked anything I’ve typed in quite some time.  Characters are too boring, I don’t buy the seduction, or the scenario doesn’t work.

So yesterday, I decided to take my new toy for a spin.  Well, I’ve had it for a little while, but it just felt right.

No, not a sex toy, not this time…  I got a new fountain pen for my birthday a few months ago.  Its metalic and pretty (Rasbperry shaft!) and feels cold in my hands. 

And yes, I’m speaking phallically, but I wouldn’t use the pen for fun.  Potential for mess is a high possibility. Perhaps a tease through my panties isn’t out of the question, but….

Used my fountain pen on my new Moleskine notebook with the creamy paper and my really nice green ink… a little watery, but I like it just the same.  And it just felt different.

Writing in ink makes you slow down.  The fountain pen makes you feel each mark on the paper.  The ink gives a different visual feel.  And the paper makes you take more care with your words. 

And I discovered the woman who was going to seduce the mother-of-the-bride.  And I LIKE her.  It makes more sense than ANYONE else at the party.

(And I know some people wanted Mother of the Bride/Bride action, but… no)

So, Luna’s advice for the day.  When you are in a funk, change your process.  If you type all the time, then grab a pen and paper.  If you only write in pen and paper, then go for stream of consciousness typing (full ejaculation of conscious thought all over a blank screen).

And maybe you’ll finally see the final chapter of the Four Wedding Stories saga, sooner than you think.



3 Responses to “Writing Tip: Changing Things Up”

  1. Woman said

    I agree!!! Change it up!!! I usually go back and forth between phone and lap top. Easier to edit!!! LOL!!!

  2. Use a pen? Have you seen my handwriting? Seriously, this is good advice, and I’m glad you’ve got the muse back in operation – looking forward to finally seeing MoTB.
    (BTW, some new material up at my site, if anyone’s interested…)

  3. natewalis said

    I always find that I need to have a page of notes scribbled down to really anchor an idea and keep the finer points that might simply drift away if I left it as a mental sketch. Once the basic ideas and flow of the story is written down along with the characters, I tend to find that my mind starts to add details as I write that work with the stuff already established in the notes. I suppose that’s an example of an organic approach to writing, even if I do always end up with the finished product on a computer.

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