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Poll: What Level of Plot Do You Like?

Posted by Luna on March 14, 2011

I started to think about writing stories. Not sure if I’m going to turn this into something for the site. But reading the erotic/romance novels started my thoughts as to writing an erotic novel. And if I wrote an erotic novel, what would I want to write. Or more specifically, what level of detail.

(BTW: I have a very good idea for an erotic novel. But I could never publish it with a company, as there would be some underage sexual encounters. Just heavy petting between girls… And all publishing companies follows the strict guidelines on that)

Okay, I’m curious of how my readers will respond to my latest poll. I’m basically asking what level of context do you like in an erotic story?

1. A story just like any other, but the characters have sex in explicit detail. The plot may revolve around romance, but not the sex itself. The closest story I have to this is one I haven’t finished, Weekend Friends. My favorite story like this is Me and Martha Jane. The only story that made me scream in pleasure and bawl my eyes out.

2. Stories that have full and rich characters, but almost all conflict (or at least conflict resolution) is through sex. In my stories, you can see this in Four Wedding Stories: The Bridesmaids. Outside of my stories, the best examples (from my link list) are from Coeur Minuit (author of Rosenjack) and the stories on Alice Bluegown’s Extinct Song website)

3. Interesting scenarios that simply ‘set up’ the sex to come. In these stories, the scenarios are obviously heading towards sex. For my stories you can see this in Luna and Her Niece and Four Wedding Stories: The Fitting. Outside of my stories, you can find this in Willow Pink’s Erotic Stories and in the stories from The World According to Woman site.

4. Diving immediately into sexual action with little non-sex setup. From the first paragraph or two, the characters know they are having sex. The story that I wrote like this is An Online Conversation.

I am very curious to know what people think and what they want. And please feel free to add comments, especially if you think I’ve missed a category.

13 Responses to “Poll: What Level of Plot Do You Like?”

  1. babykeiko said

    hiya… i think every story needs characters… and you want to feel emotion with those characters… love, hate, lust, surprise, recognition, etc… without that, it just does not work for me…

    that does not mean you need endless chapters about who these people are, or what they are thinking… i like to get a character described with few words… while still conveying what kind of person she is…

    i hope this makes some kind of sense…

  2. Woman said

    Luna… thank-you so much for the thought!!! I am glad you enjoyed my stories enough to suggest me to other readers!!!

    As for me and the level of plot I enjoy, when it comes to me for reading stories, I prefer your number three; Interesting scenarios that simply ‘set up’ the sex to come. In these stories, the scenarios are obviously heading towards sex. BUT they have to have strong character development and the characters have to feel somewhat real.

    The next type of “erotic” story I enjoy, is where the story could survive without the sex, where the story is solid enough, and the characters are real enough to make the sex add too the story, not make the sex the reason for the story.

    When it comes to writing, I am trying my hand of late with the “wham bam” stories, where there is very little story, and just raunchy sex (I use the term raunchy loosely and with jest), as you might have read with the “Sharing is Caring” stand alone series. But usually, I prefer to write with lots of build up, getting the reader to love the characters… even the characters built on people I used to know who were in fact “sexbots”.

    I’ve discovered that the only way these “wham bam” stories work is if the main characters are based on me and a past experience. The latest one, “Sharing is Caring at Saint Mary’s” is pretty much all fantasy and pure imagination (first one done this way actually!!!!)and not as good as all the others I think.

    Loved the post!!! Makes me want to write one similar to this!!!


    • Luna said

      Hi Woman,

      Thanks for your input. I totally agree with you. I do like some wham bam stories, but most wham bam stories are generally poorly written, tho it doesn’t automatically mean that they they must, based on the format.

      I actually have never met any true “sexbots”. Tho I have met some guys who only wanted sex out of me or other women.


  3. Woman said

    Oh yeah… and I forgot… depending on the author as well. If it is an author I adore and love their stories, I will read anything and everything by them and do get turned on and enjoy every word they write no matter what kind of story it is. Well… within reason that is.

    But there are very few authors whose stories I adore and nag them to write more.

  4. Heh, well, as one of authors named above, I will recuse myself from voting. However, I will say that the stories I try to write are like the ones I like to read – for me eroticism springs more from the characters involved and the situation, rather than a simple collison of bodies, no matter how attractively rendered. Even in porn films, the ones that appeal to me are those that at least pay lip-service to establishing characters and an intriguing set-up – the perfect examples would be the Viv Thomas movies ‘Unfaithful’ & ‘No Fear in Love’. The tension of knowing that two (or more) characters are going to have sex, but not quite knowing how it’s going to come about: that what keeps erotica fresh, at least in my mind…

    • Luna said

      Hi Alice,

      I tend to follow your path. And I loooooooveee Viv Thomas movies… The tension is always delicious and the scenarios and relationships are very very very sexy.

      Thanks for the input.

  5. ftfagos said

    I guess i’m in it for the chase. Though occasionally wham bam thankyou ma’am, but that’d be a rarity. The story generally has to be driven by the plot and the plot whether it be a broad real world scenario or just the lead up ‘chase’to an encounter is pretty much everything. As for the novel… those publishers don’t half make you work for it. I really must get on and finish editing it…

    It’s all in the detail.


    • Luna said

      Yes, the plot is definitely the key, whether real world or chase. Everything is the details.

      I was reading an erotic novel by a ‘woman’ the other day, and there was no description of the clothes of the characters. Completely threw me off.

  6. l;estat said

    love stories that include all the senses sight, scent, taste and tactile. some character development helps.

  7. natewalis said

    My work started out in the TF genre and slowly began to have an erotic element added to it as time went by until I would class myself right now as sitting somewhere between the genres in that I still write the occasional pure TF story, mix the two in most new pieces and have just complered what I would describe as my first “straight up” erotic title for a client recently.

    I have always faced the issue that both genres have a real and often desperate problem with the “wham bam” stereotype as in the case of one the reader is gunning to see someboy get turned into something else and in the other they just want to read something to turn them on.

    I’ve always tried to create as logical of a narrative as I can in order to set up the TF or the sex in a story to the extent that some of my stuff is very long by the standards of the genre. But the idea of the five hundred word (if you’re lucky) story in which nothing happens apart from someone getting gratified in some way is enough to put me right off the whole idea.

    I wonder what the absolute minimum amount of plot and logic would be required would be in order to save a story from becomming nothing more than a pile of wordy crap?

  8. Natalie said

    I like stories that are about forbidden sexual relationships, that always sets me up.

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