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Hacks and Erotic Ebooks

Posted by Luna on March 11, 2011

I don’t really know how it happened, but recently I discovered some erotic/romance e-book sites.  This wasn’t new knowledge or even a surprise to me, but I just had never explored it. 

And over the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve like purchased 12 of them.   I can be an impulsive buyer, especially when it comes to self-gratification.  Constantly looking for another thrill that will add another log on any internal lustful fires. 

I had avoided romance novels, because for me, the world of erotica/romance books is a two-sided coin. 

On one side of the coin are erotic books, which basically are male-driven fantasies written for guys who prefer words to pictures: poor representations of women, male dominated fantasies, and poorly written descriptions of female anatomy.

On the other side are romance novels, which are women-driven fantasies written for housewives: unrealistic men with unrealistic lives (usually private eyes, spys, or barons of Italian estates), chaste women, and little to no sexual description.

So, there are several new epub websites that specialize in erotic fiction.  And there are several new erotic genres, typically written by female writers:

  • Erotic Romances: Female perspective romance novels that deliver the goods completely and frequently. 
  • Crossover Erotica: Basically take any genre movie (vampire, werewolf, alien, ghost, fantasy, historic, cowboys, etc) and make the relationships sexual.  Basically, what would happen if Bella and Edward were fucking every other chapter.   
  • Bondage/BDSM Erotica: Not surprising at all, but needs to be mentioned.  Typically the stories of either a woman’s self discovery into bondage, learning that she likes it. 

I looked at these stories, and I’m not surprised.  In 2011, if you are sexual then you have been exposed to porn movies, so the taboos and lack of knowledge surrounding sex are completely dropped.  You can write a romantic novel and at the same time describe how you want the feel of a guy’s cock in your mouth.

Now, I am not one for what I describe as crossover erotica.  I like vampires and even fantasy.  And I could see reading a novel where the story was really good, but then in the middle there was one amazing, mind-blowing, detailed fucking between the characters.  But to have a genre novel that only serves to deliver sex every other chapter is cheap, so why bother with the contrivance.

Bondage/BDSM just doesn’t do it for me.  Especially on the written page.  I KNOW that some women like this.  And I like it somewhat.  But when it’s written, and you have female characters who are begging to be someone’s slave, begging to be tied up, and craving pain…. well it just makes me feel icky and makes me dislike the author.  I think it works better in real life, when you can dictate the exact terms and how far you go.

So, that left the erotic romances… And I bought a few, thinking that if an editor approved it, that the novels must meet a certain level of quality.

FUCK ME was I wrong!

It is no different from the stuff I read online.  Totally male perspective account of how they want women to think.  Male dominated fantasies with completely unrealistic encounters.  Women who are really men just without a cock.  The same stuff I rail against in all of my Guide to Writing Erotic Fiction.  Mein Gott!

I won’t point out the works of bad fiction, because that’s not fair.  But I just paid money for crap that was no better than the free stuff on hundreds of sites on the internet.  Better sentence structure, fewer spelling mistakes, and a stock cover.


There was one genre that was at least interesting. 

Menage: Basically novels in which the female character is interested in both men, and ends up having sex with both at the same time.  For my fantasies… but this is a definite turn on.  Because the reality is typically not as good as the fantasy.

In my experiences, a good threesome can only exist when each person is willing to ensure that BOTH of his/her partners are being aroused at all times.  And more typically, you just want to get with one, and the other is just there.  I had a threesome years ago (at my partner’s request), and it broke us up because he was jealous of how I enjoyed the girl we brought in.  (I ended up screaming at him, “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO FUCKING WANTED TO DO IT… NOT ME!!!!!”)

Let me give you a few of the ones I have found that are worth the money.   Whether you want to spend it, is up to you:

The Debutante’s Dilemma by Elyse Mady (found on the Carina Press website for $2.69): A menage short story/novella about a woman, Cecilia Hastings, and her two suitors in Victorian England.  Fancy clothes, high society, sexual payoff, and words that I can actually believe were written by a woman.  Very good.  Not long, and only one sexual scene, but it’s worth it.

The Royal Dilemna series by Robin Gideon.  In the first book, A Royal Dilemna (found on the Liquid Silver website for $4.50), Princess Tatiana is rescued by two gentlemen, Prince Dimitri and Count Klaus, who are very known in society as casanovas.  The two of them seduce her together and free her from her life of abuse.  Sooooo sexy.  Very feminine scenarios and yet very strong in erotic descriptions.

The sequel, Another Royal Dilmena (found on the Liquid Silver website for $5.50), Tatiana, Dimitri, and Klaus rescue Majedah from a harem and eventually invite her to join them.  This is extremely sexy and adds many more possibilities (tho not as many as the initial description suggests, unfortunately).  Be warned that there is a Male/Male scene in this book for those who are squeamish about these things.  Seemed a little thrown in, but was refreshing.  Loved both of these! 

I wish Robin would write more of this series.  I thought it was awesome!!!

I did also find three lesbian books/novellas that I liked a lot.

First, a more traditional female/female novel: Jessie’s Girl by Amber Scott (found on the Liquid Silver website for $5.95).  A very simple story of two girls who discover their lust for each other.  There is no new territory explored in this series, but it is VERY well written, and the emotions are very real.  I would have loved the sexual descriptions to be better, but the tension and love is top-notch!

Second, a reasonably well done roommate seduction: The Best Roommate by Samantha Whitney (found on the Smashwords website for $0.99).  A good account of two roommates who discover they like watching each other.  It’s a very cute scenario, and Samantha handles the main protagonist very well.  The sexual encounters are just a bit rushed, and this could have dragged out longer and been much better.  But it’s very cute, and good fun, and a scenario that many of us have wished would happen.

Third, a very sexy historical lesbian tale: Georgia’s English Rose by JT Harding found on the Smashwords website for $0.99).  Very well done seduction of two girls who find each other during World War 2.  Nice and slow.  A little too easy with modern morality in a historic setting, but the feeling of reality, love, and seduction between the two main characters s very VERY well done.  HIGHLY recommended for the money.

Okay, not sure if I just was slamming or if I gave good recommendations, but that’s my thoughts for the day.

Not sure if I want to take a next step from this or not.

Into the unknown,

Luna Zax

4 Responses to “Hacks and Erotic Ebooks”

  1. Woman said

    I totally agree with you on the erotica books and novellas!!! And don’t get me started on romance books. Cause I think as you do… the whole unrealistic leading male characters. (the ones I read from my mothers library were all about cowboys and ranchers, seemed the author described more about the horses and the forests than the actual sex scene)

    Fabulous post!!!! Thank-you for it.

    • Luna said

      Cowboys and ranchers are at least realistic, but they make these totally female friendly, not threatening, cowboys.

      Spies and Private Eyes are funny too… apparently we’re back in the 70s. Does the spy drive expensive cars and drink martinis?

  2. Hello. I happened to check my analytics this morning and saw a referral from here. I got nervous when I saw the title of your post… I, of course, thought “crap, she thinks I’m a hack.” But when I saw myself listed as “reasonably well done,” I was, of course, flattered and thrilled. That book was something I sat down and quickly wrote one Saturday, based on a fantasy I’d had for years. I added a little more to the story recently – a cheesy little ending – because I got a lot of complaints about it ending in the middle of the “action.”

    If I had more time (i.e., no day job) I’d love to flesh the story out, and hopefully will at some point.

    I hope you didn’t actually pay for it. I had it at 99 cents during Smashwords big promo week with a free coupon, just to see how many people would take the time to buy it. Otherwise, it’s free.

    Anyway – thank you so much! I just started writing last year and I love it. I hope to write much more in this genre.


    • Luna said

      Hi Samantha!

      Please don’t misunderstand me. I said “reasonably well done” for roommate seduction. The story was lots of fun and the sex was very delicious.

      Having a story where roommates become sexual is a tricky business. I liked the different backgrounds and attitudes of the characters.

      And yes, I did get it for free, but bought it with other books too, so forgot what I paid.

      You’re more than welcome, keep writing!


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