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Writing Tip: Changing Things Up

Posted by Luna on March 23, 2011

Most advice I give is really tailored for those who are erotic writers or wanna be erotic writers.  Writing erotic fiction has some similarities to standard fiction.  But, there’s no question that it is much easier to get an original work of erotic fiction read by people. 

(I mean according to WordPress stats (which I’m not sure I totally believe), I get 100 hits a day to this blog, and I haven’t published an erotic story in over a year. )

Anyway, I digress.  This is about shaking things up when you are in a funk or have writers block.  We all have process, but sometimes it’s time to break the routine. 

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Poll: What Level of Plot Do You Like?

Posted by Luna on March 14, 2011

I started to think about writing stories. Not sure if I’m going to turn this into something for the site. But reading the erotic/romance novels started my thoughts as to writing an erotic novel. And if I wrote an erotic novel, what would I want to write. Or more specifically, what level of detail.

(BTW: I have a very good idea for an erotic novel. But I could never publish it with a company, as there would be some underage sexual encounters. Just heavy petting between girls… And all publishing companies follows the strict guidelines on that)

Okay, I’m curious of how my readers will respond to my latest poll. I’m basically asking what level of context do you like in an erotic story?

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Hacks and Erotic Ebooks

Posted by Luna on March 11, 2011

I don’t really know how it happened, but recently I discovered some erotic/romance e-book sites.  This wasn’t new knowledge or even a surprise to me, but I just had never explored it. 

And over the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve like purchased 12 of them.   I can be an impulsive buyer, especially when it comes to self-gratification.  Constantly looking for another thrill that will add another log on any internal lustful fires. 

I had avoided romance novels, because for me, the world of erotica/romance books is a two-sided coin. 

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