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My Missing Muse

Posted by Luna on February 14, 2011

Hi everyone,

It’s been almost a year since I posted.  I hope people don’t think this is a dead blog.  Almost everyday, I check the stats on the site, and look to see how people are finding my stories… 

It’s amazing that Luna and Her Niece is still the story that gets the hits and seems to be the story that they are looking for.  Not that I mind, but I figure that my more recent stories are better. 

I am very unsure about what 2011 holds for updates to this blog.  I have severe writers block for all of my stories.  I have at least 5 stories that are in my head, but when I start to write them, it’s like pushing water uphill. 

I want to have the fire.  Part of me says to just put a story out there.  Get my toe back in the water.  Create a story like Luna and her Niece, that just has enough sizzle to get out there.  Maybe so…  I just want to write something that feels real and seems true and lives inside me. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, as always. 



P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day

11 Responses to “My Missing Muse”

  1. Eagle2315 said

    My Dear Luna,

    What a perfect day for you to write about your current quandary! Today is Valentine’s day and should certainly stir up the writing ‘juices’ within you. I’m not a writer, but a reader, and have enjoyed everyone of your stories. Like you, I have missed what you haven’t written.
    When you finish reading this comment, open a fresh page and devote the next short while writing whatever comes into your head, and then lets see it, I’m sure it will be great. I’m waiting.
    Cheers – John

    • Luna said

      Thank you for the kind words…

      I ‘disagree’ that Valentine’s Day should spark feelings to write erotic fiction. It’s just a day. Better to be spending time with loved ones or getting together with other single friends and pissing all over the idea of forcing romance while watching lots of John Hughes movies and drinking lots of red wine. (Okay, I haven’t done that since I was 23… and it was Say Anything instead of Pretty in Pink)

      As for just writing down whatever comes into my head… I either don’t have anything in my head that is short and sweet (and meets my standards) or if I do write something down, I think it’s rubbish the next time I sit down to finish it.

      Anyway, hope it doesn’t sound like I’m flaming you. Far from it. Thanks for reading…

  2. Trip X said

    I both read your blog and write in my own. Most of my stuff is fiction and not fit for fair eyes to read; but every once in a while I have a brilliant moment. I keep writing even if it is rubbish, and even post it. I fore myself to write even when nothing is there. I’ve been writing a lot of fiction based on personal experiences and that is what prompts me to write the good ones.
    I hope you can find your “finger in the dike” and pull it out so all those words can come rushing out and into your blog.

    • Luna said

      Always keep writing…. never give up writing… I haven’t…. I just haven’t written anything sexual in a while that I want to post…

      There is a difference. 🙂

      And “finger in the dyke”, kindof clever, but it’s more of removing the beaver dam than plugging up a hole. 🙂

      All entendres and puns intentional.

  3. Trip X said

    Oh, Luna and her niece was a good series, but I have read all you’ve posted here and find your writing to be intriguing. Thank you for sharing your mind with us.

  4. Sue said

    All your stories sizzle!! I look at your site every now and then but it’s been so quiet for so long… I thought you must have given up! but you write so well… you’re one of my favourite erotic authors!

    • Luna said

      Well thanks for the compliments, Sue.

      No, haven’t given up. Still here. Trying to decide if I should change the blog, and just review other erotic fiction, or if I should wait for the muse to return.

      The support from my fans, especially the vocal ones, makes me want to give more.

  5. Hey Luna – haven’t checked this blog for a while (that’ll teach me not to use the update option!), but it’s great to see you back in action. FWIW, ‘Luna and her Niece’ isn’t my favourite, though I can see why people would plump for it. The Wedding Stories are more my speed – I love the idea of weddings (and honeymoons) as passages of sexual vulnerability, and it’s a theme I’m intending to work into future projects. Please, please, please give us ‘The Mother of the Bride’!

    • Luna said

      Thanks for the kind words Alice, especially coming from you. Your stories are the best stories I’ve read in many years!

      I like Luna and her Niece (from a writer’s perspective) as it’s exploring taboos and fantasies, which is great to explore in text.

      But writing Wedding Stories were great too. All three of those stories were very exciting to plan and think about before writing them.

      Mother of the Bride… I was going to take one tact, and now I’m not sure about it. I think I want to write about the Mother of the Bride (divorced mother of the bride) who when feeling vulnerable about getting old and with her ex-husband having someone at the wedding falls for someone at the wedding.

      But I’m not sure who she should be seduced by… I keep going back and forth between the possibilities. How aggressive the other should be. And what the the mother of the bride would respond to.

      *Sigh* LOL. Such troubles.

      • Heh, I’d probably have her hook up with her ex-husband’s new partner, but that’s just me (husbands always have a tough time of it in my stories!)…
        Most of the weddings I’ve attended have been a weird mix of OTT romanticism, religious hypocrisy, tasteless jokes and sexual frustration; frequently sauced by mass alcohol consumption and bad disco – why more of them don’t simply deteriorate into orgies and/or fistfights is a mystery to me.
        For a nice take on emotional vulnerability at a wedding, try the film Imagine Me & You – a rare romcom that actually tackles the ramifications of falling for someone you’re not supposed to fall for (at a very inconvenient time).

  6. meghan said

    Oh i like all of your stories no doubt :). But anytime you have a story involving a older female and a little girl it will always tend to outshine the others someone puts out there. Mainly i think because people can easily imagine 2 women…and a woman and a teen, but it’s harder to see a imagine a convincing scenario involving a little girl and a woman. Most people are drawn to that story because it does have a lot more elements of realism attached to it, and doesn’t create a scenario in which a lg has some unrealistic wants and desires at that age. She simply enjoys the moment she is in even though she has no true understanding of what it is all about. Plus i think most people including myself tend to feel that story has the potential for a few more scenarios set over the next few months of luna and her aunt getting to know one another. Anyway getting back to the topic at hand lol….when i lose my muse i simply go back to the beginning and write more on the stories i started with. Even if you have no desire to actually publish them i find that it tends to give the inspiration i am looking for, and gets my stories flowing again. Don’t be discouraged though because i am sure you will get it back soon enough :).

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