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My Missing Muse

Posted by Luna on February 14, 2011

Hi everyone,

It’s been almost a year since I posted.  I hope people don’t think this is a dead blog.  Almost everyday, I check the stats on the site, and look to see how people are finding my stories… 

It’s amazing that Luna and Her Niece is still the story that gets the hits and seems to be the story that they are looking for.  Not that I mind, but I figure that my more recent stories are better. 

I am very unsure about what 2011 holds for updates to this blog.  I have severe writers block for all of my stories.  I have at least 5 stories that are in my head, but when I start to write them, it’s like pushing water uphill. 

I want to have the fire.  Part of me says to just put a story out there.  Get my toe back in the water.  Create a story like Luna and her Niece, that just has enough sizzle to get out there.  Maybe so…  I just want to write something that feels real and seems true and lives inside me. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, as always. 



P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day

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