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The Necklace, Chapter 2

Posted by Luna on May 10, 2010

This is the second chapter of an epic erotic story, that will take place over many chapters. Heck I even have a sequel to the darn thing in my head. Hopefully, I have the energy to complete this one.

You can find the previous chapter below:

I usually write very long drawn-out realistic encounters between people. But even I get the desire to just write about crazy sex situations. The Necklace series is meant to fulfill that desire. The character descends into more and more sexual situations as the story goes on. Just engages in every sexual/perverted fantasy I can think of (at least those that please me)

Disclaimer: If stories of sexual activity make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy.

The Necklace, Chapter 2
by LunaZax
story codes: mf, oral
originally posted: 05/10/2010


The next day, Kristen was out in the back yard, trimming bushes with garden shears. This was one of her least favorite jobs in the world. Her Dad made her do it every spring, said it taught her to not rely on a man to do things for her. She hated yard work, and she had to trim the bushes and plan bulbs before she did anything else. She thought that it simply made her hate the outdoors even more. As it was a warm April day, she decided to wear a white tank top and tan shorts.

Her Mom had left for the day, and since she had left her car at school, she was pretty much trapped at the house. She hadn’t felt this way since she was much younger.

“Dirt looks good on you, K,” came a voice from behind her.

Kristen turned and looked at the gate to the front yard where the voice came from. “Tim!” she exclaimed and ran over to him.

She hadn’t seen Tim since last summer, when she, Tim and her best friend Lauren worked together at the Seafood Shack. Tim and Lauren started dating back when they were in high school, and had been inseparable since. They had been dating ever since Kristen met them. The two of them even went to the same college.

Tim was a decent looking guy, he was fairly tall but not towering, curly brown hair, a tanned face, high cheekbones, and on the skinny side. She always thought he looked like an indy-rocker.

Tim opened the gate and caught Kristen in a huge embrace. “How are you doing Kristen? College not working out for you, so you’ve gone into landscaping?”

“Ha ha ha,” she replied, “very funny, smart-ass. No, as I came home over break to help Mom out with some family stuff, my Dad decided to employ the cheap labor and have me pull weeds and clip bushes. ”

“Nice, I have some work for you once you get done here.”

“Jerk!” she threw her dirty gloves at him as she turned around. “Why are you home?”

“Not much to talk about. Just came home for the weekend. I saw your Mom at the store, and she said you were home, so I decided to pay you a visit.”

“That’s cool. Is Lauren with you?”

“Naaaah, she’s busy with school work. You know how she is.”

Kristen remembered. Lauren was the type of girl who could not go out and have any fun when an exam or major project was coming up. During finals week, you wouldn’t even hear from her unless you were in her class. She didn’t eat lunch, she didn’t answer phone calls, she totally immersed herself in studying.

“That’s too bad. I miss you guys so much.”

“Well, I’m sure Lauren misses you too. She always talks about how much fun we all had last summer.”

“Well come on in. I have to finish up this yard work, but make yourself at home.”

“What are you doing, trimming the hedges?” asked Tim.

“Yeah, and then I have to plant these flower bulbs.”

“Here, how about this. I’ll trim the hedges. I do it all the time at my house, and you can plant the flowers.”

Kristen thought this was a pretty good idea. She handed the hedge clippers to Tim and started to pull out the small trowel she was going to use to dig holes for the plants. Digging holes for flower bulbs and planting annuals was better than trimming the hedge, she thought.

Kristen and Tim bantered back and forth. She was on her hands and knees facing Tim, digging out a deep root.

“You know what I like about your house, K?” he asked her.

“No, what?”

“The scenic view of the deep valley.”

Kristen stopped working and looked up at him, and said “What are you talking about. The only thing you can see is the back yard fence.”

He pointed at her chest, “That valley!” he said with a sly smile. Kristen looked down at her sweaty chest. Looking down the tank top, Tim had obviously gotten a nice view of her cleavage. She wasn’t showing off or anything, just the old work shirt fit loosely.

“PERV!” she shouted and threw dirt at his pant leg.

“Hey! I’m working as cheap labor here. I should get some perks. Anyway, I was just noticing your necklace.”

“I bet you were, jerk!” she looked indignant but really wasn’t. She grabbed Aunt Agnes’s necklace briefly rubbing it quickly.

He picked up some clippings and threw them back at Kristen. ”

“Ack!” she exclaimed, and started throwing dirt and mulch into his face. He grabbed some pine needles and came running after Kristen, and forced them down the back of her shirt. He stood laughing at her as she ran away.

Then, Kristen came back running with the garden hose and squirted Tim right in the face.

“You Bitch!” he exclaimed in a jovial manner. But she kept squirting him. He raised his hands. “Okay! Truce! Truce!”

She laughed and put down the garden hose. The adrenaline of the ‘fight’ was flowing through her at that moment.

But just then, Tim quickly grabbed the garden hose, and started spraying Kristen. He pushed her down onto the wet dirt and started spraying her as she struggled to get away. Kristen was getting soaked. Both of them were laughing.

Then Kristen started throwing dirt, now mud onto Tim. The mud dripped down his legs and covered his t-shirt. He stripped it off.

“So you want to have a mud pie fight, huh?” said Tim.

Tim got down on the ground and started picking up large balls of mud. She tried to run, but he grabbed her leg and wrestled her to the ground. He dripped the soggy wet sticky mud down her back.

“Ewwwwwwwww. I didn’t get you that bad!!” Kristen exclaimed.

Tim laughed.

“Uck, now it’s getting in my pants” she said even more woeful, as she grabbed some mud and tried to put it down the back of Tim’s pants. He was too strong for her, and he pulled her onto him. As he started to send mud down the front of her tank top.

She felt the mud hit the back of her ass. The coldness trickled down. Kristen found the sensation to be pleasant, once she got used to it. And the muddiness dripped down onto her breasts was curious to the least. But she enjoyed the contact on her breasts of the substance. She noticed her aunt’s necklace was getting warmer against her skin.

“You are so bad.” she said. “Why would you want my boobs covered in mud?”

“Can’t be that bad,” said Tim with a smile, “Let’s see.”

“I don’t think so, you perv.”

“They’re still in your bra,” said Tim almost daring her. “It’s fine.”

“Yeah right. Muddy or not, I don’t think Lauren wants you checking out other girls boobs.”

“I’m not allowed to look at other girls? I don’t think she’s that strict.”

Kristen laughed, and the small voice in her head told her to be somewhat daring. She pulled her shirt down, allowing Tim the briefest view of her bra covered boobs.

“Sexay!!!” he exclaimed.

Kristen stood up and tried to brush herself off as best as she could.

“What a mess! I don’t think I can even get inside without dripping mud all over the floor.”

Tim picked up the hose, and said to her, “Come here.”

“No way,” she said laughing. “That’ll start us up again”

Tim unscrewed the hose attachment. “This’ll be nicer. I’ll take the nozzle off, and it won’t be as brutal.”

Kristen slowly made her way over to Tim. The water slowly flowed from the hose. He turned her around, and started washing the mud out of the back of her hair. The water was kindof cold, but enjoyable once Kristen got used to it. She felt the lapping of the water pour down her body.

Tim started to wash the back of her tank top. She felt the water pour all over her back and lower body. Without wanting to, she leaned back into Tim, who was very close to her right now. She felt his arms come around her chest and start pouring water on her shirt. The water was pouring onto her breasts. Kristen felt her nipples stiffen against her bra.

She was just about to say something, when Tim handed her the hose. “Here, get it off of me,” he asked.

She grabbed the hose, and washed the dirt off Tim’s chest. Tim chest was fairly muscular from his shoulders on down. He was lean, and had some light brown hair across his chest. She felt her hand touch the warmth of his chest as the water poured over it. She smiled up into his face and he returned it.

“Turn around” she said. He obliged.

Kristen started to wash his back off, noticing the muscles and tendons beneath his skin. The bareness of his back was a stark contrast to his contoured and hairy chest. It was like a blank pale canvas that flowed down to the waistband of his jeans. She had looked at his butt before, but somehow it seemed more appealing. He had a tight butt, but not that anyone would really notice, just that it was more lean than even his normal body.

She tried to push the dirty thoughts out of her mind. She was not one to focus on any sort of sexual thought, but it did seem that her mind wouldn’t get rid of the existing ideas.

She rinsed off the back of his legs, as best as she could.

“Seems good,” she said. “Do you want me to get you a towel?”

“Yeah, that’d be good. Did we get all of the mud off of you?”

She hesitated a moment, before saying, “Yes.”

He looked at her, “Come on… what is it?”

“It’s nothing. Seriously, it’s nothing.”

“Don’t give me that, K. Tell me.”

She didn’t want to say it, but suddenly it was blurting out of her mouth. “Mud dripped down the back of my shorts.”

Tim didn’t say anything. He grabbed the hose from her, turned her around, lifted up the back of her shirt and let the cool water flow down into her shorts.

The water didn’t cool things down at all. In fact, it ignited things. Her panties got more and more wet with the water. She gasped once at the cold of the water, and then kept on gasping.

She tried to focus. “Get a grip. It’s Lauren’s boyfriend. It’s just Tim,” she said to herself But her body was on fire. She tried to stop her legs from shuddering. The first time, she somehow forced it through the rest of her body like a shiver. The second time, it made her butt move up and down, almost aching for the hose.

“I don’t think we’re getting it all,” said Tim in a half whisper. She felt his fingers hook in the sides of her shorts and slowly pull them down. They hit the ground in a splat. There she stood in her pink panties. She bent over slightly as the water hit her underwear. The water now was splashing against her butt crack. She bent over more. And she felt the cold water hit her anus through her underwear.

“Oh God!” she cried. Her ass started shuddering. Her body sought out the flowing object. She moved her legs out further, and bent over as far as she could. Then Tim came over and pushed the head of the hose right against her genitals through her panties. She felt the panties being pulled to the side, and Tim pushing the hose against the opening to her pussy.

She was wet. She felt the cool water against her opening, and she felt the warm stickiness flowing out of her. They mixed against the hose head. She pulled her panties up tight against her clitoris with her hand. She felt Tim’s finger rub up and down her slit as the hose flowed its cool liquid into her

She shuddered and pushed against Tim, feeling his fingers open her lips, feeling her juices. She strained against his fingers. She felt the pleasure build within her. She bucked once against his fingers. He found her clitoris and spread it out against his finger. That was all it took. She screamed as the pleasure rushed through her body from her breasts down to her slit. Her hips buckled several times as the wave rushed through her. And she collapsed against Tim’s body, panting heavily.

“You okay?” he asked. Enjoying her pleasure filled exclamation, but worried about her intense reaction.

“Ho… how did that happen?”

Tim shrugged his shoulders. “Just seemed in the moment. You enjoyed it, right.”

She nodded. “Bu… but what about you and Lauren.”

“Well, she’s not here with us. I’ve always thought you were attractive. You seemed to enjoy it.”

Kristen felt torn, she had enjoyed it. She knew that she was just as guilty of the actions as he had been. She had leaned into him, and she had rubbed against him. She had always looked at Lauren’s relationship with Tim with a bit of jealousy. But she now felt guilty.

Tim put his hand on her shoulder from behind. She felt the heat from his hand transfer into her body. Her heart beat faster. Her body throbbed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d feel this way,” he said behind her.

She turned towards him. She ran her hands across his bare chest. Her hands then trailed down towards his pants.

“K?” he asked unsure of her. She was protesting a moment ago, and now she was being provocative. Kristen didn’t understand it either. She felt that certain barriers between her and the outside world were down… barriers that she once held very important. But now she felt differently. She felt more curious, more exploratory, more daring…

Kristen’s hand went across the bulge in Tim’s pants. She felt the already large organ grown in his pants.

“Kristen….” he said to her again.

“Shhhhhhh” was her response, as her hand went down the top of his shorts. Her hands found Tim’s pubic hair and she ran her fingers through it, before finding his erect penis. She had never wondered about Tim’s penis. The male sex organ never really appealed to her, but as she ran her fingers across it, shivers ran up and down her spine.

Tim groaned in pleasure as her fingers explored his shaft.

Kristen had never been so bold in her life. The two boyfriends she had sex with always had to beg her to play with their genitals. It held little interest for her. But now, she couldn’t get enough of it. Her fingers ran across the tip of Tim’s penis, feeling the stickiness that already was present. She looked up into his face, and saw that his eyes were closed, enjoying the sensations.

Kirsten unbuttoned Tim’s shorts and slowly pulled them down, revealing his erect penis. It was well-shaped, with a slight curve to it, and the hair around Tim’s genitals was pale and almost cute. She started to kiss his stomach as she ran her fingers across his penis. She cupped his balls as she knelt down and kissed his hips, his thighs and his lower abdomen. There was a half-sigh of anticipation, as if Tim was unsure whether Kristen was going to do what she was suggesting.

Kristen had given a blow job before, but it really wasn’t something she did well or enjoyed for that matter. She took the head of his penis into her mouth, and swirled her whole mouth up and down it. Tim’s hips started to move a little. The taste of Tim’s flesh filled her with pleasure, the taste was still bitter, but an intoxicating bitterness.

She started to descend her mouth further down his length. Making his dick very wet, she grabbed the back of his ass, and squeezed as she continued to go up and down on his dick. she felt him grow in her mouth. She lightly ran her teeth across his tender flesh, he recoiled slightly, and to make up for it she ran her tongue all over the head of his penis. She felt a thin liquid pour out of him, and a strong ammonia smell entered her nostrils.

It was nasty yet intoxicating. She pursed her lips and ran her mouth all round his penis, getting it completely wet. She reached under and slowly massaged his testicles as her tongue rolled all around his hard member. His hips started to buckle, she kept on with him. Using her hand, she rubbed the foreskin of his penis, sliding it up and down.

Feeling the liquid increase on her tongue, she grew anxious. She didn’t want him to explode in her mouth. But she couldn’t stop. It was too intense, she dug her hands into Tim’s ass, and he pulled on her hair as the pleasure built in him.

He moaned in pleasure, and drove his cock deep into her mouth. She gripped it with her lips and his cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, and the blast of his ejaculation exploded in her mouth.

She was repulsed. The taste was not enjoyable at all. And the stickiness of it was really disgusting. Something in her thought it was awful. Yet, her body kept sucking, sucking every last drop off of his cock. Swallowing and sucking and licking it all over, opening up her mouth and throat so he could penetrate her mouth even further. Tim’s hips shuddered against her and delivered a final huge burst of cum into her mouth. It ran down her mouth as she licked his cock like a lollipop.

“Oh my god” Tim moaned.

“Did you like that?” she asked teasingly, not recognizing her own voice.

Tim fell back upon the grass, and Kristen fell back with him, lightly massaging his genitals as she did so.

“My goooodddddd,” he moaned again.

She ran her hands through his hair.

“I guess you got over your guilt,” he said.

She stopped and realized that any sense of guilt or remorse had been completely lost in the sexual compulsion of the moment. Kristen had been caught up in the moment before, but not like this… This was different. Like her body was opening up to new experiences… new sensations.

She wasn’t sure that she liked it, but she knew that her actions were her own.

“I just got caught up, I guess,” she said back to him.

“I should be straight with you, K. I don’t know if Lauren and I are a couple. It’s a very weird time, both of us at the same college. She’s hanging out with different friends, and we don’t see each other.”

Kristen shook her head. “You don’t need to justify…”

Tim smiled at her, “Maybe not, but I’m not bullshitting you. She and I were the best, last summer, when the three of us were together. And when I heard that you were back around, I guess I wanted to find out for myself who made those summer days better.”

She smiled back at him. “That’s sweet. But I don’t want to be the reason that you and Lauren break-up.”

“That’s not what I mean. I just wanted you to know that I’m not just looking for something on the side. Not that I mind,” he added, and Kristen blushed.

“I know what you mean, but Lauren’s my friend. It would be weird, you know, to hide this from her. Or try to be something else.”

“Well, I’m going to be around for a few days. Maybe we can get together. Get some coffee or something.”

She smiled back at him. The things she loved about Tim and Lauren returning. “That sounds great.”

Tim straightened up himself and he gave Kristen a big hug, before leaving.

Kristen, her mind full of doubt, brushed herself off, and headed inside to take a shower.


If you liked (or even if you didn’t) like the story, please let me know. You can either comment below, or email me at

2 Responses to “The Necklace, Chapter 2”

  1. Trip X said

    I loved it! I am waiting with baited breath for the next chapter. You really ought to have this published.

  2. Natalie said

    I love it! I thought they were going to have sex yet not… the excitement… OMG!

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