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Status of Things 2010

Posted by Luna on February 2, 2010

Like resolutions, I occassionally write in my blog of my new commitment to writing erotic stories.  And like those resolutions, they are only somewhat believable.

Things are a bit of a tumult for me right now. 

Professionally I am really busy with work, and my connection to internet fun during the day has been even more restricted.

Creatively, I’m in a bit of a funk, tho I am finishing up a story that I think is really good, called Exhilaration.  I should have that posted today or tomorrow.

Finanically, things are problematic as my personal laptop needs to be fixed, or I need to get a new one….

Personally… I don’t like talking too much about my personal life on here, but… I’ve recently had my heart broken.  The who… what… where… how… will have to remain a personal memory for me.  And it has made me rethink a lot of things.  The new story reflects that, somewhat.

I still have dozens of stories in various stages of work. 

I think the next to work on is cleaning up the Amulet series: a story of a girl whose sexuality changes upon finding her Aunt’s amulet.  I have several chapters written, but need to rework the beginning to make it more exciting.

I want to finish the Four Wedding Stories series.  The poll suggests that I should write a Mother of the Bride story… which works in a nice way, but who to make her fall for.  I know people probably would like to see a Bride and Mother of the Bride story, but mother-daughter incest on the eve of a wedding doesn’t work as well.  Maybe the Bride’s best friend or something.

Other Ideas Include:

  • Weekend Friends Chapter 2, where Colleen and Melissa become closer friends.
  • Family Reunion, a tale of two young female cousins who see each other once a year, at family reunions, and the relationship that develops between them.  If I ever write this story, it just might break my heart tho. I know how the story ends.
  • Luna and Jane’s Trip to the City, a story about a young woman (yes, pretty much being me) who takes a middle-aged naiive housewife to New York City for the day, and the adventure that ensues.
  • The Tattoo, a story of a girl who posts pictures of her new back tattoo online, and the woman who finds them completely accidentally.
  • The Getaway, a fictional account of me and three or four other internet friends who decide to actually meet, face-to-face, and how a real life encounter of internet cyber chatting girls might actually take place.

 So, no shortage of ideas.  Plenty of work, but the muses need to give me inspiration in my fingers, and I need to have time to let it happen. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my next story: Exhilaration.



2 Responses to “Status of Things 2010”

  1. Hi Luna – just wanted to leave a note of thanks for linking to my site, and this seemed the best place to put it. Hope that the muse is still with you, and you will be adding new material as we go into 2011. I know only too well how real life (“pretty complex stuff” as Harvey Pekar called it) tends to intrude upon one’s artistic efforts. Pax, Alice…

    • Luna said

      Thanks for the kind words, Alice. Your stuff blows me away.

      Seems like I posted that very recently, and yet it’s almost been a year now. I wish I could say I’m closer to a resolution. It’s very tricky sometimes. 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes.



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