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Four Wedding Stories – Part 3: The Bachelorette Party

Posted by Luna on July 16, 2009

The continuation of my “Four Wedding Stories” series… basically I came up with four sexy ‘lesbian’ scenarios all around weddings.   This one is probably the most emotional, but the most ‘crazy’…  Part of this story spun out of my epic erotic lesbian story that I have permanently put on the back burner. 

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This one is a little more fevered and all over the place.  It’s probably a much longer story, but one whose characters don’t really demand more time spent with them.  So they are more shallow than I anticipated when I started writing this.  Regardless, I think the fantasy, and the eroticsm of the moments and the emotions are real enough.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Luna Zax

Four Wedding Stories – Part 3: The Bachelorette Party
By LunaZax
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Disclaimer: The following story is intended for an adult audience and contains sexually explicit material.  If you do not wish to read this type of material, if you are under age, or if reading this story violates the local laws, you should not read this story.  

I had never been more furious.  Here it was 12 hours later, after a good night’s sleep, and I was just as furious as I had been the night before.  I was driving over to Melanie’s house to tell her off, not caring that her wedding was tomorrow.

I had put up with Mel’s shit for too many years.  And I was sick of the excuses, “I was drunk.” or “I was just being funny.” or “I didn’t realize that I hurt you.” weren’t going to cut it this time.  I was going to call her out once and for all…

And if that ended our 20 year friendship, then so be it.  If that caused me to not show up at her wedding on Saturday, then so be it.  But I was fed up, and I was taking a stand


The invitation arrived in the mail, a few months ago.  A hand-drawn calligraphy envelope arrived to Ms. Katherine Elizabeth Sertzer, stuck in between the supermarket circular, and my cell phone bill.  I sorted through the mail as I walked back to my aparinside looking at it curiously.

Evey was laying on the couch, still in her green sweatpants, grey concert t-shirt, with her blonde hair up in a loose ponytail.  We had spent the afternoon together, laughing at Spanish soap operas and eating ice cream.  It was a good day, and we hadn’t had many of them recently. 

“What is it?” asked Evey

“Not sure…” I replied cautiously, “It looks like a wedding invitation.  Can’t be a graduation, it’s July.”

“Ohhh wow!  A wedding!  I love weddings!  Which one of us gets to wear the tuxedo?  I will go in drag only if I can seduce a slutty bridesmaid.”

I smiled at the joke and gave a quick chuckle, but I didn’t find it funny.  The wounds of the recent history between Evey and I made the unfunny joke, even less funny.

I opened the envelope, and there were the words: 

Together with their parents
Melanie Lanieer Emerson
Tyler Jacob Bennett
request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
Saturday, the 9st of October
at four o’ clock in the afternoon

Additional details about the church and location were printed on the invitation. 

I was somewhat surprised…   Mom had told me that Mel was getting married… We had seen each other last year around Thanksgiving at church, but before then, it had been years since we really talked. 

Melanie and I were the best of friends for most of our early years together.  Her family grew up just a few streets over from me, and we both went to the same elementary school.  We were best friends for 6 years.  Then when we got to high school, I found myself hanging out with the artsy/theater crowd more, while Mel was a Varsity cheerleader, and was involved in that crowd.  Both of our personalities started to change, though we tried to remain friends, as much as we could.  She was a perfect cheerleader, blonde hair, tanned skin, blue eyes, cute dimples, and a perfect body.  Whereas I was skinny, with frizzy brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and freckles.

Our relationship became strained when she started hanging out with those friends more often.  She would go to parties and I wasn’t invited.   I didn’t like it, but I understood.  She told me that I was the one person who she could be herself around.  Most of my friends, probably like her friends, wondered why I remained friends with her.  Basically, she was a real bitch to everyone, but always remained nice to me.  And I stayed close… I wasn’t sure why.

Meanwhile, she became more distant.  Always with her boyfriend of the month, and never able to find time to hang out.  I stayed at home waiting for her call on several nights, just to go out and have a drink, or party.  It seemed like all of her new friends were much more important than I was.  When we did get together, all she talked about was what she and her new sorority sisters did, and all of the mean things they said about other people.  I started to feel like her charity case.  

In college, I ‘discovered’ myself… meaning that I realized that I was much more attracted to women than I was men.  During my relationships at college, I realized that I had feelings for Melanie.  I enjoyed fantasies about the two of us realizing what we meant to each other, and taking it to the next level.  It was a fantasy, an enjoyable one.  I didn’t hold out for it being a reality… but maybe I held out some hope…

My hopes were shattered, however, when I came out of the closet to her.  It was right after I graduated college, just 2 years ago.  I was very nervous when I told her.  When I finally told her, she was taken aback and tried to be accepting.  But there was a look of strangeness in her eyes.  I could tell that she was rethinking all of our experiences.  It totally changed our relationship.  She wouldn’t talk to me the same way.  She would apologize when talking about guys. 

Shortly after I told her, I moved to Manhattan.  I found a nice place that I lived in with some guy friends (who were all gay).  And life had moved on.  I saw Mel occassionally, but our relationship had been completely changed and altered.  I didn’t think about her really, other than some regrets about a lost childhood friend.


Fast-forward to last night.  Mel had invited me to her bachelorette party.  I went because… well I still wasn’t sure why I went.  Maybe I wanted to think that Mel had changed.  That on the advent of her wedding, that she and I could reconnect again.  To know that maybe Mel had grown up, and that she wasn’t the spoiled, immature, condescending girl I had grown to know. 

Plus, I was feeling lonely for company.  Evey and I had broken up, permanently this time.  It wasn’t about the wedding, per say, but I didn’t want to take someone to a wedding who I wasn’t serious with, and I wasn’t serious with someone who had cheated on me twice.   So I thought a night out with ‘regular girls’.  Just go out, have drinks, act silly, and have fun.  Sounded like a plan to get my mind off of real life.

So I arrived at the TGI Fridays, which was to be the first stop on the Bachelorette Pub Crawl.  And upon my arrival, I get greeted by an already intoxicated Melanie wearing a cheesy tiara, and a t-shirt with the words “Bride to Be”, who greets me with a big, fake “Hellooooooooooooooooooooo! OMG I can’t believe it! ”  Fake big hug and kisses me on each cheek before saying, “Whoops, sorry, probably shouldn’t do that.  You liking girls and all.”

Before I could scowl and respond to her accusation, she let’s out a cry to the other girls.  “Hey everyone!  This is my oldest friend, Kathy.  She and I go waaay back.  What did we meet… Kath?  2nd grade?  Anyway, she’s really cool, but don’t get too drunk around her… she’s a lezzie!  Might take advantage of you, in your weakened state…. so be…be careful, unless you like that sort of things…. I won’t tellssss.”

A few other girls laughed, but I could see some uncomfortable stares.  Not for the words themselves, but with how loud and obnoxious she sounded.  I mean, none of these girls were marching in a Pride parade anytime soon, but this even made them feel uneasy.  So the girls moved their seats over, so I could sit down.  I knew a few of them from high school, and just generally from hanging out.  Mel’s older sister, Danielle, was there too, and she gave me a wave before talking to the other girls.  I saw several large diamond engagement rings, and even saw a huge rock on Mel’s hand.

We had dinner, and I stayed quiet the entire time, just smiling and thinking that I made a huge mistake.  Whenever Mel engaged conversation with me, was mostly to point out to everyone at the table, and the bartenders and waiters that I was a ‘lezzie’, a ‘dyke’, a ‘lezbo”‘, or just plain ‘queer’ (a term, I’ve always liked, but out of her mouth it sounded like an insult.’)

Finally, a guy wearing an obviously fake police officer uniform came over to the table, and started gyrating with all of the girls.  He was a nice looking guy, and had rock hard abs, that appealed to me from an artistic point-of-view, even if the sexuality wasn’t quite up-my-alley.  Once again, Mel made a huge scene, but she was so drunk she could barely get the words out, as the stripper propped her up.

“Sh… sheees off limi… limits… She does… doesn’t… doesn’t go for the man-meat…. Only likes six-packs when there’s b.. beer in them….”

My face got red.  I was actually starting to forget her earlier comments.  I felt ignored and abused.  And Mel thought it was hysterical.   I decided to leave and go back to the hotel room.  I had planned on remaining sober before the night began, and Mels comments from the beginning had made me keep with Diet Cokes for the entire night.  I waited 15 minutes, so it didn’t seem like I was leaving because of the comments, then I announced to the group that I was leaving.  Everyone said good-bye, and Mel barely acknowledged that I was leaving, tho she was barely coherent at the time. 

I told everyone that I would see them at the wedding and I walked out of the bar, wanting to get back to my hotel room immediately, wanting to forget the entire night, wanting to just hide from the world.

As I walked outside, the cool air hit me, as I looked around for my car.  I heard a voice from behind me, “Hey Kathy.”  I turned, and it was Mel’s sister.  I smiled at her, and said, “Hey, I’ll catch you later.”

She walked a little closer, “I’m sorry for my sister.  I don’t know what got into her.  She’s got a lot of things going on.  But she was so rude to you tonight.”

I managed a weak smile, “It’s okay.  Mel and I just have drifted apart.  I guess that’s what happens.”

Danielle looked at me with some sadness, “I guess.  And I don’t know if it makes up for anything that happened tonight, but I was there when she got your RSVP for the wedding.  She was thrilled.  She actually started to cry.  As I said, I don’t know if it makes up for it.”

I nodded, “Thanks Danielle… You go have fun, and I’ll talk to you later.”

She turned and went back inside, and I found my car.  Once safely inside, I allowed the tears to flow down my face, as I pulled out of the parking lot towards my hotel room.


I woke up the next morning.  The pain was gone, but I was very very angry.  I knew I could call a half-a-dozen friends who would calm me down, bring me back to normal levels, but I was done with that.  I rarely allowed myself to get really really pissed, but this had been building for a lifetime.

I was at the point where she was going to hear what I had to say, about how she treated me last night and for the last 7 years.  And if she gave me some bullshit answer or told me that I was making a big deal about it, then I was going to either slap her, or just walk out of her house throwing our friendship out the window. 

I drove my convertible to her parents house, where she was staying during the next few weeks.  She had been living with her boyfriend, but all of the in-laws had to believe that the virgin princess lived at home with her folks.  As I pulled in, I noticed that only Mel’s car was in the driveway.  That was good, I didn’t want an audience.

I rang the doorbell to the house.  I heard a dog barking in the background, and I heard footsteps approach.  I saw Mel’s face as she opened the door a little bit.  It looked tired, but she had been up for a bit, and had coffee and maybe something to eat.

“Ka…Kath?  What are you doing here?” she asked, very surprised.

“Oh, I just came by to see how you were doing?” I lied.

“Yeah, um…. I’m alright… I just was…. here… just come on in…”

She opened the door to the house, and she stood in the foyer in her wedding dress.  She looked really lovely, despite me being pissed at her.

“Wow,” I replied, “You didn’t need to get all dolled up for me.”

She smiled, “Yeah, the dressmaker was supposed to come over and help me get fitted.  But I’m not even sure if she’s coming. ”

“Oh, did you have to get up for her.”

“Yeah, Mom marched into my room at 9:00 to get me out of bed.  Uck, I felt like crap.  I drank way too much last night.  I don’t even remember saying good-bye to you.”

I grimaced outwardly, “Oh really?  So you don’t remember embarassing me in front of all of your friends?” I said with all of the venom I could muster.

“Wha… Kath… What are you talking about?” she replied, stammering.

“Look, I know you’re holding on to our friendship because we’ve known each other a long time.  But, I’m not staying in your life to be your token lesbian friend.”

She looked puzzled, “Was… Why are you saying this? Was it something I said?”

My jaw hit the floor.  She didn’t even realize what she had said last night.  She was drinking, but she couldn’t have been that drunk.

“You treated me like a second-class citizen, in front of your sorority, rich-bitch friends.  That I couldn’t be a lesbian and be a normal person.  And on top of that, you put me in the stereotypical category of some prowling girl-lusting dyke, who you need to warn your friends about before I pounce on them in a moment of weakness!!  Telling everyone in the restaurant that I’m a lesbian, like it’s some kind of fucking crime!!!”  I shouted.

She started to cry, “I… I said that?  I don’t… ” and she paused, as if some memory was bubbling to the surface.

“Let me help out your drunken memory, Mel.  Do you remember saying ‘don’t get too drunk around her… she’s a lezzie!’ or that ‘I only go for a six-pack when there’s beer in it.’   Do you fucking think that I have no feelings whatsoever?  Are you that insensitive.”

“Oh god, Kath… I was… I guess I was just being… I don’t know trying to be funny,” she cried, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.  You’re my oldest friend”

“Mel, you have treated me like I was beneath you for years.  When I told you I was a lesbian, you practically disowned me.  Put me into a nice convenient category,”

“No I didn’t!” she interrupted, “I didn’t do that at all.”

“The look on your face told me everything.  That you were re-evaulating our entire friendship.  Like I was too close to you… that maybe my ‘lezzie germs’ would get on  you.  That maybe your sorority sisters and cheerleading friends would think that you were ‘one of THEM’.  And I’m fucking sick of it, Mel!”

I started crying too.  The emotions of the day, the emotions of the month really, and seeing Melanie crying, just shattered me.

I turned to go, not even knowing what I would do next.  I felt Mel grab my hand as I was leaving.

“Kath… come sit down…  please… maybe I can explain myself…”

“Why bother!” I said turning away from her

“I just can’t…. you’ve misunderstood me…. I never thought you were a lesser person.  I thought you were the bravest person I knew.”

And in a quiet voice she said, “Much braver than me…”

I turned, tears in my eyes, “What do you mean.”

Mel looked at me with tears, “Kath… I… I can’t… it’s… it’s too late… and you’ll hate me if I say.”

“What Mel…. Tell me… Cause I’m ready to leave, and you’ll never see me again.”

She was crying deeply now, trying to get the words out, “I… I wanted to tell you…. the day that you told me…. but… but I couldn’t…. I tried to make the words come out, but they wouldn’t come…”

“Tell me what, Mel?”

She lifted her chin, looking at me with tears streaming down her face, and glistening in her eyes. 

“That I love you.”

Now I was confused, “I love you too, Mel, but what the hell does that….”

“NO!” she shouted, “I… LOVE….. YOU….. I always have loved you….”

The world went fuzzy.  I couldn’t feel my legs. 

She continued, “I’ve wanted you for so long, Kath… so long… I couldn’t admit it to myself, to you… I was so afraid that you would reject me… That I was just trying something…  But I’ve loved you and wanted you so long…”

It was all I could do to stop my knees from buckling, and now my tears were flowing even more than before….  We met in a tearful embrace and collapsed on the foyer floor crying into each other.


Our mouths met.  Tears flowing into each others faces.  Her skin was so smooth and so soft against mine.   Her hair falling into my face and tickling my nose.

We just stayed on the floor crying, and kissing, and hugging, and feeling each other.  She was totally covered in ruffles and sequins.  I was in my denim jeans and a t-shirt.

I wasn’t sure what to do next.  Here was my oldest and dearest friend who suddenly made me totally rethink how I think of her. 

I wanted to kiss her sweetly, to take her in to me, show her that I was there for her, to accept her inside my soul.  She kissed me with complete passion, that was slowly taking me over. 

Her hands were running over my ass, and up and down my thighs.  I would have thought it was me who would teach her, but it was quite the opposite. 

She unsnapped my jeans, slowly running her hand along the top of my panties.  My emotions were doing wheelies.  She leaned into my stomach and started kissing my belly through my tank top, as she slowly unzipped my pants.

My plain jane white panties were exposed.  I was embarassed, but this seemed to excite her more.  She kissed my waistband of my panties, before pulling it up, smelling both my desire and my sweat.

She lifted up my hips and pulled my jeans down… slowly off of each leg.  She kissed up my legs and thighs, before opening my thighs wide.  She made funny ruffling noises in her dress as she kissed me closer and closer to my center.

She pulled my panties to the side, and my bare slit lay open for her, glistening with juices and desire. 

“Mmmm, you shave,” she said purring.

I nodded my head.  This was so crazy.  I hated Mel a few minutes ago.  Came from a lifetime of friendship.  And now my legs were spread, and she was looking at my naked pussy.

She rubbed her finger along my opening.  My opening accepted the touch, and parted for her… More juice flowing out of my pussy.

“You don’t know,” she whispered, “How crazy I’ve been for you.  How much I’ve wanted to do.  But, I was too scared.  Wanted to….  oh my god… taste you!” 

And with this her mouth descended on my slit.  She was unexperienced.  I felt her tongue lap at the opening to my vagina, and lick up and down my lips.  The sensations were of someone seeing and exploring their first pussy, and yet the amateurishness made me feel it even more.  Like we were little girls daring to explore pleasure for the first time.

She pushed a finger into me, and opened my lips a bit more.  My clit got harder and bigger.  Her tongue got faster and faster.  Licking another women is unique, but quickly you learn how the sensations you have felt translate into sensations you can give.  Mel was a quick learner.  I opened wider for her.

She pushed a second finger inside me.  It was really good.  The emotions of the previous two days were building me up nice.  Almost like make-up sex.  My pussy open for her advances, open for her tongue and her mouth, to fill me with pleasure.  I felt goosebumps all over my body as I once again realized it was Mel that I was having sex with. 

She lapped up my juices.  As I felt the first wave of my orgasm flow through me.  I arched my back and felt my insides clench around her fingers.  Her tongue tried to stay with me.  I felt the sensation of a huge second orgasm come close, but not quite get there. 

I pulled Mel up to my face and kisses her.  She stuck her tongue deep inside my mouth.  I tasted my juices on her tongue.

“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Much better than cock,” she said, “An acquired taste I’m sure.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you have the cutest pussy.  I’ve never really seen one other than videos or in a mirror, but yours is so cute.”

I blushed, not knowing how to react.

“Did… did I do good?” she asked.

“Oh yes, that was a very good orgasm.  My first time I couldn’t give my partner an orgasm at all.  That was a really nice one.  I nearly had a huge one.”

“Really?” she said her eyes wide, “Like how huge.”

“Well,” I said blushing, “I squirt…. like a lot.”

“Wow!” she said enthusiastically, “I want to see that.”

“No, Mel… no… I’m just so emotional and so happy…. I just…”

With that a finger went inside my opening, already slick with my juices. 

“No, Mel… I can’t control it…. It….”

A second finger joined in.

“Mel, please… I can’t… please… oh god…. up…. toward the front…. oh god… curl your fingers….”

She curled her fingers up, and she found my g-spot.  I start insanely grinding against her fingers.  She gets more aggressive with her fingers and really digs on me.  I love it. 

“Oh god… rub… rub my clitty…. fast… fast!!!”

She takes her other hand and starts rubbing the top of my clit faster and faster.  It’s coming now… the build up… the huge wave… about to crash on the shore…  too many sensations at once… I buckle hard against her fingers… and then crave the attention on my clit, which she returns… I arch my back…. I moan like an animal…. The pressure builds….

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I scream now panting for breath, as my juices explode out of me.  I look up embarassed and curious to see how much is coming out… but I feel it… it’s like a gusher… 

My girl cum splashes all over Mel’s wedding dress… covering her face and bodice with girl juice… She leans back taking it all in with a pleasure that I have never seen before on another person’s face.  Pure pleasure.

“Oh… oh Mel… I’m so sorry…” I start to say.

“Oh God Kath, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.  I’m drenched in you.  I love it!”

“Oh god…. but it’s ruined.”

“No baby…. It was ruined the moment I admitted my love,” she whispered.

I paused, unsure of what she was saying, and still recovering from my orgasm.

“It was so good, I nearly peed,” I whispered.

“Really?” she asked, with a wide-eyed stare.

I nodded.

“I want to see you pee,” she said. 

I looked at her shocked, “Huh?”

“I want you to pee all over me. All over my tits.” she said now rubbing them through her bodice.

I felt the pressure of my urine building inside me, and I wasn’t sure what the consequences of all of this were.  I had only done somethign like this with one lover, who I totally trusted.  And I was still unsure of Mel.

“Piss on me!  Please!” she cried, and I couldn’t help it.  Pee burst from me, and exploded on her face.  She knelt in and the pee ran over her cleavage…. covering her chest and bodice to her dress. 

Mel tore at her dress, exposing her pale white breasts and very pink nipples.  She pinched them as more pee came from me, as I felt pure pleasure as I aimed and rubbed my clitty as I peed.  She opened her mouth and drank from my pee. 

After a moment, she helped me to my feet.

“Help me out of this horrible thing,” she cried.

I helped her unbutton, unzip, and yank her body out of her dress.  Til she wore a white thong only.

“Mmmmmm are you taking my virginity, Kath?  Turning me from a sweet innocent girl, into your lesbian sex toy?”

I pulled her strap up teasingly… She gasped and moaned in pleasure…

“Oh god, more!” she cried.

I pulled up more… the fabric entered her ass harder and dug into her lips.

“Oh god, oh god…. more… please more”

I couldn’t believe the way she was acting, but I was so turned on.  I pulled up higher, she moaned and strained against the fabric of the thong.

“Mmmm, split my hot cunt, Kath…. ”

She bent over to get more pleasure… I pulled the thong to the side, and ran my finger up and down her ass.  She shuddered when I came to her anus.

“Oh no… not there…” she teased….

I ran a finger along her anus hole, before pushing a finger inside.  She arched her back immediately.

“Oh god…. yes…. Tyler won’t touch my butt.  Says it’s dirty.  But I love it… Please Kath…. please… more!”

I push the finger deep inside her anus.  Going in and out of her butt, teasing it.

“Tell me I’m a bad girl, Kath.  Tell me!” she cries.

“You’re a naughty little girl, Mel.  Only naughty girls like things in their ass.”

“Yessss…. yesss…. so naughty….” she repeats.

“Well then, you certainly won’t like this then,” as I push a second finger inside, stretching her, as I massage the flesh between her anus and slit.

“Oh god… oh god… please…”

I couldn’t help it, denying myself for too long.  I leaned in and started teasing her with my tongue.  I started licking the area between her anus and her slit.  Tasting the tender flesh there.

She howled.  And started rubbing her groin against my tongue as my fingers continued to push in and out of her butt.  I kept licking, tasting her deep juices flowing out of her.  She was loving this. 

I licked up to her anus, and back down to her slit, all the while keeping my fingers in her ass.  She was clenching so hard, my fingers were hurting, but she loved it.  Her body fiery with every touch.  I met her slit and licked towards her clitty.  She tasted wonderful, some girls taste like you want them to, and she was wonderful in my mouth.  She rose and fell with every lick.  Her legs splaying out wider, and wanting it more.

I push my fingers deep inside her butt, just as I start licking more furiously at her clit.  This was all she needed.  Her back arched.  She opened her thighs wide, and closed them, finally bouncing her butt up and down on the floor as the orgasm flowed through her.

I pulled myself up and we kissed each other, as the final waves of the orgasm washed over her.  We kissed, feeling our sweaty flesh mix.

We drifted in and out of pleasurable nappings.  The floor started to get harder and harder.

“How… how did you know?” she finally asked.

“Know what?” I said.

“That I liked my ass played with,” she replied.

“Oh… I don’t know.  I think I just know you.  We’re bonded like.  And also because I like it too.”

She smiled at this.

“Tyler won’t do anything there.  He says it’s dirty.”

“Oh it is,” I said back.

She looked at me, wondering my meaning.

“Only bad little dirty girls like to be teased back there,” I replied with a wink in my eye.

She smiled at me.

“Well, I guess only dirty girls have toys to fill my tiny ass too, huh?” she whispered.

I grabbed her hand and we walked upstairs for an afternoon neither of us would ever forget.


I sat in my car outside of the church.  I felt like I should be in there.  I wanted to be supportive of Mel’s decision.  But I felt awkward about it all. 

I tried to understand her motivations, but to tell you the truth, I really didn’t.  And I was equally unsure whether she would ever tell me.

The church bells started to ring, and I started the engine preparing to drive away.

I heard the hoot and the holler coming from the doors, as a streak of white came running out of the church.  I put the car into gear as Mel dove into the car head first, followed by a bunch of men in tuxedos looking rather confused.

I gunned the engine and we drove out of the church parking lot, like bats out of hell. 

“You always had to be the dramatic one!” I yelled.

She was throwing the veil out the top of the car, followed by her white high heeled shoes. 

“Yeah, well they wanted the big wedding.  So they got one, just one without a bride.”

I shook my head, as she kept undressing.  Throwing parts of the gown out of the car and onto the road, quickly becoming highway.

“You know, your parents will think I’ve abducted you.  Corrupted your mind with my wily lesbian ways,” I said, grinning at her.

“You did,” she said leaning over and rubbed my pants, right where a bulge of hardness indicating the strap-on I was wearing.

I laughed, as she crawled over and kissed me.

“Now, if you want to consumate this marriage, I suggest you find a hotel fast!”

“Whatever the queen bitch wants,” I said as I drove towards the local hotel, where I had already booked the honeymoon suite.


4 Responses to “Four Wedding Stories – Part 3: The Bachelorette Party”

  1. Trip X said

    I wish I had something intelligent to say after reading this. It is a story full of true love, disappointment, despair, anger, and reconciliation. I find your writing style to be compelling, making read every word, like a novel that demands my rapt attention. Thank you for penning your thoughts and sharing them.

  2. Coeur Minuit said

    The way you use emotion like a slingshot, building the tension up and up and up in one direction, and then suddenly, bang! the whole thing goes in the opposite direction at a hundred miles an hour, and goes insanely sloppy with scorching lovemaking, makes a breathless tale that just gets better each time I re-read it.

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