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Luna’s Erotic Fiction Advice – #103

Posted by Luna on May 22, 2009

Luna’s Erotic Fiction Tips, Tricks, and Advice #103:  Nudism in Fiction

(Basically Luna’s Guide to Erotic Fiction is #101, and the last one is #102)

I do occassionally read straight erotic fiction… I know hard to believe… but is definately true…

Anyway, I have a recommendation of a good erotic author and then I’m going to slam him in the same article.. FUN!!!!!

I’ve been reading a series of erotic stories, from someone I really like. Nick Scipio writes a series called “Summer Camp” about a boy/man named Paul who goes to a nudist camp during his adolescent years, and takes him through his life journey (at least into college).

Although it borders on adolescent male fantasy, it is far better written than 95% of the other erotic fiction. At this point, he has written about 100 full length chapters of this story, and his dedication should be noted. He has created very real and complex characters. He does portray the lead character (obviously himself or wanting to be himself) as a sexual god, but hey… you probably can’t get the motivation to write 100 chapters if you don’t do that.

I would give the series as a whole, a solid A-.   Give his website a look, and check out the story. 

But, it got me thinking about nudism in erotic fiction. In this book and most erotic fiction, nudism is described as this ‘adolescent wet dream’ of… “Wow, people just go, shed their clothes, and you get to see naked women all day?” I mean all of the men and women in the story are attractive, and fit.

I mean, go to a nude beach one time. Just go. I’ve been to a topless beach. I enjoyed myself, and enjoyed getting tan. But there was nothing sexy about the experience, or sexy about 90% of the other people on the beach.

Now, in “Summer Camp” you see this. There is the initial reaction of Paul’s reaction at 14, and the general viewing of naked bodies, but after a while, the nudism in the daily lives of the campers is glossed over.

But, secondly, he takes the nudism thing too far. In the critical scene which takes the story into true erotic territory, Paul decides to help his Aunt Susan with some outdoor work totally in the nude, to the point where he and his Aunt are taking dead tree branches off of a roof in the nude.

Ummm, no… like never…

I thought I heard a long time ago… a very long time ago… that nudist camps are places where nudism is open and practiced… but it isn’t a place where people NEVER wear clothes. I’ve even heard that most people choose to wear clothes during dinner.

** I may be wrong here, I’ve never really investigates it, but this only makes common sense.  Feel free to comment or email me if I’m wrong**

I have never heard anyone suggest that anyone, male or female, should do work or chores, with their genitals hanging out. This is a ridiculous idea. Like a woman would ever do gardening naked. Yes, getting dirt into ones vagina wouldn’t cause any problems whatsoever. And for men, this is even more the case.

So, new erotic fiction rule:

Nudism is a leisure activity, and should only be practiced by characters when they are in some way, ‘relaxing.’

You see ‘Nudism’ used in erotic fiction all the time, especially to allow characters to shed their initial taboos. And it certainly is fun, and I wouldn’t want to deprive writers of this device. However, let’s have some forethought about it.

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