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Chat Recap (with Sasha and Paula)

Posted by Luna on May 20, 2009

Post Edited on Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay, this is the edited version of a previous posting.  I started a chat with Paula (aka gymlinks) and my friend Sasha joined in.  Basically, as you will see, gymlinks asked me to tell her how I would seduce a younger girl (tween or awkward early teen). 

What follows is simply a stream of consciousness of a fantasy in my own head.  Certainly nothing meant by it, other than a story written on the fly. 

All conversation between me, gymlinks, and Sasha is put into ‘quoteblock’.  The rest is the stream of consciousness story from me.  Additionally, I added two paragraphs at the end, as the story trailed off, as Paula had thoroughly ‘enjoyed’ the story, and had to leave soon.  So I tied it off quickly.  Not interesting enough to go more than that. 

I always say, in the moment, is ‘in the moment’, and you can’t go back inside most times. 

Girl Seduction (over Chat) Recap

with Luna, Paula (gymlinks), and Sasha

gymlinks: Do you fantasise about being with a girl?
Luna Zax: you mean a younger girl… yes I fantasize about it…
gymlinks: tell me what you would like to do.
Luna Zax: my fantasy is to be the teacher…. and idealy to teach a girl who hasn’t discovered pleasure yet… either solo or with any partner…. and watch as she realizes the pleasure hit her for the first time
gymlinks: describe it for me.;-)

an awkward girl…. maybe just a little development on her boobs or hips… other girls more so… she’s very unsure…. I help her out in an innocent way…. she’s grateful…. I touch her leg…. she likes it but she’s feeling unsure about it all….

later on… we’re changing for some reason, or in the bathroom…. still innocent…. she sees my underwear…. lacey or maybe just boyshorts… complains that her mother still forces her to wear cutie lil girl undies…. I tell her that those are certainly cute and that many would find them attractive…. she blushes and doesn’t believe me

 Luna Zax:  like or going too slow?
 gymlinks: mmmmm

somehow, I’m driving her home… maybe… or to somewhere… she’s wearing a skirt…. I am too, I tell her to relax… we’re all girls…. I fan myself with my skirt… letting her see my undies, maybe a flash… she does it too and I see her cute purple Hannah Montana panties…

Luna Zax: I remark… and say… ooh cute… I lvoe Hannah Montana….
gymlinks: keep GOING
gymlinks: lol

I touch her thigh, just above her knee… tell her that she doesnn’t need to worry, she’s beautiful today, and should be who she is…. She blushes

she tell me that she’ll never be as pretty as me… I tell her that she already is…. she complains that she doesn’t even have boobies yet… I laugh and say that I wish I could go back before I HAD to wear a bra

we laugh, I tell her to enjoy the years she has… too many people are looking forward to being older… too many people look back with regret….

gymlinks: mmmm

She starts to cry for some reason, I pull her into a hug… she leans her head on my breast…. She apologizes… I tell her it’s no big deal… and then with a wink, I say that it’s even nice

she blushes furiously

I ask her, don’t you like touching your breasts? She shrugs her shoulders… I ask her, “Too scared to do it? Or feels weird?” She nods… “Feels weird, everything about my boobies feels weird”

I stroke her hair, “Well, sweetie… these feelings take time to process.” she looks at me curiously. “You know, THESE feelings?” I say again…. she still looks confused

Sexual feelings, I say finally… .not wanting to necessarily offend or scare her.

 gymlinks: I’m so hot right now, but ake your time.

She looks at her breasts… “I thought sexual touching is just with your… um… your….” “Vagina?” I say… humorously… She nods… “I thought that boobie are just boobies”

I say, “You know they are very sensitive… Women’s bodies are very sensitive, more than men’s bodies for the most apart. It’s why women used to cover themselves more… Women like their necks to be stimulated, their breasts, their stomachs, their thighs… it all builds up to pleasure… But really that’s for you to learn on your own or with your parents.”

There is silence for a few minutes… She finally says, “My parents see me as their little girl. And none of the boys like me. I really don’t know what you mean…”

Have you ever kissed anyone? Like both lips kissing.

She says My friend, Lis and I did once, but it was silly and we giggled about it after

Well, that’s the start, I can show you if you want… She is unsure…. “you wanted to know, sweetie… I’m just trying to help…”

She says yes, and I pull the car into a parking garage

we unbuckle our seat belts, and I stroke her hair gently…

She leans in quickly, I say… no no sweetie… relax… it’s natural… natural especially between girls…. no agendas here…..” She nods shyly, understanding, yet not understanding….

gymlinks: this is so beautiful.

close your eyes… and it will happen…. touch my chin with your fingers, and I will do the same…. we slowly lean forward and our lips touch… I let it be awkward at first because it should be… especially with one this young… then our lips mesh… the moisture flows between our mouths,… I open her mouth with mine…. and close it…. squeezing her lips with mine as I part the kiss maintaining my hand in her hair

Luna Zax: thanks
Luna Zax: better than I thought, writing on the fly like this
Sasha: Yes, Luna is very good at this.
gymlinks: comments from the peanut gallery lol.
gymlinks: keep going Luna babe.
Luna Zax: lol, was just about to ask if you were reading, Sasha
Sasha: course I was, Sweetie. Please continue…

The girl is very embarassed and flushed now…. and her nipples are very pointy

you see how your whole body tingles? that’s the feelings I described….

she says, “Its like weird tho…” I nod… yes, until you experience them more, it’s a weird combination of nervous, oversensitivity, hormones, and emotional highs and lows….

she says, “but that’s not… I mean… .is that a ….”

Is than an orgasm? I complete for her? she nods… I smile at her…. “It’s like saying the gentle lapping of a small wave on a river is the same things as a huge rush of a 12 foot ocean wave…. it’s not the same…. but same principals

I trace a finger from her neck down to the top of her t-shirt…. she shudders…. When you’re in this state your whole body is connected, and you can feel it from your head, down to your boobs, all the way down to your vagina

She’s really blushing now

Should I stop, sweeite, I ask… she shrugs her shoulders…. I tossle her hair a little bit…. “I’m sorry baby, but you do need to be a grown-up this once… If you are old enough to know about this, then you are old enough to be able to make a decision about it.”

She nods her head…. and says, “please tell me more…”

here sweetie, raise your arms…. she does, curiously, and I pull her t-shirt over her head…. revealing the cute pre-bra she has on… she blushes even more so… making her puffy nipples stand out even more

gymlinks: Just so everyone knows, I’m now in bed (my day off). I’ve put on my favorite big orange silky briefs and matching cami. I’m slowly running my hands over my panties, feeling my thick black pubes. I’m so wet right now.

see how your nipples are standing out… no one know why… but it has a real connection to the rest of our bodies…. as well as up here on our necks, and I trace my fingernail up to her neck by her ear

I slowly lean my head in her neck cavity and kiss lt lightly… I see her goose bumps….rise up and down her arm

I kiss her mouth again, a little more passionately, letting my tongue lap across her lips

my hands freely going up and down her arms.

with the back of my hand… I cross over her bra… gently bumping one of her nipples… she gets very shy and starts to pull away

shhhhh sweetie…. this is what being a girl is all about….

and sometimes only another girl can teach you….

she nods and comes back, and my hands rub her stomach now as I give her little pecks on her lips, letting her dictate some action, lettign her ride some sweet simple sensations

I gently push her head back and start kissing and licking her neck…. she squirms, and tell me that it tickles… and I keep doing it moving past the tickles… into the deeper pleasure within… she feels it…. and the little pleasure feeling runs through her body, taht even I can feel it

Luna Zax: (still good ladies, or ?)
Sasha: Very good, sweetie.
gymlinks: I second that motion lol

I slowly lift her bra up, giving myself a glimpse of what I’ve wanted to see… her cute little brown nipples so puffy… so aroused….

I wet a finger and caress one of them before she can protest, she is so embarrassed being exposed like this, but the tingles from her nipple arousal and now stimulation is too much

I kiss her mouth again… she is overloaded… unsure… her mouth opens to pant a little, she switched to her nose, and my tongue enters her mouth, and I pull her body into mine

my hands running up and down her back, her bare nipples pressed against my blouse

she is stunned, I take slight advantage of this and lean her back… my mouth descending on her other nipple… and I start gently… more gentle than any other girl I’ve ever been with… kissing and licking and sucking at her tender lil puffy nipple…

she wants me to stop… the feelings are too new… and too much, tho they are pleasure it’s very intense…. I realize that I’ve gone a little too far, but to a slight degree, I need to show her what’s on the other side, and I start sucking stronger, and teasing her other nipple…. dancing on one with my tongue, lightly and furiously…. a small wave crashes through her, and she squeezes her legs together…. so nervous so tingly so strange… I kiss up to her mouth, and she still responds…. I caress her hair and stop touching… allowing her to come down…..

Luna Zax: ( I feel like a librarian at a kids library, telling them story time)
gymlinks: you at the back, re you chewing gum lol
Sasha: lol

I keep running my hand through her hair…. “You okay, sweetie?” I say… she nods….”Did you like it? Or no… you can say”

 “She nods… but seems unsure at the decision….”

Do you want to go home, or do you want to go to my house?

she thinks a while, and says, “Your house”. we drive back to my house as she calls her mom saying that she’s staying with a friend for the afternoon

gymlinks: I’m still caressing my pubic hair, I’m getting so wet, but I don’t wanna cum till you’re finished.
gymlinks: Take you’re time.

We kiss some more…. and I ask her, “do you want to sit here in the living room?” she shakes her head, too open… “Do you want to go to the bedroom?” She shaekes her head again… Not ready for that yet…

How about the bathroom? I say… She looks curious… I have a nice bathtub and we can make ourselves pretty and smell nice if you want…

she nods…. and I take her by the hand, and we go into the bathroom…. I help her out of her shirt and bra, so she is topless, like she was in the car

I ask her to help me out of my shirt… I cross my arms and she helps it over my head, she sees my green bra… with my nipples visible through the material…

She starts to look away… I gently pull her face back… “Don’t be ashamed, sweetie”

I grab her fingers and guide it to my nipples… and let her touch them…. she feels my nipples harden through the material…. my hands drop and she gets fascinated by the nipples rising to the sensation

mmmm, don’t forget the other one… I guide her hand to the other one… and she gets bold enough to tweak my other nipple, and I sigh… for the first time…

“Do you ever do that?” I ask… she shyly nods her head… “See, girl secrets… like squeezing out legs together….”

At this she gets so red in the face… I can’t supress my laugh…. “It’s ok… we all love that…. there are so many shared experiences… we should share”

I reach behind my back and unhook my bra… “mmmm, feels so good to have that off…” and her hands go back to them…. small hands hitting my sensitive nipples… making me feel oh so nice… all over

Luna Zax: (grrr finger cramps)
Sasha: (LOL…From the keyboard or otherwise?  )
gymlinks: you deserve a break if you need one lol
Luna Zax: (keyboard…. and we’ll never capture this again… I’ve tried… )
Luna Zax: glad Paula is feeling so good, and Sasha is enjoying over breakfast

 the girl keeps rubbing my breasts, eventually getting over enthusiastic and start moving them around… I stroke her hair, “why don’t you kiss them”

she seems unsure… but lowers her head, and kisses it briefly….

 “nothing funky, sweet girl… just flesh…” I assure her and she kisses again… the third time she kisses with a little tongue… and I am so unprepared for it… She switches nipples and kisses more… more tongue… more teasing me…. she is learning so well…. and I’m getting crazier…..

I pinch the other one… squeezing it so hard… and she keeps gently kissing as I pull on it.. .

I pull on her little tender nipples, and she clamps down on my nipple… both of us moan… my legs clamp shut to control the buzzing between my legs…. She pulls up to my mouth, and we are kissing open mouthed… tongues dancing…. our nipples touching…. so intense and so insane

We moan a while kissing each other… eventually our hands leave each other… I lean over and start the water for the bathtub…. she looks surprised… “I need to be cleaned after all that, don’t you…” she looks at me and nods… I let her pour some cucumber bath gel making the bath all foamy…. I grab some nice gel and I pull down my skirt revealing my matching green undies…. she goes back to being somewhat nervous

I help her skirt down, and she stands there in her Hannah Montana panties… “you want them off, don’t you?” I ask… she shyly looks down, and then looks up at me and nods

I hook my fingers in her undies, and slide them down…. she is bare between her legs…. puffy and full…. I help her to pull my panties down… she sees my pubic hair, nicely trimmed, and I even let her run her hands across it, blushing furiously

crazy, isn’t it. I ask, she nods

I sit on the edge of the tub, the bubbles filling up… I open my legs a little for her… and smile… she looks confused as to my smile, and I open wider…. she looks down… seeing my sex exposed slowly before her…. she slowly opens her legs a little too

I’m so turned on… I want to rub and let everything open up… but I don’t want to go too quickly…. I open my thighs wider, my lips begin to part, I feel the stickiness… she does the same, and I can tell the sensation between her legs is very curious to her
I keep going, my lips widening, my inner pink revealed, she looks from curiosity more than desire

She widens, and I see the cutest inner pink ever… glistening with wetness and desire… she is to a degree ashamed…. she’s a good girl and good girls don’t open their legs like this… but the desire has us both in its grip

I spread even wider and rub my thighs…. turning off the water…. she does the same… never being so exposed…. we both love it…..

“You loving this baby girl?” I ask

She nods, “Yes… are we going in the tub now?”

I nod and we get immersed in the bubbles…. I quickly pull her into me and we are caressing among the bubbles… my hands spread her thighs… sweetly, but with intention… she doesn’t care anymore, so enthralled with the pleasure

I run my finger along her pussy lips, she shudders…. I open her up, the clitty, swelling between my fingers…. she’s so wet… I can feel it even in the tub…. I kiss her mouth as my fingers stroke her sensitive spots….

She moans…. she’s squirming all over…

** New Content** 

The orgasm hits her.  It’s been building for so long.  Her body rocks with it, and then clenches, as the waves crash along her body, and the sensations run from her pussy to her brain and back down… She arches her back, I caress her during it, and she’s panting, moaning, unsure, but in my warm embrace.

She comes down.  I kiss her cheek, telling her that she is a beautiful beautiful girl, and that she is lovely.  We stay in the bathtub, as I run my hands gently and caressingly across her body as the impact of the orgasm flows back into the ocean like the disappearing tide.

** End of New Content**

Luna Zax (how you, Paula?) 
gymlinks Oh you better beleive I’m still here. 
Luna Zax (did ya creamie? or still holding off?) 
gymlinks I couldn’t hold back any longer. 
Luna Zax mmmmmm, naughty girl 
Luna Zax bet it was wonderful 
gymlinks hehe. Lune, you are amazing. 
Luna Zax lol, glad I got you so worked up 🙂


5 Responses to “Chat Recap (with Sasha and Paula)”

  1. frenchtoastman said

    Absolutely lovely… I envy your ability to throw together such sensuous, steamy erotica on the fly. Me, I spend hours on a single page, weighing every word, then more time polishing it up later… but you, dear LunaZax, your fingers touch the keyboard and hey presto! Nicely done indeed.

    “Luna and Her Niece” is still a major favorite of mine, by the way. Best thoughts to you, dear lady, and here’s to the stories to come!

  2. Laura said

    I just stumbled on this site, and I just want to say this is so beautiful. I love your style.

    • Luna said

      Thank you very much Laura,

      Not too many bump into this story and comment on it… Not that I’m complaining. I am thankful to reaction from all of my writings.

  3. Kate said

    Hi Luna,
    Loved the chat I found it so exciting, and spontaneous . I would love to chat with you sometime. I have had very similar fantasies about my two daughters, that I would love to discuss.


    • Luna said

      Hi Kate,

      Would love to chat. Having some personal computer issues (basically can only use my work computer for communication). So, in the immediate future, chatting is out of the question. If you’re comfortable, send me an email about it, or post it here. I love hearing fantasies.


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