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Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids

Posted by Luna on February 9, 2009

Finally, after months of planning and writing, here is the second installment in the Four Wedding Stories series. The first in the series, The Fitting, can be found here.

I’m sorry for the delay… I say that the erotic muses didn’t visit me too often, but that’s only half of the truth… The truth is that I created characters that spoke to me, on such a ‘real’ level, that it was very difficult to write a ‘quickie’ erotic story about them. Jana and Amy became very real to me, over the last six months. And I couldn’t do them the disservice to them.

Anyway, the plan is to post this here, so the few readers that hit this site first, get first crack. Then I will post it to the usual other places: Nifty and Leslita etc.


Luna Zax

P.S. Please note, this is not a “sequel” to the fitting… None of the stories are even inner related. Probably should have, but so be it.

Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids
By LunaZax

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“Oh…my… God!” cried Jana when she saw herself in the mirror. Amy had to put her hand over her mouth to stop giggling, “It’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad??? Peach! PEACH!!!!!”

Jana was talking about the Peach colored bridesmaid dress she was wearing. It was awful. Peach from head to toe. Three-quarter length sleeves, with lots of lace, and a big bow on the back of the dress. And it rustled when Jana walked from one end to the other. And finally, to top it all off, peach colored heels.

Obviously, this wasn’t the first time that Jana had wore the dress, but she kept making excuses for it: It’ll look better during the daytime; I won’t feel this way on the day of the wedding; It won’t be bad cause the others are wearing the same color…

But now reality was setting in. The dress was purchased and it was on Jana’s body. It was the day of Christy’s wedding, and there was no going back.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s worse than that cranberry colored thing you wore at Hannah’s wedding. At l least that didn’t have all this.

At this Amy started laughing hysterically, rolling on the bed of the hotel room.

“I don’t know what you’re all laughing about,” said Jana, “You’re going to be wearing it as well.”

Amy still continued to laugh. “I guess what they say is true,” she said between laughs as the tears ran down her face, “The bride chooses a color so that the bridesmaids look so awful, that she looks gorgeous by comparison.”

Jana finished putting on the dress, through lots of moaning and groaning. She then went into the bathroom to finish the rest of her makeup. Amy still heard a few remarks of “FUCK!” come from the bathroom. Amy was sure that the extra mirrors in the bathroom weren’t making that dress look any better.

Amy looked at herself in the mirror. She was 24 years old, and it was the first time that she was going to be a bridesmaid. She looked at herself in the mirror. Amy had black hair, was on the short side, and had an average figure. That average figure was about to get lost in the folds of the peach colored bridesmaid fabric. With her unremarkable chest and big hips, Amy looked better in jeans and a t-shirt than she ever did dressed up.

Amy slipped her jeans and her white tank top off. She hung up those clothes before pulling out her underwear out of her suitcase.

Amy much preferred wearing comfortable undies, almost all the time. But it was a special occasion. She took off her white sports bra and cotton panties. She hooked the lacey black bra around her

She still couldn’t believe that Christy was getting married. Amy still thought of herself as being waaay to young to settle down. Wanting to see more of the world, understand more of the choices that existed. But Christy was the down-home girl, who liked things very traditional.

So maybe it wasn’t crazy for Christy at all… Maybe the craziness was that she never thought about marriage at all.

“Plenty of time for that later,” she muttered to herself.

“What???” came a cry from Jana who stuck her head out of the bathroom with her curling iron in her hair.

“I said you look like a peach alligator!” yelled Amy laughing to herself.

With that Jana picked up the complimentary bar of soap in the bathroom and flung it at Amy, who dived out of the way.

Amy laughed and thought about the path that led them here.


Jana and Amy had been friends with Christy in college. They had met during their freshman year, and had basically been inseparable while they were there. They even rented an apartment during their last two years in school. And if Amy’s bad cooking, Christy’s snoring, and Jana’s inability to clean the bathroom hadn’t broken their friendship up, then nothing would.

It was the first time that Amy had been back to the area, since she left. She quickly got a job in Atlanta, and really loved it down there. Jana had stuck around for a while, but she found herself moving closer to home in New Jersey. Christy stayed in the area, and started getting settled in with her boyfriend, Jacob. He moved into the apartment that the three girls had rented, and next thing you knew they were engaged.

It was rather surprising. Christy was very choosy when it came to men, and was not one who let her guard down often. In college, she dated guys often, but rarely was in a relationship. And she rarely met one who truly met her approval on all counts.

She also was very private. Amy and Jana would stay up late at night talking about their sexual mishaps and encounters. Christy was much more reserved, and only once admitted that she had sex with a guy she had met at a bar.

Her parents had raised her to be a typical southern belle, but they did not have the money to go along with it. She tried to be very prim and proper, but was a really good soul. Jana and Amy had really gotten her to let loose and have fun, but it was Christy who had kept the girls from getting into too much trouble.

It was surprising that she would be the one who would get married first. But Jacob had completely swept her off her feet, or so she said. When Amy and Jana moved away, Christy got very lonely. Amy and Jana both invited her to move near them, but Christy preferred to stay near college, as it was still close to her parents.

Jacob seemed nice. The type of guy that any girl’s parents would be thrilled to be interested in their daughter. His family was well-off, but not rich. He was an accountantwho already owned a house with an acre of land. And he was heavily involved in a local church.

Amy saw him as a step backwards for Christy, who had really come out of her shell in college. In their phone conversations, Jana said that she felt that Christy would be pregnant in a year, and that they would never hang-out with Christy again.


Jana was the more likely to be married. She was the serial monogamist in college. Basically getting a new boyfriend every semester, but the problem was when she went back to Jersey, she would always hook-up with her high school sweetheart, Steve. Each time she promised herself and her friends that she and Steve were soul-mates, and this time it was “Forever”. And after a month, one of them would have sex with someone else, confess it to their partner, and the break-up would begin again.

Amy wasn’t really surprised. She didn’t like Steve at all. He was a typical rich jock, who literally thought that every girl should swoon over his muscular body, his great car, or his reputation. Plus, he was extremely jealous, and started a fight any time that another guy looked at Jana.

Admittedly, Jana was a huge flirt. She always wore low-cut tops and short skirts that showed off her ample cleavage and curvy legs. And Jana would toss her blonde hair, and giggle at all the right points. Jana would flirt her way into getting free drinks, free food, free access to clubs, and all the attention she wanted. And with a jealous boyfriend, like Steve, this wasn’t a good combination.

Jana lived with Christy and their friend Hannah for a year after Amy moved to Atlanta. But eventually Jana’s parents pressured her to move closer to home. Amy always felt that Jana wanted to move back, so that she and Steve could get back together. That was two and a half years ago.

Steve and Jana came to Hannah’s wedding the previous year, looking very much like the couple who was next in line. Most of their friends said that they would be picking out china patterns in the near future.

Amy called Jana after they had both gotten the call from Christy asking them to be her bridesmaids.

“I’m so happy for her,” said Amy, “I can’t believe that she’s getting married.”

“It’s going to be great,” said Jana, “The reception is going to be in this really fancy hotel out by where her parents live. Do you want to get a room together, or do you want to fly solo.”

“Huh? I thought you would be going with Steve.”

“No. Steve and I broke up, last month.”

“Oh?” said Amy. She paused again, not hearing the usual distress in her friend’s voice, and she couldn’t help but make a comment. “Again huh?”

Jana laughed a little, but it was forced. “No, I’m afraid it’s permanent this time.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Cause he knocked a girl up this time.”

“What?” came Amy’s shocked voice over the telephone.

“Yeah. She’s only 18 as well. Was at a party, and she started flirting with him, and he was too drunk to stop her (so he says). And one thing let to another, and next thing you know, she’s pregnant.”

“Oh my god! Jana! When did he tell you this?”

“Just a few weeks ago. I didn’t call cause it’s the same-old-thing. Me expecting Steve to change, and he never does. Well, I learned my lesson and so did he. Cause she wants to keep the baby.”

Amy didn’t know how to react to Jana this time. Her new attitude towards Steve was completely different from previous encounters.

“How is he handling that?”

“He’s not. After confessing this to me, he was crying, begging for my advice. He had no idea what to do. He hoped the girl would have an abortion, but she wants nothing of the kind. Her parents are even more Catholic than mine are. I told him that he’s asked a lot from me in the past, but asking me how to deal with his pregnant fuck-toy is going too far.”

“Good for you.”

“I told my parents. Who as you know, never believed my side of the story. And after they learned it was true, basically told me I was never to even talk to him again.”

“Well, I’m sorry, none-the-less.”

“So am I, but it’s probably good for me. I always went back to him. I mean it sucks now. But in a year, I’m going to be great.”

The conversation trailed off after that. Jana and Amy agreed to split the hotel room, but hadn’t talked much since.


“Okay, now zip me up please,” said Amy to Jana as she turned around.

Amy felt Jana’s hands move the zipper up, as she called from behind…

“Will you finally admit that these dresses are ugly? A crime against humanity. A curse on both our houses!!!!”

Amy laughed, “It’s not that bad, Jana. It’s not as if anyone is going to be looking at us. Plus, it must be your extra tan and fat butt that makes it bad for you.”

Jana’s hands teased at her dress.

“You really shouldn’t make fun of the person who is in charge of your being able to wear this outfit out there in the church,” said Jana somewhat hotly. Amy knew she had gone a little far. Jana could laugh things off mostly, except her butt. She was very self-conscious that she wouldn’t develop the New Jersey Housewife Ass.

Amy thought it was silly that Jana worried about it. She wished she had more butt, and thought Jana’s butt had a rather attractive curve to it.

“I’m sorry. You know I was kidding.”

Jana paused a moment, before snapping the back of Amy’s bra before zipping it up and fastening the buttons.

“OUCH! What are you in 7th grade?” said Amy.

“Serves you right,” said Jana.

Amy grabbed the bottle of perfume out of her bag and started to spray herself. Jana grabbed the hairspray out of her bag and applied it one more time.

The two of them joined each other in front of the mirror, a ritual they had developed back in college, but this time it was without their third member.

“So how do we look?” said Jana.

“We look better than most mortal men ever deserve,” replied Amy.

“Damn right! We should remember that always!” said Jana, speaking the part that was normally spoken by Christy.

They held up pinky fingers and intertwined them, and they headed out the door.


The wedding ceremony was really nice. Jana accompanied Jacob’s brother Stephen down the aisle. And Amy was paired up with Jacob’s best friend, Danny. Both were really nice guys, and Jacobs’s best men. Stephen was married, but Danny was not.

Amy had met Danny on a few occasions, and had really enjoyed talking to him. He seemed interested in her, but unsure of her.

Each of them made their way down the aisle, the photographer clicking pictures the whole way. On the girls side there was Leah, Christy’s younger sister, and April who was Stephen’s wife. On the guys side there was Christy’s brother, Dave, and a young boy that Amy didn’t know.

Jacob joined the party at the altar. He looked very good in his tuxedo. They had gone with the three piece black tuxedo with no tails, and peach ascots to match the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. The peach didn’t look any better on the guys, but… they seemed to be fine with it.

And when Christy came into the church… the air left the room. Amy thought she had never seen her friend look more attractive. Christy wore a very understated off the shoulder lacey white dress with a large veil and long train. It was pretty without being too sexy. It was classy without being old fashioned.

She thought the style of the dress fit Christy perfectly. Christy carried lovely peach colored roses, which matches the corsages that all of the girls wore. It was a perfectly lovely ceremony. Amy smiled over at everyone.

When she looked at Jana, though, she noticed that Jana had a very strange expression on her face. Like a dark cloud had come across. She started to get concerned. This was not the time for a Jana meltdown.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. Amy tuned out most of the ceremony. She was never a big fan of pomp and circumstance in a church, and Christy’s fundamentalist Christian church ceremony did turn her off slightly.

But she did well up and start to cry when the reverend said, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Anderson.” It was very emotional, and the whole place started applauding. She took the time to look over at Jana, who applauded as well, but she looked like she was in another state. Just going through the motions.


They walked out to the receiving line, and greeted everyone who came through, even though they recognized only a few people.

However, they were greeted by a familiar face, and not a familiar face that was a pleasant one.

“Hi ladies!” said a man their age with slicked back blonde hair, sparkling teeth, and a smug look on his face.

“Oh my god! Leo???” said Amy.

“Correctamundo,” said Leo. Leo was guy that the girls knew in college, who tried to flirt with all of them, at one point or another… sometimes all in the same night.

He wasn’t actually a bad guy. He had no qualities that you would warn someone about. But there weren’t any good ones either. He always tried to hard. He wasn’t subtle at his leering at other girls. And he was really really really cheap. And always thought of himself as much cooler than he actually was.

“What are you doing here,” said Jana, coming out of her stupor.

“I bumped into Christy a few months ago and she invited me. I thought about bringing a date, but it’s better to go stag to these things. Never know when the bridesmaids will want to ride the Leo Express.”

“Uck,” said Amy, genuinely disgusted by the request.

“You’re pathetic, Leo!” said Jana.

“Doesn’t matter, ladies. But I will expect to see you two lovelies on the dance floor this evening!”

The two of them exchanged glances as Leo wandered out of the church hall.


The reception was rather nice. Christy wanted it informal, so they had a DJ instead of a band. The meal was decent, and Amy ended up talking to Danny the whole night. Just some fun, harmless flirting. She wasn’t going to be one of those bridesmaids who threw off the dress and ended up with some guy.

After dinner, Danny leaned over to her.

“We definitely have to get one good dance in, Amy.”

She nodded, and placed her hand on the side of his face. Then again… plans did change…

But the night was fun, and the drinks were flowing. Amy did feel more amorous, but she wanted to keep her cool. Jana on the other hand was getting completely wasted it seemed. She was downing Champagne as quickly as she could get it. By the time dinner was over, she was slurring some words and had that same look on her face that Amy had seen in the church.

Everyone danced quite a bit. Christy pulled both Amy and Jana onto the dance floor when the song, “Lady Marmalade” was played. It was their theme song back in college.

Amy watched as Jana would get dragged out of her fog and started to enjoy herself, but immediately she would fall back into it.

Jana even was distracted when Christy threw the bouquet. It fell right near Jana, but she didn’t go anywhere near it. Instead Leah grabbed the bouquet. Amy wanted to say something, but got distracted talking to various people who she hadn’t seen since college…

“Come on Amy, you have to say something for the camera!” said Dave, the best man pulling her away from the dance floor. Amy was pulled out to the lobby. The videographer was there, and he was interviewing Christy’s parents.

“Just remember, dear. We love you very very much. We are so happy for you and Jacob. You looked so beautiful up there. Our little girl, all grown up…” her mother went on as her dad rolled her eyes.

Dave brought Amy in front of the camera. She smoothed out her dress, and tried to look more sober than she felt.

“Hi Christy. I wish…. Um, wow… I had something all planned, but after a few Cosmos, those thoughts just go right out of your head. Whoosh, okay….

“Christy, I’ve known you for like 7 years now, and I’ve never seen you so happy. I truly mean that. You know that you are like a sister to me. And I guess that makes Jacob, my brother. So he’d better stop ogling me.”

Amy stopped, cause she was laughing way too hard at this, the alcohol had made her giggle uncontrollably for a minute.

“In all seriousness. You two are wonderful. I can’t believe that you are married, Chris. But I wish nothing but happiness for both of you for the rest of your….

Suddenly there were arms around her shoulders, and Jana was there talking into the camera.

“Hello sweetie,” she said to Amy as she looked into the camera, “And hello married people. I want to thank you both for a delightful wedding. It truly was special. I’ve… I’ve… I’ve never seen two people look happier.”

She was starting to slur her words more and more, and Amy started to get worried about the look on her face.

“I wish you health, wealth, and happiness,” she continued, “Jacob, you probably want to make sure that your honeymoon suite is far away from everyone else, cause Christy is a screamer… And, Christy, I love you sweetie, so much. But if you ever make me wear peach again, I will hunt you down and kill you. Both of us will, won’t we sweetheart”

Amy turned beat red, as she knew that this was probably going to be watched by Christy’s family at some point in time, and she didn’t want that to be the words they were remembered by.

“No, I mean… I wouldn’t have chosen peach, but it’s your day, Christy. Not ours. And you looked lovely up there.”

“Traitor!” Jana mockingly screamed into the camera, “She hates the dress just like I do. I can’t wait to get it off. In fact, maybe I’ll get the dress off the old fashioned way.”

She laughed to herself and sauntered off, back into the banquet area.

“Um, well…” Amy said into the camera, trying to maintain some composure. “I guess at my wedding, it’ll be your turn to say drunk things about me. Anyway, best wishes you two. Everything was great.”

Amy walked away from the camera, and went back in the room to look for Jana.

As she walked into the room, Danny walked in front of me.

“Hey, there you are!” he said politely, “I’ve been looking all over for you. You promised me a dance.”

“Oh, Danny… Definitely…” Amy replied, “I want to dance with you, but… I want to find Jana first. She’s really acting strange, even for her. So I just want to.”

“Come on now, Amy. Jana is a big girl. She can take care of herself. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Danny extended his hand to Amy. She reluctantly took it, and walked out with him onto the dance floor. The song changed from a slow Kenny G jazz song to “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams.

It was a perfect moment. There was Danny and Amy dancing slow on the dance floor. And yet, Amy was distracted the entire time. Danny held Amy close to him, and she responded as best as she could, but the entire time she was thinking to herself, “I hope this song is over soon, so I can go find Jana.”

Several other couples started dancing near Amy and Danny, entering their orbit, but Amy barely noticed. Amy’s thoughts were a million miles away.

The song ended. Amy smiled up at Danny, “That was nice,” she said.

“Yeah,” he replied, “I bet it would be even nicer if you were paying attention to me. But I get it. Get on out of here.”

He was nice enough, but he was obviously disappointed.

Amy replied, “I’ll make it up to you, Danny. I promise.”

She went back to their table to find no one there. Many of the couples were out on the dance floor, and others had left for the evening. Amy noticed that Jana’s bag wasn’t on the chair anymore. She looked under the table to be sure, but it definitely was missing. Amy was sure that it meant that either Jana went to the bathroom, or she left the banquet area.

Amy started to walk out, when she bumped into Christy’s sister, Leah.

“Leah!” she exclaimed, “Have you seen Jana?”

“She’s the blonde girl, right? I think I saw her leave a little while ago with some guy.”

“Guy? What guy?”

“I don’t know. She was hanging on his arm pretty tight, though.”

Amy raced out of the banquet hall area. She had no idea what Jana was up to, or what guy she would have left with. She didn’t see Jana talking to anyone all night. And, it was obvious that Jana was doing things for the wrong reasons.


Amy hurriedly walked down the hall towards the rooms where the bridal party was staying. She listened for any signs of Jana. She thought that she would check their room first, just in case some guy took her to their room, because she was so drunk. Maybe there’s a decent guy who just wanted to let her sleep it off.

As Amy approached the room, she could definitely hear giggling from inside the room. She swallowed the embarrassment that might come in a few minutes, as she knocked on the door twice and opened it.

Amy went inside and flipped on the lights, and there was Jana making out with Leo. Amy stood there stunned. She was no prude… but Amy knew that Jana hated Leo, that she felt he was really just sleazy and cheap.


It just made no sense.

Despite being appalled and worried, Amy tried to make it seem like she had just accidentally wandered into the room.

“Whoops! What are you two doing here?” she said casually and trying to sound a little tipsy.

“What do you think we’re doing, Amy! Don’t you knock?” said Leo.

She looked at Leo about as harshly as she could. “First off, Leo, I did knock. Secondly, this is my room. Both Jana and I paid for this room. So that gives me the right to come in here whenever I want. Why don’t you two go to your room? Or were you planning on sleeping on the floor.”

This came off more harshly than she wanted, but Leo was a jerk, and he was known for being really cheap as well.

“Come on, baby. Let’s go!” he said angrily. There was a long pause as Jana looked between Leo and Amy.

“Go where?” said Jana.

“I don’t know,” said Leo, “We can find some place.”

“Where?” asked Amy, “In the front seat of your Miata?”

He glared at her even more, and replied “You coming?” to Jana with a tone of finality.

She sat there on the bed, staring at him. She looked over at Amy, and saw the look of disappointment on my face. Jana shook her head, and looked down on the awful green carpet.

“Fine!” he exclaimed, and grabbed his coat off of my bed, “Fucking cock tease, bitch!” he snarled as he opened the door and went down the hall.

Amy walked over to the door, opened it and yelled down the hall, “I think that Christy’s flower girl is available, if you want to hit on her, Leo!”

Amy locked the door, and slowly walked back and sat down on the bed, across from Jana.


Jana didn’t look up at her.

“Jana?” Amy asked again, and lifted her chin up. Jana was crying. Her eyes were all puffy and red.

“Jana, what’s wrong? You’re not upset that I kicked Leo out of here, are you?”

She shook her head.

“Talk to me, sweetie,” Amy said soothingly, “I can’t help you if you don’t talk. I know you got lonely downstairs at the wedding, but it’s no reason to have sex with Leo of all people.”

She started to talk while fighting the tears from flowing.

“I… I just thought that it would be me who would be married first. It was supposed to be meeeee.”

Amy paused, and finally understood. The wedding… It was bringing forth the feelings that she had never expressed about Steve. She knew that Jana was keeping it all in. And now it was all coming out.

“Hey… hey… stop that. Steve was a jerk. He cheated on you dozens of times. You don’t still love him after all that, do you?”

“No,” came the tearful response, “But being here, at Christy’s wedding, wearing this awful dress. I mean, Steve and I talked about this. We talked about the colors that we would choose. About what music we would play. About the vows we would say.

“And… and when I finally left him, a part of that dream kindof died, but I didn’t really feel that until tonight.”

This stunned Amy. She knew that Jana thought she would be married to Steve, but she was surprised to hear that they had actually talked about it beyond just basic plans. Amy remembered that the two of them were constantly fighting with each other, in public and in private. And he cheated on her so often, and she even cheated on him to get back at him.

Amy never figured that the two of them ever discussed settling down together, simply because she never saw the two of them as the settling down kind. She decided to change her tact, and help out Jana, by helping to resolve things with Steve.

“Maybe if you tell him how you feel. Then, maybe things can change. I mean, I know he’s going to have a kid soon, but there are crazier relationships than that.”

At this she started laughing.

“Jana, I mean, I know your parents would hate you for it, but if you really love Steve then it would be worth it.”

The laughing turned into furious crying, interspersed.

“It’s kindof tough, as he’s getting married next month.”


“He’s getting married to the little tramp he knocked-up, next month. He had the nerve to send me an invitation to the damn thing. It’s even going to be at the country club where we talked about having our wedding. I called him up, telling him he was the biggest fucking asshole in the world, to take our dream and give it to this two-bit, under-aged, whore!”

Amy immediately jumped across the bed, and took Jana in her arms hugging her. Her crying made Amy’s face wet with tears. The confession had taken a lot out of both girls.

Amy sat down on Jana’s bed, with their heads pressed against each other. She sobbed into the ruffled sleeves of Amy’s dress. As the two held each other, the dresses rustled together making noises. Amy had to stifle her giggles. Jana felt it too, and stopped crying for a minute

“These fucking dresses,” she muttered.

Amy ruffled her skirt against Jana’s which made even more noise. And Jana started to laugh a little.

“They’re not that bad. And we still look good in them,” said Amy.

“Yeah,” said Jana with a muffled response.

“Come on now…. better than most mortal men ever deserve,” said Amy.

“Damn right…” whispered Jana, as she leaned in and kissed Jana’s cheek, and held her tight. The warmth of their bodies and the alcohol and the tears made both girls feel very nice.

“Jana! You’re going to be alright. You can do much better than Steve.”

She sobbed and nodded.

“And you can do a hell of a lot better than Leo!”

She laughed at this.

“Yeah, but I just wanted to feel something other than loss, you know.”

Amy nodded, and stood up.

“Do you want some water?”

Jana nodded, and Amy walked to the bathroom.

“Afterwards, we can go back to the reception.”

“Do we have to?” came Jana’s voice.

Amy walked back between the beds with the glass of water and handed it to Jana.

“No, we don’t have to. But let me at least go back and tell everyone. I don’t want anyone to be worried.”

“No… Please stay…” Jana pleaded.

Amy hesitated, but then nodded. She sat down on the bed next to Jana.

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“Help me get this fucking awful dress off!” Jana said laughingly.

Amy laughed. And started to get on the bed behind her to unzip and unbutton it.

“No… I only want to see this thing in the wedding photos. Go get the scissors in my bag.”

Amy wasn’t sure about this, but Jana actually sounded better than she had in a while, so she went over to Jana’s bag and pulled out the scissors with the orange handle.

“Now cut! Free me from this monstrosity!” cried Jana in a funny way.”

Amy started cutting at the sleeves, trying to make nice cuts. But Jana would have nothing doing of this.

“Cut it all!”

Amy cut along the bodice, and the straps, and the back. Slowly, but surely, Jana’s body started to emerge from the dress.

“Cut open the slip as well.”

Jana had worn a strapless slimming top slip that was very tight spandex against her body. Her breasts looked stuffed inside, and it was rather uncomfortable.

Amy kept cutting very carefully around Jana’s cleavage, eventually Jana pulled at the slip and her breasts spilled out. Her entire torso was red from the slip and dress.

I kept cutting and was able to push the dress down below her hips and off her body, and was able to cut the half slip away, freeing her body. She had the fancy slimming panties, which were underwear and thigh shapers in one.

“Cut those away too,” she sighed as her skin was free to the air. “It’s okay, I’ve got undies on. I didn’t want to sweat too much.”

I kept cutting at the spandex around her waist and thighs. Jana was wearing a green lacey thong underneath her slip. I raised an eyebrow at her.

“It’s not what you think,” she said, “It’s easier to go the bathroom, that’s all.”

Soon, Jana was just sitting in our hotel room, just wearing her emerald green thong and thigh-high white stockings.

Jana grabbed the scissors and said, “Let’s get that hideous thing off of you too.”

Amy laughed, and replied, “No, I don’t want my clothes cut off of me.”

Jana shrugged, and then said in a low voice, “At least let me help.”

Amy turned away from her, granting her access to my back. She slowly undid the buttons at the top of the dress, and brought the zipper down. Amy felt Jana’s body press against hers from behind, as she pushed the dress off Amy’s shoulders. Her nipples brushed against her back by accident. Amy shivered.

Amy wore a black push-up bra. Jana rubbed her friend’s shoulder by the bra strap.

“Terrible things, aren’t they?” asked Jana.

“What are?” said Amy.

“Bras, especially the hard underwire ones. You must be uncomfortable.”

Amy laughed, “I wear sportsbras most days, so wearing this wasn’t too bad, but I know what you mean.”

Jana’s hands rubbed Amy’s back, and unhooked her bra for her. She slowly pushed the bra straps off of Amy’s shoulders. Amy sighed.

“This is…” she started to say.

“I know,” replied Jana, “But we’ve helped each other out of clothes before, usually one of us was passed out though.”

“My mind is saying that this should be weird. But… but it doesn’t feel weird at all,” said Amy.

Jana nodded. Amy stood up and allowed Jana to pull her dress down to her ankles, and Amy slowly stepped out of it, standing in her sheer black panties.

Jana hugged her body, and pulled her slowly back onto the bed.

“I think I should…” started Amy, but Jana put her finger over her mouth.

“No, don’t say that. Please stay with me. I need you,” Jana started to cry a little.

“I… I need you too… I’ve always needed you,” said Amy the words spilling from her lips before she could even grasp their meaning.

They reached forward and embraced. Their breasts bobbed between each other as the girls tried to find a spot that was not too awkward. They hugs were tight and intimate.

Jana kissed Amy’s cheek. Amy pulled away and they looked at each other in happiness. Amy kissed Jana’s mouth, quickly, just a small peck.

Jana giggled, “Heh, soft…. Kindof nice.”

Amy started to say, “Wait, are we… Um…”

Jana didn’t let her finish. Her lips greeted Amy’s with a much fuller kiss. The two kissed each other lips several times, little pecks, lingering kisses, and full smooches. It was Amy’s mouth that opened wide for the passionate kiss. Jana’s mouth quickly responded.

Amy broke the kiss, “Oh my god… It’s so stupid, but… wow, you taste like a girl…”

Jana nodded, “I kissed a girl when I was totally trashed once, but it wasn’t you. You taste like you.”

Amy nodded at Jana, and moved in for another kiss. Both tongues met outside their mouths, both girls startled to find the other’s tongue there. They giggled, and let the tongues play with each other, intermixing with the passionate kisses from both girls.
Not really knowing what else to do, they hugged each other. Feeling their warm skin against each other, they sighed into each other. The emotions were intense, the build-up was severe. But neither knew how to proceed.

Jana reached forward and rubbed Amy’s breast, grabbing it and rubbing it. Amy laughed. Jana looked hurt by Amy’s laughter.

“No, sweetie… no…” said Amy as she leaned forward and kissed Jana, running her hand through her hair before breaking the kiss and continuing, “I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing because you started to rub my breasts like all of the guys do.”

Jana laughed, “I guess that’s true, but my breasts are sensitive sometimes.”

Amy sighed, “So are mine. I didn’t mind. Just made me laugh a moment. Just…”

With that, Amy leaned forward and started kissing Jana’s neck, and running her hand up and down her upper chest and shoulders. She felt Jana sigh.

“Just… there’s so many other interesting places,” said Amy as she kissed up to Jana’s ear before nibbling on it. The skin tasting very unique in her mouth. Amy had always wondered what it would be like licking another woman’s skin.

Jana’s skin reacted with each brush of Amy’s tongue. Their bodies hugged each other….

Amy went back down to Jana’s neck, and started kissing and sucking there as well. Jana started to react to this… Feeling Amy, her best friend’s tongue, taste her flesh. Jana felt the tingles run down her spine… all the way to her toes…

Jana gasped and inhaled before saying, “Here, let me try.”

Amy stopped and allowed Jana to proceed. Jana took Amy’s hand and kissed the back of it, then gave little tiny kisses up and down her arm. Amy’s smile went from ear to ear. Jana kept kissing up her upper arm, teasing it with her tongue as her fingers went up and down her back.

“I love how your back feels, it’s so smooth,” murmured Jana as she kissed up to Amy’s neck and started to lick small spots everywhere.

Amy turned towards Jana and pulled her into her for another embrace. This time Amy’s and Jana’s hands met at their breasts. Each of them started rubbing their own and each others, stroking, rubbing, pulling. Amy’s hands went under Jana’s large globes, felt the weight of them and ran her fingers over the front, flattening out the nipples. Jana’s hands pinched Amy’s nipples, and pulled them out hard.

“I… I love you….” said Jana.

Amy looked at her, the truth washing over them both.

“I love you too.” she replied.

They embraced and kisses each other.

“Is this too much?” asked Amy.

“It feels right to me,” replied Jana.

Amy nodded and started kissing Jana’s neck and started working her way down. Jana leaned her head back and sighed. Amy’s tongue ran along the pudgy breast flesh. The incredibly white skin tasted sensitive to her mouth. Jana was starting to breath heavier.

Amy’s mind was racing. It’s Jana, how can you be doing this to Jana? This is your best friend. You’re not a lesbian. But Amy was caught up in the emotion of the moment, the curiosity of the experience, and the pleasure she was feeling. Boldly, she pulled Jana’s nipple into her mouth and ran it along her tongue.

Jana’s breath exploded in her mouth. “Oh god, Amy… gods…. That’s so good… you make me feel so good and loved,”

Amy knew what to do, and yet did not know what to do. She paid attention to Jana’s nipple, and circled it with her tongue. She pulled on the nipple with her mouth, and made it wetter and wetter and wetter… Covering it with her saliva… Lapping at it over and over… Jana loved the attention, and was wriggling with the great feelings.

Amy moved to the other nipple and started to devour it with the same relish and attention, all the while rolling Jana’s other nipple with her fingers. Jana moved her legs back and forth, vibrating the small pleasure running through her body.

“Oh my god, Amy, you KNOW!” Jana practically yelled. She pulled Amy’s face upto hers and kissed her even more passionately than before. The kiss was part appreciation, part passion, part reciprocation. Jana’s mouth was cool after the mini pleasure she was experiencing.

Jana’s tongue danced with Amy for sometime. Both of them so surprised that they were enjoying the experience of another girl.

Jana gently pushed Amy onto her stomach, and started rubbing her fingernails up and down Amy’s back. Kissing between her shoulder blades on occasion. Her hands started to explore the top of Amy’s panties. Amy’s ass started to raise into the air.

“Do you want me to continue?” asked Jana.

Amy looked back and nodded at her friend. Amy pulled the black panties down, and saw the petite ass of her friend. The cute curves and the paleness. Amy started to blush somewhat.

Jana started to appreciate her best friend’s butt. It was very pale white, paler than the rest of Amy’s body. The goose bumps rose to the surface at the feeling of the cold air. Jana ran her fingers along her friend’s butt, separating the cheeks.

“I remember you saying that you like people playing with your butt, but you didn’t want to let anyone know.” said Jana.

Amy nodded, almost unable to talk.

Jana ran a finger down the top of Amy’s crack, teasing her cheeks and back up. Amy shuddered beneath her.

“And that you liked guys to tease your anus. That you were scared that you liked it too much,” said Jana again. Her finger going deeper between Amy’s cheeks, the stickiness pressing on her finger. The finger spread Amy’s ass even wider, and Jana was getting turned on, wanting to see her friends little hole.

Amy panted and wriggled her butt in response.

Jana spread Amy’s butt cheeks, and saw her anus. “And that you were almost hornier for someone to push a finger in your ass than inside your pussy, right?” she teased as she pressed her finger closer to the hole. Amy gasped with her friend’s teasing. Wanting it, but still worried.

“I remember how scared you were, and how I told you it would be alright, that you weren’t a dirty girl for liking it. But I think you like being a dirty girl, huh?”

Amy nodded her head, not believing how hot this talking was making her. Jana finally spread Amy’s cheeks and saw the little rabbit nose of Amy’s butt. It was so cute. The anticipation finally realized sent tingles through Jana’s body.

Jana’s finger slowly pushed into Amy’s hole. Amy gasped at the finger penetrating her, filling her most intimate of places. She spread her legs wide as if to make it easier for the pleasure to sink in.

“It’s just us baby. Me with my finger deep in your ass. You love it don’t you sweet girl.”

Amy hissed, “Yesssss!”

Jana started rocking her finger in and out of Amy’s anus, filling her, teasing her opening. She ran her other finger up and down Amy’s opening. Sliding her finger across the wetness. Amy moaned audibly.

Jana feeling bold and exploratory, descended her face towards Amy’s crotch. Her tongue extended it landed between Amy’s anus and her vagina, and started licking the sensitive skin between the two spots as her fingers went inside both holes.

“Oh God… Oh God… what… Oh God…. Mooooore!” cried Amy gasping, feeling the tightness of her anus, and the desire of her hot pussy, and the tickle/teasing pleasure of Jana’s tongue all at the same time. She reached up with her own fingers and started rubbing her clitoris. The sensations running through her all at once.

Jana’s fingers went deep inside her, and her tongue started licking from Amy’s slit to her anus in feverish speed, faster and faster, harder and harder. Jana was dripping into her own panties… It felt so good. She imagined it being done to her, and started rubbing her thighs together as she licked.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” cried Amy as she arched her back, pressuring Jana’s finger in her ass. Jana wrigggled both fingers, and Amy arched again, feeling an unexpected second wave of pleasure. She rose to her knees, and Jana went with her, and cupped her from behind, rubbing her nipples. As the pleasure rode through her, a fierce orgasm that made Amy’s body rock

“Ohhhhhhhhh… god!!!!!! GOD GOD GOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Amy screamed. Amy turned toward Jana and kissed her mouth, openly pulling her. Jana tasted the cold from Amy’s mouth as the blood was rushing through her body, and she felt the pleasure wave tingle through Amy’s thighs as they embraced. Jana felt the pleasure course through her own body, minor compared to Amy, but she felt it nonetheless.

Amy panted in pleasure in between kisses. The two of them fell on the bed, embracing and kissing each other.

They fell into a deep contented rest, two friends now lovers in each other’s arms.


Amy woke first. The pressure in her bladder and the dryness of her mouth made her slip out of bed to the bathroom.

She didn’t want to think about it too much. The orgasm had been pleasurable, but were there consequences to her actions. Amy never thought of herself as a lesbian. She took a drink and came back out to the bed.

She watched Jana’s form rise and fall with breaths. She remembered the pleasure of tasting Jana’s breasts and the feeling of the softness of her skin under her.

The room smelled of girl sex, but Amy breathed it in. Smelling different from herself, and realizing that Jana’s scent was mixed in. She followed her nose to Jana’s panties, still on from the sexual encounter earlier. She smelled Jana’s scent, and it was actually intoxicating.

She carefully rolled Jana over and opened her legs slightly. Amy touched the front of Jana’s thong. They were soaked. She ran her fingers along the fabric and her fingers became covered in liquid. The feeling was very familiar, similar to her own wetness.

Amy spread Jana’s legs wider, and Jana remained asleep, whether through exhaustion of the day, the emotion of the day, or the intoxication of the drinks. Her fingers kept rubbing the material, the wetness soaking her finger, her finger spreading the material, and Jana’s pussy lips peeking through the sides of her thong.

Amy was just so curious at this moment. Sure she saw other girls vaginas in general, but she never ‘looked’. She pulled the thong to one side, to see Amy’s labia spread and soaking wet. The smell was pungent. This was Jana.

She had smelled it before. You don’t live with someone without deep within you noticing. But never this strong. Never this noticeable. ShShe rubbed Jana’s lips, which were larger and puffier than her own. The angle was so different, and as she rubbed a second time, Jana’s clit started to swell.

The night had been so crazy, and Amy was still feeling it. She kept rubbing Jana’s slit, lightly and lovingly and the clitty got bigger and bigger. The smell getting more and more pronounced.

Amy hesitated a moment and then brought her fingers to her mouth, and sucked on them, tasting Jana. It was funky tasting, not really enjoyable, but it was Jana, pure Jana… all Jana…

Not even sure of what to do, Amy lowered her head to Jana’s pussy. She lapped at Jana’s clit, tasting the flesh. She brought the clit into her mouth and started stroking it with her tongue. Jana started to move unconsciously to the pleasure, as Amy continued to lap at her clitty. She finally dared lick down across Jana’s lips, her face being covered by her juices.

Amy found the liquid almost addicting, and wanting more to come. She pulled Jana’s lips apart and licked around Jana’s opening. The taste was much danker and thicker here, but Amy kept licking and rubbing her friend’s slit. Finally she dared push her tongue deep inside Jana’s pussy, tasting the tender flesh deep inside.

Jana woke up to the pleasure rocking her body, and the sensation of a tongue dancing along her pussy. It took her a minute to remember who she was with. As she remembered, the pleasure rocked her body.

“Ohhhhhh…” came the sigh of Jana waking up.

Amy started licking faster and faster across Jana’s slit. She went up to Jana’s clit and pressed it down with her tongue and licked it faster and faster, then she teased Jana’s lips and swirled at Jana’s opening. When she swirled at the opening, Jana shuddered and her hips buckled somewhat.

Amy wanted her friend to receive the pleasure she had felt a few hours ago. She kept licking and teasing her opening going faster and faster. Jana’s fingers started rubbing her own breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples, the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. The sensations were familiar, yet different. No one had taken the time to give her pleasure orally like this, this was amazing.

“Oh god, faster… faster… faster…” she cried out.

Amy kept licking her opening faster, in and around and all over. Teasing and hitting all the spots that she knew she liked. The liquid was freely flowing from Jana’s pussy. Her juices tasting deeper and stronger. Faster and faster she licked, tasting her, teasing her, riding her pleasure. Jana’s legs buckled, and her fingers started caressing the back of Amy’s head.

Amy kept her mouth teasing those spots on Jana. Her fingers spreading her new lover wide, and touching her inner most spots with her tongue. Jana started to buckle. Jana’s fingers rubbing her own clitty, as Amy continued to lick.

“Oh god… oh GOD… Oh GOD!”

Jana arched her back and Amy kept licking and rubbing her friend’s sex. Amy pushed her fingers inside Jana’s hot pussy, as she licked harder and faster. Jana was thrown by this, but it felt wonderful. The familiar wave of pleasure was joined by a second wave… Jana felt the rush…. And the pleasure hit again. Her ass fell to the bed, and then rose again hard.

At that moment, Amy stumbled back on the bed, her fingers remaining inside. She felt Jana’s pussy walls clench on her fingers, she pulled them out…. At that moment, liquid suddenly gushing from Jana’s pussy, spraying across Amy’s chest. A second burst emerged soaking the bed with wetness.

Jana’s breathing exhaled in a scream of pleasure, as she continued to gasp furiously for air. Amy sat back amazed at her friend, feeling the pleasure. As the orgasm started to subside somewhat, she embraced her friend, and the stickiness joining them together.

“Oh God, Amy… wha… what was that… I’ve never…”

“I think you squired babe,” said Amy quietly.

She pulled Amy in for a kiss, tasting her own juiced on Amy’s tongue and face.

“How’s that for a wedding hook-up?” asked Amy.

“Better than Leo, that’s for sure,” said Jana.

“Definitely not…” said Amy as she looked at Jana, “Cause I think this one changed things, permanently.”

Jana shuddered and looked at her friend, with her eyes tearing up a little.

“I don’t think we can go back to how things were?” said Amy.

“No…” whispered Jana.

“Cause I think… I think I love you… and I think I want to make love to you, every day for the rest of our lives.”

Jana was crying openly at this point.

“Me too. I love you so much, Amy. I never knew until this moment that you’ve been my soul mate all along.”

The two cried and cuddled in the bed, knowing that the day and the future were quite different today than yesterday.

3 Responses to “Four Wedding Stories – Part 2: The Bridesmaids”

  1. sarah said

    sorry that it took me so long to read :/
    ive never read a story like this- anything like this- before.
    youre a really good writer, and i really liked the ending.
    i’m jealous of jana and amy. times 89789023.
    lol. this story made me so fucking horny.

    sleep well!

    • Luna said

      Thanks for your high praise. I am someone who takes her time in writing my stories, as pretty much anyone can throw two people into sexual situations. (Tho that’s not bad or anything).

      But it does make things more worth it when you get responses like yours. You are very welcome.

      Tho, I’m curious about your reaction… horny… really? Wow, what an unexpected result 🙂

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