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Cherry Bomb

Posted by Luna on December 22, 2008

This is a real-life encounter, changed to make a better story… I will leave it up to you to determine which part actually happened and which part did not.

Slight warning, this story probably teases more than it delivers.

Be forewarned.

Cheers! Luna

Cherry Bomb
by Luna Zax
story codes: ff

How do things start? Do things happen for a reason? Does the reason precede the action? Which came first the desire or the reality?

I’ve asked myself that for many years since the incident. I don’t question who I am. But sometimes trying to decipher how I got there is somewhat interesting.

Let’s not start at the beginning… the little pieces of the puzzle that led to the incident… or the accepting of the incident…. they are interesting… in a huddled around the fireplace (or computer monitor)… erotic confession sort of way… It’s interesting, but it’s also modern interpretation… Like statistics that are reinterpreted to prove the hypothesis.

But the incident makes for a better story…

We were invited to a party. Pretty much everyone who was working at the restaurant that night was invited to the party. It was one of THOSE type of parties. An elegant little get social get-together which centered around a keg of beer. I was torn about going to the party. Not for any real reason, except for I was getting tired of the party just to get drunk scene. There was little choice. I was 19 years old, and couldn’t get into a bar… But Amy and Tricia both wanted to go, and convinced me that we would have a good time.

I drove to my house to shower and get the smell of fried food and cole slaw out of my hair. Deciding what to wear was a chore, as it was too hot for jeans, but I didn’t want to get my nice clothes ruined either. I decided on a black top and a denim mini skirt, with sandals. Tricia picked me up, as I had been the designated driver the last time. Tricia and Amy were both dressed in low-cut tank tops, obviously trying to get more attention.

We arrived at the party around 11:30. Mike and John were brothers who rented the place for the summer. It was a dump, but that’s what they were looking for. They would shoot fireworks off the back porch, put cigarette butts out on the carpet, and generally the house reeked of beer. We walked into the kitchen, and were greeted by John who was hanging out with his girlfriend Kelly. John greeted us warmly, but didn’t make much of it. He had hooked up with both Amy and Tricia, and even fooled around with me when we were drunk one night. Amy was really pissed, as she liked John a lot. Tricia and I would just roll our eyes at her when she would go on about him.

John was really nice, and good looking to boot. But not as good looking as he played himself as being. He was about 6 feet tall with brown hair, broad shoulders, and a square face. But he was fun and a good guy, other than wanting to hook up with every pretty girl he met.

I found several other people from the restaurant hanging around the keg, we chatted for quite some time. Normally, I’m not one to hang about there, but I got brought into a conversation about current politics, which was such a refreshing change… that it brought me in.

She wore a red tank top and black shorts. Her hair was blonde, short, and cropped. She pulled off the “able to roll out of bed and look this good” look very well. The red shirt caught my attention. The look she gave me when she approached the keg captured it for a moment. I didn’t stare, but I did look. She was pretty but not a head-turner. She did catch me looking as she approached, and smiled at me.

I quickly looked for something to say, “Sorry, I just… I like your necklace.” Noticing briefly a dragon-claw holding a clear crystal that was wrapped around her neck in a leather band.

She winked at me and replied, “Thanks… Would you mind pumping for me?”

I looked to the other guys at the keg, who were somewhat busy talking to people, tho many were looking at the newcomer. So I started to push down on the keg button, and she held the tap over her cup. I stopped after three pushes, when she replied to me again.

“Raise your cup.”

I raised it and she filled it with the cheap beer. She looked at me as it filled, and for a moment it was just the two of us at the party. I had never experienced that with another girl before. She stopped filling the cup, and she said, “See ya later.” and headed into the living room.

I watched her go with my peripheral vision. She started talking to a bunch of other people I didn’t recognize. These parties always had someone I didn’t know, but it was rare that it was a group of them.

At that moment, Mike came over to tap the keg for a pitcher of beer. Mike was a little more subdued than his brother. His girlfriend worked at the restaurant with the rest of us, and was fairly cool about it (meaning he could talk to my eyes, rather than my boobs).

“Hey Mike,” I called to him as he approached the keg, “Who are those guys. I haven’t seen them here before.”

He looked at who I was pointing at, and smiled at me, “I think that’s some of Joe’s friends. From college. They’re in for the weekend, and he invited them over. I don’t think he knows them all, just friends that are staying for the weekend. You know how it is.”

I did know. Most houses were just flop houses where people just found a corner to crash after drinkiing all weekend. She didn’t seem the type.

I walked outside to where the smokers were hanging out. I pulled a pack of cigarettes from my bag. I stood out there for a bit, drinking my beer. Every so often, one of the guys would come around with jello shots or cherry bombs or whathaveyou. Basically, trying to get all of the girls drunk so they’d do silly things like take their tops off. Not that I was a prude, but I didn’t want the stories of me doing something dumb to make the rounds, or have guys think I’m easy cause I act crazy one night.

I was definatley getting buzzed, and it was getting harder to process the information. Despite that, I was reasonably sure that the blonde girl had flirted with me at the keg. Now, I’ve had friends of mine tease and flirt with me, as if we were lovers, but it was always with sarcasm or at least drunken let’s be silly antics. This seemed like a genuine flirtation from a stranger, and that stranger was a girl.

I started to get very nervous. I still got nervous around some guys, but usually guys are so obvious as to what they wanted. And pretty much for the last few years, I felt like I was in control, or more in control than I had been when I was in my mid-teens, when I would turn red at the thought of a boy liking me.

But this seemed like such foreign territory… I wasn’t sure what I should do, or if I should do anything.


I had realized some sense of curiosity when I was 15 years old. It’s funny, because I’ve read so many erotic stories that started this way. A sleepover with a truth or dare game. It was me, my best friend Beth, her friend Tina, Becky, and Becky’s younger cousin Jodie (who was about to turn 14).

I hated letting someone give me a dare, so I kept asking Truth. Eventually Tina forced me into accepting a dare.

“Fine… fine… Dare!”

“Okay…” Tina thought about it for a while. I had made her run outside in her underwear, so I knew that I was in for major embarassment, “I dare you to make out with one of us.”

Beth groaned at her, “What the hell is wrong with you? That’s gross!”

Becky seemed a bit wrinkling her nose at it. And Jodie wasn’t sure what to make of it at all.

I sighed, “Okay, but I can’t pick. One of you draw lots or something.”

Tina thought a minute, and said “Fine, but then you have to be blindfolded.”

So they tied a t-shirt around my eyes, and I could hear them whispering in the corner.

I heard Tina’s voice call out, “Okay, are you ready?”

I said, “Yeah”.

I felt someone lean in. Felt the smooth face next to mine, heard the laugh. I pursed my lips and felt the other lips hit mine. Wet but much softer than a guys.. I opened my lips and my partner’s mouth opened with mine. There was one lip lockiing mouth open moment before our teeth hit. OUCH. We both fell backwards, and I was rubbing my mouth.

The other three girls were laughing. My face was very red.

“Okay, did I satisfy the dare?” I asked.

“Only if you can tell us who it was?” asked Tina.

“Well, it wasn’t you, Tina,” I called out. “You’re too far away.” I thought about the girl’s mouth. It was much smaller than mine. So I guessed that it was someone smaller and with the teeth bumping that she was less experienced than me.

“I’m gonna guess it was Jodie,” I replied. The laughter increased. I pulled the t-shirt off, and looked down at Jodie who was still sitting where she fell. I smiled at her, laughing in the joke. She got even more red in the face.

We took a lot of ribbing that night. I only spoke to her once later that night. Tina went outside to have a smoke (which I thought was a dirty habit that I would never pick up… HA!)… Becky had fallen asleep and Beth was in the bathroom.

“You okay?” I asked her, “They were just trying to embarass me.”

She nodded and then said, “Did I do okay?”

I looked at her. She was a plain but still pretty girl.

“You’ve never kissed anyone?” I asked.

She shook her head, “Not… not like making out or anything. Just you know, quick kisses.”

I nodded, “You were fine. We’re all awkward the first time. Even if the first time is a dare with a girl.”

She smiled and still seemed more nervous. I felt bad for her, and in that moment of wanting her to not go away feeling self-conscious about her kissing abilities, I leaned in, slowly, so she knew what was happening. I planted my lips on hers, and we paused a moment… then out mouths opened and the liquid from our mouths greeted each other.

We both closed our mouths. And I smiled at her, and she smiled back. No one needed to tell her that it was a good kiss. I could see the relief on her face. She wasn’t sure about the girl part, and neither was I. But she knew why I had done it.

That was the last of the encounter. She didn’t come to a sleepover again, just due to scheduling. Next time I saw her, she had a boyfriend. We smiled and greeted cordially. Neither of us mentioned it again.

After the event I was in my room thinking about it. Just in those momements of being wide awake and the thoughts go through your head, I remembered the kiss from Jodie. I was surprised as to the warmth that I felt thinking about it. Not tingle between my legs warmth (tho fantasies like that eventually did flow from the encounter), but just wamth of spirit. The nice tingle down your spine of good sensations and a good deed done.

It made me curious about girls. Wondering what it would be like. But I had never explored it. High school was so subjective and opinionated about sexuality. There were hetero girls, butchy dykes, and girls that would do anything for attention. I only fit into the hetero girls category.


Out on the back deck I remembered the kiss. Remembered the feelings, both the innocent and the naughty ones. I took another drag of my cigarette and went back inside.

Much to my disappointment, I was unable to find the girl in the red top or any of her friends when I went back in. I floated from area to area, but I didn’t really notice her. I was starting to feel really good from the alcohol. But eventually my bladder told me that I had to hit the bathroom.

So, I headed to the back of the house where the one bathroom was located. There was only one guy in front of me. He smiled at me, but I ignored his glance and he was too drunk to push the issue. Finally the door opened up, and who should pop-out of the bathroom, but the girl in the red shirt.

She smiled at me as she comes out, as the guy quickly enters the bathroom, and replies with a quick, “Hey.”

“Hi,” I reply, “I thought maybe you left?”

“Oh?” came the mock-startled reply, “You were looking for me then?”

I started to stammer, “Um.. .no, just I didn’t…”

“You’re cute,” she said.

“Um… who do you know at the party. Did you come here with your friends?”

“A real stupid story. A girl who I’m friends with, likes a guy who goes to college with one of the guys who lives here. She likes him and he really wanted to go to the party, but didn’t want to be here alone, as he might just drink the whole time. So here I am, at a lame party. But things seem to be turning for the better,” she added with a wink.

My cheeks got red and I started to try to talk, but nothing much came out.

She leaned in and whispered, “Yes, I am flirting with you.”

“Um, okay,” was all I could say at first, “Why… why would you say that to me…”

“Well if you weren’t interested, you would have protested before now. If you were definitely interested you wouldn’t be this shy. If you were curious, you would have blushed and run away. You turn red and stay, like you want to talk, but have no idea what to say. So I was guessing that you really are unsure as to what to do next.”

I stood there with my mouth open. Just then the door to the bathroom opened, and the guy walked out and right between me and the girl.

“You’d better go pee,” she said. And turned to walk down the hall.

The person behind me started to ask if I was going to go, and my bladder reminded me that I really needed to, so I entered the bathroom.

My head was swimming. I was completely clueless, and I had no idea what to do. I sat on the toilet, almost losing my sense of time. But eventually I had peed and didn’t want to piss off anyone further.

I came out of the bathroom, but she was gone. No one in sight. So I walked down the hall towards the kitchen, hoping that she’d be there or that she’d be gone. I just didn’t want to screw this up.

A hand came out of one of the bedrooms, and pulled me into it. It was the girl.

“Hi,” she said.

“Um, Hi,” I replied.

She closed the door behind us. The room was dark, but we could see each other just enough from the lights outside the window.

“What… what are you…” I started to say, when she pulled me in and kissed me on the lips. It took a second for me to accept it. It was shocking and I was slightly unable to react quickly, but I soon fell into the kiss.

She was a little more aggressive than Jodie had been, but the feel on her lips was very similar. The softness, the sameness. She pushed me back on the bed, so I was sitting down. She sat down across form me.

“Did you like that,” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied.

“Good,” she continued and moved towards me. I was better prepared for her mouth this time, as it locked on mine, my mouth opened up and our tongues danced. My eyes grew wide when I realized she had a tongue stud in her mouth. I didn’t like it, but I relaxed and got used to it.

The taste of her saliva was totally different from a guys. She smelled different too. I loved it all, and tried to take it all in.

She quickly moved to my neck, and she found all of my sensitive spots immediately. It took most guys a few times to find where I liked to be touched, she found it immediately. She licked my neck and over to my throat and back up. I was putty in her hands.

She placed her hands on my breasts, and started to lightly rub them with her fingers, instantly teasing my nipples. I loved having my breasts fondled, and had worried that it seemed too hetero for girls to touch each other’s breasts. She aggressively pinched them, and I let out a huge exhale of air of pleasure.

She started to lift my shirt and she took my sports bra with it. My breasts fell out of the cloth and she started kissing the underneath part of my breasts, licking it and teasing the tender flesh. I didn’t love it, but it was something that a guy would never do, and I loved the tickling teasing sensation that it brought.

The girl started kissing my stomach, peppering it with little butterfly kisses. Teasing my belly button, and just licking me all over. My body craved the attention and I started to move and react.

“God girl,” came my partner, “You really are enjoying this.”

She licked her way back up to my breasts and started licking on the nipples, occasionally biting down on them, quite hard. I moaned in her hair, and cried out in pain when she bit. My body reacting to every lick and every touch.

I wanted to be a participant. I had been so curious as to what it was like, for so long. I had been so passive with most of the guys I had been with, and I had always resolved that I wouldn’t be that way with another girl, but my head just kept saying the same thing over and over, “Oh my God, I’m making out with a girl! I can’t believe I’m finally making out with a girl!!!!”

She started running her hands up and down my bare legs. I leaned back on the stranger’s bed, and she lifted my skirt higher. I was wearing the plainest of the plan jane panties, ones I had just thrown on. They were cream colored, not even virgin white, which can be cute. She didn’t care.

I was so open with her. I normally hesitate when letting a guy anywhere near my upper thighs, but it was so different with her.

She started rubbing the tips of her fingers up and down my inner thighs. It felt so wonderful. Quickly her fingers were rubbing my panties, right on my slit. The wetness started to pour through.

“I hate to rush sweet girl, but I’m not sure the location will allow me to take my time.”

I felt my panties pulled to the side, exposing my pussy to the air. I had never let anyone be this quick with me I felt her tongue on my slit. She rubbed my lips and opened them, letting my clitty rise to the surface.

Her tongue started to flick at my clitoris. Dancing along the top, and flattening it out with her tongue. She knew the sensations that she wanted to fill in me. Her fingers stroked the opening to my pussy up and down, fast and then slow, all the while her tongue licking fast.

My hips started to shake, and my butt wanted to wriggle under her. She held my hips and kept stroking me tenderly but fervently.

I felt the orgasm build, and had no control over it. She kept licking me, knowing the orgasm was coming. Most guys had always pulled away, but she wanted to ride me when she was licking me.

I clenched. My whole inner body, spasmed and shook, as the wave crashed through me. I tried to keep my mouth closed, so we wouldn’t be heard, but I wanted my orgasm to explode through me.

My hips were buckling, as I pulled her up towards me to kiss her. I tasted me on her tongue, and I reveled in it. I never really liked my taste on my fingers or on a guy’s body, but on her tongue I loved it. I kissed her so deeply, I lost myself in her. The pleasure subsided… the warmth took over… my passion and gratitude increased and I wanted to devour her. I started kissing and bringing her entire tongue into my mouth. She responded with greater passion. I pulled her down on the bed, and reversed our positions so I was on top of her.

I started to feel somewhat bold. I started to kiss down her neck. I reached forward and started to massage her breast through my fingers. I felt her breast through her shirt, felt the nipple respond to my touches. I lifted her shirt and kissed her belly, tasting the sweetness of her skin. Every guy I had ever been with had told me to stop when I did this, but she loved it.

I opened the snap on her shorts, and started to lick a little at the skin there. I unzipped her shorts just enough to see her cute red thong. I kissed lower, my tongue tasting the flesh, my nostrils smelling her scent. It was the first time I had smelled another woman, and she smelled very similar to how I smelled when I was turned on, but it was also very unique.

I was just deciding what to do next. In between my arousal and my intoxication, I had proceeded with out a care, and now I was a little unsure what I was willing to do.

I heard a noise from the door. “Yeah, hold on… I think we can get to the other bathroom in here…” The door busted open, and a guy stumbled in. It looked to be one of the guys from the restaurant, but I wasn’t sure.

The two of us froze. Not sure what she was thinking, but my thought was “Oh Shit!”.

The guy looked up, and saw the figures on the bed, and said, “Oh shit, I’m sorry buddy. I was just looking for the… never mind… fuck!” And he stumbled out the door.

The two of us looked at each other. The sense of privacy had been broken, and the moment gone.

“Sorry… I’m loving this but…”

She nodded her head, and kissed me on the lips, before responding, “We’d better go.”

We straightened ourselves as best as possible, and quickly left the room, closing the door. I stayed in the hallway, and walked out to the main room, where I saw my ‘lover’ (if I could call her that) now chatting with her friends. She was hugging the one girl, who was crying. I guessed that this was the girl who had come to see her boyfriend.

I was standing there, trying to process the information, when someone brushed against me. It was Mike. My gaze left her, and focused on him. He had a large jar of maraschino cherries.

“Hey girl. You gonna try one?”

I looked at the jar, where the word “Cherry Bomb” had been written on the jar on a homemade label.

“Do I even want to know?” I asked.

“Cherries that have been marinating in Grain Alcohol since Memorial Day.”

I grimaced, but reached my hand into the jar. I pulled my hand out of the jar dripping of cherry juice and a maraschino cherry. The alcohol on my finger already evaporating, and the stickiness of the cherry juice remained.

I popped the cherry in my mouth. The alcohol was on fire in my mouth. I chewed the cherry and swallowed it. Not believing the punch of the cherry.

“Good lord.”

Mike laughed, “Well, most of the girls spit it out. Nice job.”

I coughed a bit, and searched the crowd trying to find the girl.

I saw her friends walking out the door. I got panicked, and looked for her. She was lagging behind, rubbing her friend’s back, but she was looking at me, trying to get my attention.

My eyes went wide. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to go for a walk on the beach with her. I wanted to know here name. I had nothing, and she was leaving.

She looked at me with a similar look, but she shrugged her shoulders, as if she wasn’t in control of the happenings.

I smiled at her, and tried not to cry. But my eyes did water a little.

She looked at me and mouthed the words, “Love” before heading out the door with her friends.

I walked out to the deck, where I saw Tricia standing there, smoking a cigarette.

“Hey Trish,” I muttered.

“Hey,” she replied and looked at my face, “Are you okay?”

I stopped, wondering what my face was betraying.

“Yeah, I’m alright. Why?”

“Oh nothing… Your eyes look like they are watering, that’s all. You weren’t crying or anything, were you?”

“No… I just had one of Mike’s Cherry Bombs. Made my eyes water,” I lied.

“Oh! Those things are awful, I spit it out. ”

I thought to myself, “Cherry Bomb, indeed”

Epilogue: The story above is mostly true. Some details have been combined with other experiences (mostly to make it more sexual), and some details have been romanticized and enhanced to make a better story. Sometimes I think that the encounter was a dream that I concocted from desire and alcohol, or that she was some angel or faerie that came to me at the right moment. It was so random and so crazy, that it doesn’t seem real, and yet other days it is VERY real.

But ‘She’ does exist. I met one of the people she came to the party with, weeks later (a guy). He told me that she had gone back to college up in New England (one of those small liberal arts schools). I ended up making out with him that night. I think to get that connection to her. But he didn’t know her very well.

I thought about trying to go down the connection train to contact her, but it sounded a bit obsessive. And I didn’t want to make a bigger deal of what maybe was just a “random horny hookup” for her.

Anyway, I hope you liked. As always, let me know what you think. Or even better, let my story inspire one of your own.

Love, Lust, and Lollipops,

Luna Zax

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  1. michelle darling said

    The guy walked into the room, neither of them dare breathe, He says Oh sorry buddy….that was real and rather magical…michelle xxx

  2. ouggi said

    nice! 🙂

  3. meghan said

    roowww hot!

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