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Posted by Luna on September 5, 2008

I have been in contact with a very dear girl, named Keiko… who has written some very sexy stories for the lesbian lolita site (leslita).  Anyway, she wrote a very sexy story one day…  it was very hot, made my blood (and other liquids in my body) boil….

I asked her permission to add it to the blog, and she agreed… 

It’s a very intimate story about a mother taking her young daughter home on the train, and seeing a young girl on the train as well.  There’s a definite twist at the end… but I’d hate to spoil it. 

I’ve added a new page to the site called: Stories from Other Authors , you can access the story there (as well as any future stories from other authors) .

If anyone reading this post would like to share a story and have me post it, please feel free to email me.  Keep in mind, I have high standards and won’t just post a run of the mill stroke/rub story.  Give me something good, that you’re worked on a while and are proud of… 

Comment here, or email me at



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