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WOW, I’m impressed

Posted by Luna on August 18, 2008

I checked my blog stats for the last month, and I’ve received close to 12,000 people visiting my little blog.  I do really appreciate it.   I know that it’s a lot of people looking for quick stroke/rub material, but to a degree, that’s what it’s designed for. 

I don’t know if these are individual hits, or what.  But it’s still nice that so many people are reading my stories. 

Whether they like my stories or not, well that’s a different story.  But… to be fair, it’s rare that I send an email to someone telling them that their story made me feel really good and was well written, so far be it from a goddess like myself to be so obviously hypocritical.

The next story (I think) I will complete is the second of the Four Wedding Stories, called The Bridesmaids.  I’m very excited about the story, but it is very intense (emotionally and sexually), so it’s tough to write it for long periods of time. 

But I feel like I should be doing something else on this blog… Like more frequent postings of … something… 

I mean I’m not going to post nude pics, plenty of places do that.  I can’t crank out stories when the muses aren’t visiting me, then the stories turn into crap. 

I’ll try to come up with something, but if anyone has suggestions, please email me or comment below. 

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading the stories.  Please respond if you feel so inclined.

Love, lust and lolipops,

Luna Zax – Goddess of the Moon and all her mysteries

2 Responses to “WOW, I’m impressed”

  1. Gia1978 said

    I am several of those hits…. I cruse by all the time looking for part 2 of wedding stories!

    I can’t wait for you to post it!

    Your fan –


  2. Josie said

    Hi Luna – thanks so much for blogrolling me! ~kisses~

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