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Luna and Her Niece, Part 6 (fg)

Posted by Luna on July 24, 2008

This is the sixth chapter of the Luna and Her Niece Series.

It is the story of a bisexual Aunt and her (very) young niece. She encounters a situation with her young niece where she gets drawn in, simply by the unintentionally erotic nature of some friendly play with her young niece.

Disclaimer: If stories of underage sex make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy. I do not condone any adult having any sort of sexual activity with underage children.

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I hope you enjoy.


Luna and her Niece Part 6
By LunaZax
story codes: fg, inc

Author Note: I tend to lose my muse and then find her again.  Hopefully, this time I’ve found her enough to finish this story.  Cheers!

I ran my tongue along the front of her pussy, and was surprised to notice the fine hairs that were across her V.  Ali squirmed a little, mostly because the sensations tickled her, but she was definitely feeling the sensations. 

My tongue went lower, and teased the front of her opening, running my sensitive tongue along the nooks and crannies of her slit.  Then I went further down, to her opening and pressed my tongue inside. 

I had tasted myself before, and a few other girls, and Alison’s taste was so unique.  Just an earthy, almost unpleasant taste, combined with strawberry bath gel.  Her vagina was made just for pee at this moment, and not for pleasure.  I licked my way back up northward, giving little baby kisses all over her opening.

Ali sighed.

“Aunt Luna…” 

“Yes, love?”

“I feel so funny.  It’s”

“I know sweetie.  It’s very confusing at first.  They seem like natural feelings, but yet it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”

Ali kindof nodded. 

“But I’m going to go nice and slow.  This is supposed to be nice.  It’s just between us girls, and we should be nice with each other.”

“Okay,” said Ali.

Luna kisses Ali’s inner thighs, and breathed across her opening, and her sensitive spots.  She felt Ali’s body shiver. 

Luna then moved her fingers across Ali’s clitoris, and she felt Ali jump.

“You feel that baby?”

Ali nodded, somewhat nervously.

“That bump is called your clit.  That’s one of the most sensitive spots on your body.”

“Okay,” she said still nervous.

Luna placed the flat of her tongue against Ali’s clitoris, letting Ali experience the sensations flowing from her clitty.  Then Luna licked upwards, flattening the nub against Ali’s body.  Then a second time, she did it, very slow and very deliberately.  Followed by a third. 

Luna knew that if she went too soon, that Ali wouldn’t be able to handle the pleasure.  It would rush through her too quickly.  And she wanted Ali to enjoy the experience.

The third time that Luna licked Ali, she started to close her thighs, around Luna’s head and opened them again. 

Luna then licked downwards, and started to tease Ali’s opening with her tongue, inserting it inside her opening, and then circling the opening to her vagina.  The taste on Luna’s tongue started to change, and got a little thinner, and almost sweeter. 

Ali started to move her butt a little when Luna did this.  Luna ran her fingers up and down Ali’s butt as she rode her with her tongue. 

Luna then licked her way back up to Ali’s clit, and started lapping at it with the front of her tongue.  She did this very slowly but very steadily.  Ali started to rise her pelvis with Luna’s lickings, craving the attention, craving the tongue. 

Ali’s thighs started to compress and open more frequently.  Luna started rubbing her opening with her finger, just teasing her lips, and barely going deep inside, trying to match Ali’s rhythm of her hips. 

“Aunt Luna, wha… what’s… oh… I don’t…” Ali cried out.

Luna wanted to hold her as she experienced her first wave of pleasure.  And in a brief moment, she thought she should stop, and let Ali experience it slower.  But her lust and curiosity needed to be fulfilled. 

She slightly increased her rhythm with made Ali’s butt rise into the air.  Luna kept licking at Ali’s clitty, and pushing her finger inside.  Ali was going out of control, her ass rising against Luna, her thighs moving in and out. 

“Aun.. aunt Luu… Luuuna…. Oh my…. Wha what… is… Oh no… stop… What’s….”

Ali’s back arched. Luna felt the shift of Ali’s inner body press forward, clenching.  Ali’s mouth went wide open in shock. 

Ali screamed as the orgasm rushed through her.  Liquid splashed against Luna’s face.  At first, she thought she had made the girl gush, but it was pee.  Pee came flying out of her pussy at first, and then little trickles. 

“Oh… oh…. oh….” came the cries from Ali, and Luna rushed up to hold the little girl in her arms, and nuzzle her against her breasts.

“I know baby.  I know…”

Ali started to cry.  Luna rocked her in her arms.  She had gone a little overboard, flooding the girl with pleasure sensations she was unprepared for. 

Finally, when she could catch her breath “Au… aunt Luna, that was…”

“Yes, it was very intense.  Did you like it?” she whispered.

Ali looked very confused at the question.  As if Aunt Luna asked her something in a foreign language.

“You feel good.  Don’t you?” asked Luna.

Ali nodded.

“Open your legs and then squeeze them together.”

Ali did this, and her face turned from shock to pleasure, almost instantly. 

“There it is baby.  There’s some residual pleasure.”

Ali looked at Luna with some understanding.

“Is that how it feels when a man goes inside you?”

Luna shrugged her shoulders, “Sometimes, but other times, the guy is concentrating on his own pleasure, and forgets about the girl’s pleasure.

Ali looked confused at her Aunt.

“It’s alright.  That’s a lesson for another day,” said Luna.

“Do… do you want me to do that to you?” said Ali with a tremble in her voice.

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  2. Nessie said

    Thankyou so much for this story…my girlfriend and i have just read it together and then had some morning sex, i am still cumming as i write this! Well…my girlfs head is between my legs, sucking and licking frantically xx

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