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Studio (Ff)

Posted by Luna on February 11, 2008

 This is a story that I think I began over four years ago, and just never put the finishing touches on it.  I had the ‘juicy’ party, but never the over all flow.  I sortof learned what I wanted to do for my potential audience, and learned what I needed to do for myself to make writing a satisfying experience. 

This story I wrote many years ago, as a request from an online friend, who I have not talked to in a very long time.  I really like this story.  Once again, this is a slow-to-build story, and is rather on the long side.  If you are looking for a quickie, this is not the story for you. 

There are several chapters to this story, but I don’t want to break them up, as there isn’t much action in any of the beginning ones. 

Hope you enjoy


By LunaZax

storycodes (Ff)

Chapter 1

I had just sat down for a smoke when my doorbell rang. I looked at my watch, and then searched my memory. No, I assured myself, I had no appointments this afternoon, nor was I expecting someone.

I made my way down to the front door, and pulled back the curtain. A pretty young girl was at the door. She looked like she was in high school. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wasn’t looking at the door, and didn’t see me yet. She was totally unfamiliar to me.

I opened the door and greeted the girl.

“Hi there can I help you?”

The girl looked at me and shuffled her feet. I got a better look at her. She was definitely still in high school; noticeable from the bag she carried around her shoulder. She was shorter than I, about 5’5” and petite. She wore jeans, a blue shirt which was open in the front and a white tank top underneath. “Um, hi there Ms. Andrews. My name is Cathy. My friend Andrea Pullman is your neighbor. She said, um, that you do photography.”

I nodded at the girl. Andrea was the daughter of my next-door-neighbor, Cassie. Cassie was a decent friend, but really hadn’t spoken to me in quite sometime, as I led a pretty solitary life. I don’t think I had spoken to Andrea more than twice, other than to say, hello or goodbye.

“Um, yes. Sure. Well, what type of photos do you need?” I asked.

Cathy looked very nervous, but reached into her bag and pulled out a Wal-Mart photo packet and handed it to me.

“My boyfriend took these. But I don’t think that they’re good enough, ya know.”

I opened up the packed and pulled out the photos. Her boyfriend had taken several photos of the girl, Cathy, in different poses. It was obvious that the majority of his photo knowledge came from adult magazines, as he had this young girl trying to look sexy. The shots were mostly designed to show off cleavage. Some photos had red-eye. Some were focused too much on the girl with not enough background. There very were few shots in which you could actually see the girls face.

She stared at me as I looked through the photos.

“They’re no good, right? I told my boyfriend that they were no good.”

I looked up at the girl’s face. “Well, whom are you giving the photos to? I need to know that first off.”

“Oh! Sorry about that. This guy in the mall saw me last week when I was with my boyfriend. He said that I was pretty enough to be a model. I mean a lot of people told me that before, but he said that he was a talent scout. He gave me his business card, and said that if I could put a modeling portfolio together that he could maybe show those pictures to some people and stuff.”

I smiled at the girl, trying not to betray what I was thinking. The girl was pretty, no doubt. But so were many other girls out there. So-called talent scouts usually were looking to find girls who were interested in doing pornography, or they simply used the talent scout line to bed pretty young girls. But, it wasn’t my place to tell this girl what to do. So I gave her the answer she was looking for.

“No, these photos aren’t nearly good enough. You need to have a professional photographer take some studio quality stills of you.” I replied.

The girl got an impudent look on her face and looked up at the sky. “That’s what I told Evan! But he wouldn’t listen to me.” She then turned her face back to me. “Would you be able to take some ‘stills’ of me?”

I sighed before replying, “Cathy, I really am not a studio photographer. I take family photographs to pay the bills, and in my spare time I take some landscapes. I’m really not qualified to help build your portfolio.” I objected. But the girl pleaded with me.

“Please! There’s no one else. My Mom would freak if she found out I was doing this. And I’ve already called up the professional studios in the phone book, but they wanted too much money. I really don’t know where else to go,” she wailed.

She was right. Every other local studio would charge $500.00 for a 1-hour photo shoot. And, unless she got a really good photographer, they would barely take pictures better than the ones taken by her boyfriend.

I sighed inwardly, trying to make a decision to help this girl. She seemed genuine enough, but I wasn’t completely sure.

“Cathy, how old are you?” I inquired.

She smiled at me, a glorious smile, and I could see what this so-called talent scout was talking about. The girl was radiant.

“I’m 18 years old,” she said, “I turned 18 last month. Here’s my driver’s license.”

She pulled out her license out of her wallet, and I looked at it briefly. Still weighing over my decisions.

I hadn’t taken professional model shots since I was in college, when the photography department worked with the fashion design department. It had been a great experience, and I had even modeled myself for a few pictures. It was a lot of fun. Doing the runway walk in a stunning red dress, black heels, and sheer stockings. I had to bring myself back to reality.

“Okay Cathy, why don’t you come on in, and we can discuss this further. I can’t promise anything, but we can certainly talk about it.”

She seemed agreeable to this and entered my house


I led Cathy to the living room, and told her to sit down as I went to get refreshment for the two of us. As I went into the kitchen, I leaned back into the living room. Cathy started to sit down in the chair where I usually sit, but noticed the ashtray on the table next to the chair, and moved to the adjacent seat.

“Can I offer you a beverage of some kind?” I called from the kitchen. “I have water, iced tea, and maybe some diet soda.”

“Water would be great.” She replied.

I poured a glass of water for her and a glass of iced tea for myself and brought them back into the living room, giving the glass of water to Cathy. She thanked me and I sat down in the other chair, near the ashtray. A mistake, since I now desperately wanted a smoke.

After a short pause where we both sipped our beverages, I turned to look at her.

“I’ll charge you fifty dollars an hour, plus cost of the film and development. I like to do two sessions, in addition to us talking this afternoon, which is free. The first session, we will take shots of you in various clothes. Then in the second session, we will go over the shots, and decide the next course of action. I should be able to get the shots for around two hundred dollars. Plus, I’ll go over the shots with you for free, which is something that most freelance photographers won’t do. “

Cathy nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine. I can get two hundred bucks.”

I went on, almost ignoring her comment about the money. “It’s all about establishing a ‘look’. You and I can discuss what look you want to go for. My initial suggestion is that you want to look mature, but nothing that removes your youth. Then we can discuss what clothes you should wear to establish that look. Also, how the expression on your face helps to maintain that look. Finally, we’ll take several rolls of film in the studio I have here. Then once the pictures are developed, we can discuss which shots are consistent with the look you are going for. Does that sound okay?”

Cathy’s face lit up with a big smile. She couldn’t believe I was taking her seriously. “Yes, that sounds great.”

I smiled at the girl. “Okay, we’ll go forward from there. Today, I have about a half-an-hour of free time. If you’d like, I’ll take you down to my studio. I’d like to take some test shots of you with my digital camera, just to get a sense of light, your skin, and your profile. Is that alright with you Cathy?”

She grinned. “Sure!”

I took a sip of iced tea and grabbed my cigarettes from the table and started to walk downstairs towards the basement suggesting that the girl follow. I had converted the basement into a photo studio a while ago. Half of the basement was a dark room and the other half was a small studio. The studio simply had a few benches and backdrops. As I was not really into candid photography, all I needed was a bench and a soft-neutral backdrop.

We walked down the narrow staircase to the basement. The room was pretty cold and sterile, with just a small stool and bench in the middle of the room. The big push for Christmas photos had come and gone. It would be slow until graduation time in the spring.

“Will we take the shots down here?” she asked somewhat skeptically.

“Yes, this room is the only room in the house where I can control the light. It will give you a stronger profile and better quality shots. I don’t have it setup now, so it looks pretty shabby. But it will look better the next time you come.”

I motioned that Cathy should sit on the stool sideways, while I turned on several spotlights. I picked up the Nikon Digital Camera and pointed it at Cathy. She started to pose, but I told her that I was just getting a sense of the light and the focus.

“Okay, Cathy, turn your head towards me.”

She looked over her left shoulder right at the camera, and gave me what she thought was a sexy pout. I snapped the picture.

“You can act natural Cathy. I’m just doing some test shots. We’re not keeping these pictures.”

She smiled at me, but as the camera was still pointed at her, she still felt the need to give a pose of some sort. I laughed inwardly, remembering the pure innocence of a girl of her age. Not sexual innocence, per say. Although I did not think the girl had many sexual partners in her life. But more the innocence of youth that says the world is there for the taking.

I snapped a few more pictures. Cathy kept posing for the camera.

“Okay Cathy. I think we’re done here for today. Let’s schedule our next appointment. I’m guessing that you’re free after school and on the weekends?”


“So, let’s schedule your first shoot for next Tuesday. Bring whatever clothes you want to wear. Bring maybe three outfits. Now you’re not a professional model, so the key thing is for you to look relaxed. You don’t want to wear pants that barely fit you. You don’t want to wear four-inch heels, if you don’t know how to walk in them. Okay?”

“That’s not a problem. All of my clothes fit me.”

I didn’t doubt it. The girl probably never had to lie on the bed to put her jeans on in her life.

“Okay, so bring a casual outfit. Something that makes you look pretty, but doesn’t attract too much attention. Jeans and a smart top. Or maybe some khaki slacks and a sweater. Basic comfortable stuff.”

Cathy nodded at me, so I continued.

“Second, bring an outfit that you would wear on a date or just to go out. You definitely want to choose an outfit that would impress people. However, it should be something that wouldn’t embarrass your grandmother. Maybe a nice skirt and a blouse.”

“Okay.” she replied.

“And finally, bring a nice dress. A nice cocktail dress would be best. Not a prom or a summer dress, but something very classy but a bit sexy as well.”

She got a little flush in the face, but replied again with, “Okay.”

We made the arrangements for her to arrive next Tuesday afternoon, and that she should bring at least half of the money with her. She agreed and left me for the day.

Chapter 2

Cathy came back the following week. She wore blue jeans and a purple tank top that really was quite flattering. She also had a bag in her hands. I smiled at her as she came in the door.

I led her down to the studio in the basement, and her eyes went wide. I had brought out a lot of the accessories that I usually keep in the storage room: an antique bench, an easy chair, an ottoman. I also had brought out a screen that I had painted a very light blue years ago. It really brings out certain colors in people, and Cathy had the perfect complexion and hair for the screen. Also I had several standup lights in spots in the room. They were set up for different lighting shots.

“You like?” I asked.

“Yeah! When I was here last, I figured. Well, I didn’t think.”

I smiled at the girl.

“Well, of course it looked like shit, girl. I didn’t have any idea that I had to be impressing prospective clients that day. I like to clear things out.”

She smiled back at me. She appreciated the curse word. Teens always think you’re treating them like adults by cursing in front of them, when in turn, it’s actually the most juvenile thing you can do.

Cathy dropped her bag over in the corner, and made her way towards the set.

“Whoa girl! Where do you think you’re going?” I asked, somewhat humorously.

Cathy was shocked. “Um, I’m going to pose.”

“Not looking like that you’re not. We have to get makeup on you first!”

“I’m wearing makeup!” she protested.

I smiled at Cathy. “I’m sure you are, but it’s not going to suit our purposes. First off, your makeup isn’t designed for the lighting I’m going to use. Secondly, these talent agencies want you to look a certain way. And if you don’t have the right eye shadow, you’re not going to get selected. It’s a shame, but to stand out, you have to look like everyone else.”

She nodded at this. I brought her into the bathroom, where I had a small makeup case open. I handed her some makeup, some blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.

“You want to wash your face before you put the makeup on. And make sure you wash your hands when you’re done. I don’t have a makeup gown for you to wear, so if you’re going to wear that top, you probably want to take it off before you put this on.” I remarked.

She nodded and without even pausing, she took her tank top off, and stood in my bathroom just wearing her bra.

“Obviously, the girl isn’t shy.” I remarked to myself.

“Let me know when you’re done, Cathy. Then we can talk about the types of shots we want to have.”

She nodded and I left her in the bathroom.

She came back out with the makeup on her face, and she did look a lot better for the camera. She thought she understood about camerawork from television, but everything on television is very different than doing photographs, especially black and white photographs.

I finished unpacking the camera, and moved one of the spotlights.

“Okay, Cathy… Sit on the stool, with your feet firmly planted on the ground.”

She did so, and I grabbed the light meter to test the light on her face. I grabbed the camera.

“Tilt your head towards the ceiling.” I said before snapping three pictures. “Now, look over your right shoulder.”

Cathy was very obliging. She followed my instructions perfectly. She was a natural at this. Just absolutely beautiful. Took about two rolls of color film, and one of black and white before I sent her back to the bathroom to change into the skirt.

She came out, in a medium flared khaki skirt, a perfectly ironed white blouse, and a very trendy denim jacket. She looked very good in it. Very tomboyish, but still very girly.

I had Cathy pull her hair back into a ponytail, and I snapped several pictures, especially some good ones with the black and white film. I could see the pictures in my mind. It is so rare when a photographer has the opportunity to become an artist. Yes, black and white shots of a young high school girl weren’t going to change the world or make a statement about the world today. But capturing the face of someone who is caught between innocence and experience certainly can make a bold statement.

I was flying. It had been years since I had experienced this connection between a subject and myself. I often had to put on the breaks, reminding me that she was just a client.

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” I replied coolly, as I reached for my pack of cigarettes.

She relaxed a bit. I got the feeling that she wanted to ask me for a cigarette but was unsure how I would react. She wanted to be cool, like the ‘big kids’. I wasn’t going to let her have that filthy habit attached to her resume. Let life give her reason to start cigarettes, rather than let me influence her.

“Cathy, if you want, there’s some water in a fridge under the table there, or you can go change into your dress. “

Cathy opened the fridge, and grabbed a water. She looked up at me.

“Ummmm, Mrs. Andrews, I wasn’t able to find a dress that fit the bill. All I have are sundresses or bridesmaid dresses. I’m sorry,” she cried.

I could tell the girl was genuine, so there was no reason to further scold her or say anything. But she definitely needed something to juice up her photos, but still be classy.

“Cathy, what size are you?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“I go between a size 6 and an 8,” she replied.

I paused a moment, going through the options. Before giving in.

“I might have something that you can wear upstairs. I used to be an 8, quite a long time ago,” I said to her. “Come on, let’s go upstairs to my room.”

She shrugged her shoulders and followed me up.


I walked Cathy upstairs and brought her into my bedroom, without thinking. She came into the room, and I heard her draw breath into her mouth, as she looked at the photographs on the walls.

“Shit!” I said to myself.

I had forgotten about the photographs on my bedroom walls. On the main wall of my bedroom, over my bed were three photographs, in decent sized frames, all depicting a muscular nude male. To the left and to the right of my dresser were two shots of my close friend, Laura, also in the nude.

I had moved these pictures to my bedroom many years ago, shortly after my sister gave birth to her son, Matthew. Before Matthew was born, I kept the photos in the living room, as I was extremely proud of them. My thought was always that any wanted guests in my house would appreciate the work, and any unwanted guests might leave quicker as they were left uncomfortable. (I had great fun with a Jehovah’s Witness one afternoon, inviting them into my living room for tea, to hear more about their organization).

However, my sister told me that she would not let Matthew stay in my house with nude photographs in the living room. And as much as I believe that the pictures are not dirty and are more about form than they are about sex, I could understand her apprehension with letting a three-year old get exposed to it. So, I had moved the pictures into the bedroom, where they were safe from any eyes but my own. Few people ever came into my bedroom, and anyone I let in would certainly be comfortable with my work.

Now, here I had this high school girl in my house, unsupervised, and I had just brought her into my bedroom to see nude photography. In an instant, I tried to recall my lawyer’s telephone number.

“Wow!” was Cathy’s response.

I turned towards the girl, somewhat surprised by her reaction. She was flushed as I expected, but you couldn’t really say that she was blushing. I decided to play the mature angle, and talk about the photographs in an artistic manner.

“You like the work?” I inquired.

“Um, well yeah. The bodies of these guys are incredible. The muscles are really amazing.”

“Well, I took these photographs, years ago. It’s much easier to find male models willing to pose nude on college campuses. In the real world, it usually costs more or is viewed as pornographic. This was a good friend of mine in college.” I casually replied.

“Oh, was he your boyfriend?” Cathy asked.

I paused before giving my response. “Well, David and I were lovers much later in our relationship. I couldn’t really call him a boyfriend. When he posed for me, he was simply a friend.”

“Oh, you mean he was a sex buddy!” responded Cathy.

“Not at all!” I practically yelled at her. I tried to calm down before continuing, “I guess I mean that our relationship was very physical. Neither of us thought it would develop into a healthy relationship. But we were lovers in a very real sense.”

“I’m sorry,” replied Cathy, “I just don’t see the difference. If any of my friends have sex, but they’re not going out then they’re just sex buddies. Am I missing something?”

I smiled at the girl, trying to instruct her. “Well, I’m of the opinion that the current world is much cruder than it used to be. But, I think you have to love someone’s body to be a lover. It is more than just sex, and more than just fucking. I won’t go so far as to say it is spiritual, but it is about learning another person’s body, and adapting your rhythms to theirs. Many people simply have sex, because they want an orgasm. Seems pointless to me. I can give myself an orgasm, I can only make love to someone else.”

I blushed suddenly. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be saying any of this to you. I’m not sure your mother would approve.”

Cathy smiled at me. “It’s alright. My mother never talks about sex, other than to say ‘don’t do it’.” Cathy spotted the two pictures of Laura. “Wow, is she pregnant in this shot?”

“Yes. That’s my friend Laura. I wanted to take a picture of her, both before and after her pregnancy. She agreed to the first one, but it took a bit to get her to do the second one.”

“How come?”

“Well, in the first, she felt very alive. Laura had a bit of a mother earth complex. Started to believe in the power of her ability to give birth. However, after she gave birth the reality of sagging stomach and stretch marks made her very self-conscious. And despite the fact that she had a new child in her life, she no longer felt as connected. There are women who enjoy being pregnant.”

Cathy stared at the nude photos. Few people, if any ever see a pregnant woman naked. The first one, the woman was huge, her belly fully extended. Not what people called attractive, yet she had a sexy look on her face. The second was much more subtle. She seemed less happy, less life in her face.

“I guess it’s one of those things you only know if you’ve actually been pregnant.” Cathy replied.

I nodded at the girl. “I think both are very poignant, very compelling. But I can appreciate the human form artistically. Even though I blush like a little girl every time I get undressed at the gym.”

Cathy laughed. “No reason. You certainly have nothing to complain about.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my dear,” I said humorously, as I went over to the closet to find something that the girl could wear.

“Isn’t it kindof weird to have so many pictures of naked people in your bedroom. I know it’s art and all… and it’s supposed to be more than just sex…” Cathy began.

“Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it. The pictures are not meant as sexual images, and they certainly weren’t taken as such. However, to deny the sexuality of the naked form is just as much of a disservice. But it does not seem weird to me, but that’s probably because I took the pictures myself. I had to deal with more than the nudity of the subject, I had to deal with lighting and poses and angles.

“So, I guess what I’m saying is that some days, I am in a room filled with artistic nudes displaying the human form in all of its beauty. Some days I see results of the artistic process, where I remember the process and relive the mistakes. And finally, some days I am in a room with people showing me their ‘naughty bits’.” I say in a slightly British accent.

Cathy laughed as I started reaching into the closet to change the subject. I pulled out a black outfit from the back of the closet, known as the ‘once I lose 20 pounds’ section of the closet. As I pulled it out, I remembered the dress well. It was this strapless, loose fitting dress, that just hung off my shoulders, with deep cleavage, and it just killed.

“Ooooooh,” came the reply from Cathy. “That’s gorgeous!”

I smiled at her, even though my back was turned. I remembered when I walked into the room the one time I wore this dress. Everyone turned to look at me. I’m pretty decent looking, and was even more so back then, and still it was only one of a few times where I made everyone’s head turn, both men and women.

“Thanks. I love this dress, but I just don’t fit into it anymore.”

She ogled it some more. She wanted to try on the dress; I could feel that emanating from her. Yet, she felt funny asking me if she could. And I felt funny letting her wear it.

Possession is a strange thing, isn’t it? Here was a dress that I hadn’t worn in over 10 years, and even then I couldn’t breathe in it. And yet, I was apprehensive to let this girl wear it. I inwardly sighed, feeling time move on in my life.

“Here,” I said as I handed her the dress. “Let’s give this one a try.”

“Are you serious? I don’t think I can wear this,” she squealed.

“Sure you can,” I assured her. “I think this should fit you, but I won’t know til you put it on.”

She stared at the dress for a moment, before grabbing it. She started to unbutton her blouse. She stood there in her white bra. She unzipped her mini-skirt and let it slide to the floor. She stood in just her undies for a few minutes. I watched her, and was amazed at her figure.

It had been a bit since I had seen a young girl, half naked like this. Her body did not have the extra curves of the more mature women I hung around with. Yet the form was strong, the musculature more supple. There was no physical limitation in this girl.

She went to put on the dress, when I spoke up.

“Cathy, you’re going to have to remove your bra to wear this dress.” I replied. “I need to take several pictures from the back.”

She shrugged. “I just thought I was trying it on.” But she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She laid the bra on the bed and she stood there topless. Her breasts didn’t sag one bit. They were firm yet very soft. You could tell that this girl was in her prime. I ached for the days when I used to look like that.

Her nipples were very pointy. As the room was not cold, I could tell that she was somewhat excited, whether by the dress or by something else, I wasn’t sure.

She pulled the dress over her head. She looked stunning. Her hair was much darker than mine, but the colors were still good on her. Her back was beautiful in the dress. This was it.

“Perfect!” I exclaimed.

“You really think so?” Cathy asked me.

“Take a look.” I said showing her over to a full-length mirror. The combination of the clothes and the make-up were amazing to Cathy. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Wow!” she said. “Thank you so much!” She turned around and embraced me.

“Down girl!” I came back, “We haven’t taken the photos yet. Let’s do those first.”

The two of us went back downstairs. She was beaming. I think I had made her really happy. That filled me with a warm sensation that I was unfamiliar with. I didn’t have any cousins or nieces her age, and it made me happy to be able to be able to give something to this girl.

We took several more photos. And I hate to brag, but they were stunning. The light was right, the subject was right the clothes were right. She had just the right combination of sexy, pretty, stunning, unapproachable, innocent, and sophisticated.

After the session, my heart was beating with artistic furor. (Or at least that’s what I assumed it was).

I started to put the lights and the cameras away, as she changed into her regular clothes in my bathroom.

“I really want to thank you Ms. Andrews…” she called out from the bathroom.

“Cathy, please call me Lori. I am not a formal person. And you make it sound that I’m an authority figure. I’d rather be your friend,” I responded coolly.

“ I’m sorry. Thank you, Lori,” she corrected.

“It’s alright Cathy. It’s just photographs.” I replied.

“Well, everyone laughed at me when I told them the story. They said that I wasn’t pretty enough to be a model. That this guy was just using me to have sex with me.” She cried out.

I looked at her very sternly. “Well Cathy, there’s a real possibility that your friends are correct about that. But there’s still no reason not to try. These photos are really good. I think you can show them to any regional modeling company, and they would be pleased. And you are definitely pretty enough to be a model. It doesn’t mean that you will, or that you will be walking down the runways of New York. You could just as easily be modeling the new juniors fashions of the K-Mart catalog. It all depends on what they are looking for.”

She came out of the bathroom, smiling: “You make me feel pretty, Ms. Andrews. Oh, here’s your dress. Thanks for letting me wear it.”

I sighed. A decision had been floating around in my mind. A bit of spring-cleaning, both in my head and my closet. With a bit of resignation I said, “You keep it Cathy. The chances of me losing the weight in the correct places so I would feel comfortable wearing that dress are so slim… I wore that dress once, and haven’t worn it in 10 years. By the time I can fit into it, I’ll be too old to wear it.”

“No, Lori. I couldn’t do that. It’s your dress. You…”

I put a hand over her mouth. “No Cathy. This is yours now. You look so much better in it than I ever will again. I will be happy that I am not just throwing it out or donating it to some charity. The fact that someone I know is putting it to use will hopefully remove any regrets I have. Just use it wisely, Cathy. This is a dress for a special occasion. When you enter the room, people will look at you. Wear it when you want to captivate an audience, and not just impress just a guy you’re dating.”

She nodded, positively excited that I was giving her this designer dress.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a week to see the photos.” She said before walking down the street. I watched her leave, very happy that I was able to make the girl so happy.

Chapter 3

Several hours after Cathy left, I was developing some of the pictures. And even I was surprised at the results. The camera captured the girl’s beauty tremendously. I was really able to draw out certain aspects of her, that most people would not see. They would see the pretty face, and the nice body. The photos, especially the black and whites, were able to pull out the curves, the contours, the definition of this girl.

I tried to not look at the girl too much. She was quite beautiful. As an artist, I love to look at people, at their facial structure, at the contours of their body. I love it, whether it is the supple curves of a woman’s stomach, or the chiseled definition of a man’s back, it matters little.

Now, as a woman, I certainly could appreciate the girl’s form. The girl’s stomach was very flat, with just a sense of fat that pushed out just a slight bit. As she wasn’t an athlete, this was delightful. The girl was certainly healthy, not one of those girls afraid to eat. I looked down at my stomach, having much greater protrusion, despite my being physically fit. “Can’t be helped girl,” I said to myself, “This is what happens when you reach your forties.”

I tried to not look at Cathy in a sexual way, despite being attracted to her body. I was always attracted to bodies. That was my problem. From an early age, I would be attracted to someone because I fell in love with a piece of them. I got together with my first girl, because I couldn’t believe how beautiful her foot was.

Yes, you heard me, her foot.

In college, Janet had the most beautiful feet. She was in my abstract drawing class, and would always kick off her shoes when she started to draw. She wore these clogs that would drop loudly to the floor, when she was sitting on her stool. After weeks of this, I looked down, and saw the prettiest, most delicate feet and toes I had ever seen. The structure, the curves, the smoothness of the skin. They were perfect.

Neither of us had been with a woman before. I just fell in love with her body, and she loved the attention that I gave her. When I think back at our early encounters, I do laugh. We would sit in her apartment, right next to each other on the couch. Each of us would send the other one signals, but neither of us could make the first move.

Obviously, we couldn’t have a serious relationship. I was in love with her feet for Christ’s sake. Eventually I discovered that her feet were more interesting to me than she was.

Then I think I moved onto Tom. The first time I actually made love with someone who was posing for me. Tom had great shoulders. Tom was a football player. I don’t normally go for jocks, but I was developing my sexuality and my confidence. And I figured I’d go for this gorgeous jock who had his eye on me. Once he took his shirt off, I was hooked.

People usually make too much about the genitals, especially guys, who only look at a woman’s tits, pussy and ass. But I know several women who enjoy the naughty bits. For me, a person’s actual sex or genitals never really drew me in. That is, except for David, the man whose picture is still on my wall. Forgive the crudeness, but I have never seen a more beautiful cock in my life.

Let me rephrase. I have never seen, before or since, in person, a cock that I would consider beautiful. David’s member just was perfect, and I couldn’t really tell you why. Although it was impressive, it was not huge. It was not perfect sexually. It looked like it should be on a Greek statue. The cock of Achilles or something…

Anyway, I didn’t want to look too closely at Cathy. I knew what would happen. I could sense it happening already. I knew I was attracted to parts of her body. But I didn’t want to get drawn in by this girl’s beauty. And although it would be legal for me to be with this girl, I wasn’t sure about the morality.

Plus, who knows if the girl is interested anyway. Despite the increase and awareness of lesbian and bisexual tendencies in women today, you never can tell how someone will react to your interest.

Even though I’m not interested, damn it!


I saw me from across the room. I was wearing the low back, strapless, black dress. A figure approached me. I smiled at the figure, feeling a particular feeling deep within myself. I was attracted to me. And she/I knew it.

I stared at myself. She was a much younger version of me. Wearing a dress that I could no longer fit into. I moved closer. She stood still.

I slid the dress off her shoulders, and onto her upper arms, exposing her upper torso. The grooves, the indentation of the neck, the jaw line. Wonderful.

I watched as she/I let the gown fall to the floor. She wore nothing underneath. Suddenly naked, she/I didn’t bother to cover herself. Her breasts revealed no sag; they were perfect. The curve of her hips drew me in. I wanted to run my hand along the curve.

The figure stared at me. I felt intimidated and yet wonderful. The figure kissed me on the lips. The sensation was very different. Two hands touched my arms, and I suddenly realized that I was naked as well. My entire body was revealed for the figure to see… My sags and imperfections exposed. She/I didn’t care. She smiled, knowing that I was embarrassed. The smile reassured me.

Her mouth kissed my breasts, making them erect. They squeezed them together. The feeling was intense. A slender hand was down by my sex, opening it up.

Oh God the fingers moved so differently, stimulating me to no end. They rubbed me. Stroked me. Poked me. In and out they went. The figure went down with their mouth towards my center. Their hot breath rose over my wet sex. Then it started to lick me.

I howled in pleasure as the hot mouth went over my clitoris and teased my opening by licking the outside. Then they stuck their tongue deep inside me and tickled my every sensitive spot.

I looked up at the figure, and I saw my face. But the face changed. It softened. The hair became dark brown. The breasts became smaller. The face was that of Cathy. She looked down at my young body, and ran their fingers across it, teasing me. She guided my hand to the curve of her tummy. I ran lower to her hair. I felt the flesh pushing out from her body.

Both our hands went lower. She reached my lips. My pussy. She entered it. I pushed to find her wetness. She caressed me as I stared to howl and run with her fingers…

My howl woke me up. I sat up panting. My fingers were deep inside my pajamas. The dream had been intense. I had never had a dream like that before. And certainly never anywhere I started rubbing myself, without my knowledge.

As I was right on the edge, I kept rubbing. Teasing my clitoris. Pushing my thumbs deep inside my body. I buckled and rubbed against my hand. I screamed as the orgasm rushed over me like a tidal wave, bursting inside my pajama bottoms.

I was stunned for the rest of the day.

Chapter 4

The doorbell rang. I looked down at my watch. It was already 4:00 in the afternoon. This was the day that Cathy was supposed to come over and look at the photos.

I went down and opened the door. There was Cathy with her duffel bag over her shoulder. She wore a button down white sweater and a short denim skirt. “Hi Ms. And… I mean Lori. How are you?”

“I’m good Cathy,” I responded, “Glad you could come over.”

“Thanks for having me over. I’m really excited to see the photos. You look really nice today, Lori.”

I was wearing a medium-length black skirt, and a white blouse. “Thank you very much Cathy. What’s been going on with you?” I inquired.

“Oh not that much. I had to hide that dress you gave me. Mom would freak, and I just know that Evan would make me wear it all the time. And I don’t know if I should wear it around him.”

I laughed. “Well, don’t get too protective, or else you’ll never wear it. But I’m sure you’ll find a use for it. Come on in the dark room and I’ll show you the prints.”

We went into the dark room, where several of her photos were drying. I showed her the pile of photos that I had already developed.

“Oh wow. I can’t believe it. I never… Wow!” was all Cathy could say. I beamed at her.

“Well, it’s all you girl. That’s your natural beauty coming through. I help with some light and photo processing. But truth be told it has little or nothing to do with me.”

She paused for a moment, looking over several of the pictures. “Do you think they’re good enough?” she asked quietly.

“Well,” I began, “it is hard to say Cathy. I mean, I don’t know what these guys are looking for. They could be looking for the cute ‘girl next door’ look, or they could want a girl whose gonna flash her tits at the next guy who says ‘action’.”

“Do I need more sexy shots, like these?” she pointed to several black and white photographs that I had of women in nude, and semi-nude poses, usually with cloth draped over them.

“Cathy, those photos are artistic stills. They are put on display in a gallery, in American Photographer magazine, and the like. Sexy shots might get you into modeling, but they might also get you doing things you don’t want to do.”

She thought it over. “I don’t know what to do!” she exhaled. “Evan said that it would help to have some really sexy shots in the group. But he just wants to see me naked. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with him photographing me.”

She was really troubled. I wanted to help her out, but I also didn’t want to bring this somewhere that would get us in trouble. The girl was asking me though.

So I said. “Listen Cathy. How about we take some sexier photos, and if you like them, you can send them to this talent scout. And if you don’t like them, then it’ll be our secret. I’ll give you the negatives, or you can keep them with me. How’s that sound?”

She nodded her head.

“Cathy, are you sure?” I asked again.

“Definitely.” She said.

We moved upstairs to the guest bedroom, as I wanted these photos to not seem like they were taken in the studio.

“Should I change into something else?” she asked.

“Not at all.” I replied. “I want you to seem as natural as possible.” I only knew how to take photos that I found seductive, and I liked them as natural as possible.

Cathy nodded and sat on the edge of the bed.

“So what do I do?”

“Well, just go slow. We’ll stop whenever you feel uncomfortable. First just run your hands through your hair.”

She did so, and I snapped a few pictures.

“Now bite down on your index finger while you keep your hair up in the air.” I said.

She laughed, and I took a picture of her laughing as she did it. She looked extremely cute. Then I took one of her in a sexy pose.

“Now, unbutton the first button on your sweater.” She did so, and I snapped several pictures of her unbuttoning and once it was done. I then had her cross her legs and turn her head away from the camera and I took several shots from that pose.

I moved towards Cathy, and unbuttoned the next two buttons on her sweater. Just a hint of Cathy’s cleavage was showing. I then moved her skirt up, so her lower thighs were showing. I snapped several pictures of Cathy. She stared into my camera, absolutely beautifully.

I got down on my knees and took a shot of Cathy from the ground. She really seemed to be enjoying the attention. And she loved posing for the camera.

I came over and started to unbutton her fourth button. “You still alright with this?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, grinning at me.

I unbuttoned the fourth button and realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Missing something?” I asked jokingly.

“I took it off before I came here.” She practically whispered.

I unbuttoned her fifth button and slid the sweater down her shoulder. Her shoulder was now bare, and the sides of her breasts were visible. I was envious of the firmness of her breasts, as I was enjoying the intimacy of her revealing them to me. I snapped several more pictures of her looking over her shoulder, looking sexy.

“Now, open your legs just a little Cathy, and lift your skirt up higher.” She did so, and I caught a glimpse of her underwear. She wore red bikini panties.

I lifted the skirt higher up on her thighs, and I pressed down on the smooth thighs with my hand. She smiled. I photographed her from different angles.

I leaned in to open her sweater up some more. Her left breast fell out of the sweater. I reached up and rubbed her neck with my hand, and slowly pushed the sweater back over her breast. She held onto my hand as I backed up.

I took several more pictures. Her breasts would not stay in her sweater at this point, and neither did Cathy want them to…

I came closer to Cathy one more time. I rubbed her hair, and then I reached for her skirt, and unsnapped it. I pulled the skirt down in a slow motion, and laid it on the ground by the foot of the bed. I snapped a few more pictures of Cathy with her legs closed.

Cathy then started to open her legs, and I could smell the scent of sex in the air. Cathy’s sex had answered any questions either of us still had.

I moved towards Cathy, and took a picture of her with her legs open. I dropped the camera and used both hands to pull her panties down.

As I pulled down her pussy was exposed to me, neatly trimmed, glistening, and practically quivering as the sticky panties were pulled down. Cathy opened her legs up for me, wanting to be touched. I snapped a few pictures of her open legs. I ran my finger along her slit opening it up. Cathy moaned.

I snapped a few more pictures of her pussy with her lips aroused, her clitoris enlarged.

I was old enough and experienced enough to know desire. She was enjoying herself, and I knew it had to be me who made the move.

I kissed her knee, and ran my tongue along her inner thigh.

“Ohhhh!” came the sigh of relief from Cathy. It was a sensual relief as well as an emotional one. Obviously, she was worked up and wanted someone to touch her. But also, she was experienced enough to know what seduction was, and had read the signals. But since I was a woman, she wasn’t quite positive that I was trying to seduce her. She sighed with the content of someone who is about to be fucked and the relief that it was someone she was hot for.

I kissed my way up to her mouth. I took her whole tongue into my mouth. She tasted beautiful. I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy.

We broke the kiss and she looked at me with a scared look. “You knew?” she asked. I nodded gently. She whispered to me, “Ever since I saw those photos, I wanted you to see me naked. And then I realized that I wanted you to do more… It scared me so much, to think of it….”

I smiled at her, and rubbed her breasts with my hands, squeezing the nipples. She arched her back in pleasure. I stopped for a moment, continuing to rub her breasts with my hands.

“I’ve… I’ve never really wanted another woman before. Does… Does this make me a lesbian?” she asked. I arched an eyebrow.

I lifted my head and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. “No sweetie. That’s something you need to discover on your own. But I would say that you need to search yourself for that answer.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Just lie there. Let me learn your body.”

I then proceeded to move everywhere on her body. I laid her body back on the bed. I raised her arms and proceeded to kiss all along her forearms. I kissed her arm socket, taking in the smell of sweat, perfume, and desire. I kissed along the left side of her chest and stomach. She took in a large breath as I kissed over her ticklish spots, licking them, as she felt an onrush of tickle and stimulation.

I kissed across her belly button, teasing her navel. At this she howled at the top of her lungs. I then made my way up her right side, teasing and tickling her as I had on the left. I then moved across to her right breasts and devoured her nipple. Once again, she took a large breath of air into her body. Her chest was heaving at an incredible almost alarming rate.

I got concerned. “Cathy, have you had an orgasm before?” I inquired.

She nodded. “Uh-huh, but I… I don’t think I’ve ever been teased like this before. I don’t do this when I masturbate, and the guys just go straight for my boobs and my pussy.”

I smiled. It had been a while since I had been with a girl this young. And oftentimes, they had experienced small orgasmic waves, either by masturbation or by a partner. It took an experienced lover or experimentation that couldn’t be done during stolen moments in the back of a car to really find what really excites you. It was the difference between going to the shore on a calm day or during a hurricane.

I laughed inwardly. This was going to be fun.

I kissed my way down, across her stomach. Her belly was like a little trampoline, bouncy, yet firm. Her skin was almost sweet, and so smooth under my mouth. When you get older, you forget what young skin feels like, smells like, tastes like. The taste is sweet in a way. My tongue danced on her tiny stomach hairs that you couldn’t even see. I was in heaven.

Cathy was enjoying the attention, but I could tell that she was unused to someone playing with her stomach. I will have to teach her how to try to enjoy every moment of love-making. And not just the things that build momentum. I’ve always felt that you need to be shown the quiet soft moments while love-making, so you can truly appreciate the intense, momentous, and eventually pleasure-clenching moments of orgasm. Without the build-up, without the pauses and quiet moments, it’s just fucking and not love-making.

Nevertheless, I got off my mental soapbox, and started to trail my tongue downward. Her hair was in a triangle, almost perfectly shaped and neatly trimmed. The triangle was perfect. It is the symbol of the feminine. Bare would have made her seem too innocent, and a small patch, you know the “landing strip”, would make her seem like a stripper. She was just perfect.

I tasted her hair under my tongue. A flurry of good tastes and bad exploded on my taste buds and entered my nostrils. Sweat mixed with sex mixed with funky woman tastes. But all of them were totally unique to Cathy. As I did this her hips shivered and her ass raised up, anticipating my next move. I had a brief thought to tease into next week, and let her orgasm explode. But that might be too much.

I traced my finger slowly down the side of her hair, and ran my finger down her slit, opening it up, exposing her aroused sex, dipping my finger in her wetness. She sighed once again in relief and pleasure. I slowly ran my finger up and down her slit, feeling her, sensing her. My mouth dropped down on to her clit as my finger slowly went in. I blew hot air on her clit, as my finger went in further. I licked her clit once with my tongue and her whole body shuddered and she got goose bumps all up her legs.

I started licking her clit, as my fingers spread her lips apart. She tasted wonderful. Fresh, but also very bitter, almost like an under-ripe apple that was picked a week too early. She started buckling early, and crying out in violent pleasure. She was actually throwing me off. I needed to get in sync with her pace.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Never… never been this good with…. with anyone else… only me….”

The girl had maybe had two lovers in her life, and they were probably only stolen moments in a car or on a sofa, constantly being careful not to get caught. I grabbed her thighs and settled on a slow lapping of her clit and slit with my tongue. She seemed to settle on my rhythm much better this time.

I felt the pleasure building in her thighs. She started to quiver and anticipate the orgasm deep inside her. She was panting and crying out in her soft voice, “ohhhhhhhhhh”. Her cries opened up a faucet in my own pussy. It was building nicely.

When she was getting close, I pulled her lips apart wide with my fingers and started flicking my tongue rapidly on her clit, and slowly pushed a thumb into her opening. She exploded!

“Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhhhhhh GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Cathy screamed. Cathy arched her back, her pussy and ass rising towards me. She inhaled and held her breath as the pleasure exploded, like she was holding her breath as the wave crashed over her body. I clamped my mouth down on her clit and took it all into my mouth running it on the roof of my mouth. I felt her pussy, clench around my thumb hard, and her wetness hit my chin.

“Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” was the cry as she exhaled. I kissed my way back up to her face as she panted and struggled to catch her breath. I rubbed her thigh and held her close as the rest of the orgasm subsided. She felt wonderful. I wanted to bottle that moment.

“That was so wonderful,” she sighed. So good. So good. Thank you Lori.”

I moved over to her mouth. I placed my mouth on hers. We kissed. She was sweet, and had the taste of youth and promise. She was more responsive, and had gotten used to the feel and taste of a woman’s lips and tongue in her mouth. She finally got the nerve to reach around and run her hands through my hair.

“You like?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Oh yes, Lori. You have such beautiful hair. I want to… I don’t even know what I want to do. I’m sorry, I’m just so new at this. And you’re so experienced and wonderful.”

“Just relax, Cathy. Just take your time, and enjoy each moment. That is what being a lover is all about. Why don’t you undress me?” I asked, grinning now at the possibilities.

She smiled and I helped her off the bed and onto her feet.

I kicked off my shoes, figuring that she didn’t need to start there. She stood there and started to unbutton my blouse. I find it an exhilarating feeling, when someone is about to see your naked body for the first time. She unbuttoned my blouse revealing my lacey bra. She pulled the blouse out from the waistband of my skirt. After my arms were pulled free, the blouse fell to the floor in a heap.

Cathy started tugging at my skirt. I smiled at her, and unhooked the clasp, and let it fall to the ground. I stood there in my lacey green bra and matching panties.

“Those are so cute!” she exclaimed. I brought her hands to my breasts. She didn’t know what to do. She squeezed them briefly, and then looked into my eyes.

I turned around for her. She ran her fingers down my back giving me goose bumps. I gasped as she unhooked my bra. The relief of the bra made my breasts sag just a bit. She came up behind me and slid the bra off my shoulders. It fell into the pile of clothes on the floor. My breasts were revealed to her. Not big, and certainly not as perky as hers, but quite nice, I thought.

Cathy ran her hands up and down my chest. Then her hands covered my breasts. She had never felt another woman’s nipples before. She played with them and twisted them, delighting in their touch. Next Cathy’s hands were rubbing my stomach, playing with my navel, running her hands over my stomach.

The moment of truth came as she approached the waistband of my panties. She paused and ran her fingers along the lacey waistband.

“Go ahead.” I urged.

She grabbed the sides of my panties and she pulled them down to reveal my hairy pussy. I had a girlfriend who liked the feeling of a lot of hair, and had always kept it so. She ran her fingers through my curls gently.

I gasped… I love that sensation. I get all goose bumps right down my legs. Her hands went down near the opening to my pussy. She rubbed the hair around my opening. It tickled and felt so good. Her fingers started to circle my opening. She ran her finger down the length of my slit, and my pussy opened up for her. My clitoris became visible above the top of my slit.

“Wow, look at it.” Said Cathy.

“She likes you.” I whispered. “I think she wants you to pet her.”

Cathy moves her finger and just briefly touched my clitty. The unfamiliarity of her touch sent shockwaves through my body. My clitty got bigger and bigger. She ran her finger through my slit and buckets of juice flooded my pussy. I was so wet. My hips buckled. My hips hadn’t buckled in years, and certainly hadn’t buckled from a girl simply rubbing my slit. But there had been such anticipation, and her young body had turned me on so strongly, that I couldn’t help it.

I grabbed her hand, and pulled her over towards the bed. I lay down on the bed, spreading my legs for her. She lay on her stomach facing my pussy. She stroked my thighs, feeling my female body parts that were different from her own. I could see her looking at my pussy. She rubbed the outside of my slit with her fingernail.

She moved her head closer, and I thought about what she might be doing. “No, don’t do that, sweetie. Don’t do that. I don’t want to come like this. I’m so out of control.” I thought to myself.

Her hot breath covered my pussy. She wasn’t going to. She was too inexperienced to…

Her tongue rubbed against my clitoris. It was rough. Its very texture was grooved against my swollen clitoris. The juice started to flow. She lapped at my clitoris, like a animal tasting to see if something is alright to drink at first.

“You like?” I asked inquisitively.

She wrinkled her nose a bit, which was extremely cute. “It’s not bad. It’s a lot better than semen that’s for sure. I’m just surprised. You taste very different from myself. But I love what my tongue does to you.”

Me too I thought, as her tongue returned to my clitoris. I started to move my hands down to my pussy to pull my lips apart, but Cathy got the message and did it herself, and she started to flick her tongue furiously across my clitty. I howled. I gasped for air. I wanted to pull Cathy inside me. Her tongue was so fast and so warm over my hot clitty, I couldn’t help it.

“Oh God! Oh Cathy. Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh GOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!”

I came hard and furiously. Juice came running down my insides. I inhaled deeply and screamed in pleasure as I exhaled. Cathy licked at the juice running out of my pussy, which nearly had me cum a second time. “Oh Honey, you are so good. Come here.”

I came down to where she was and kissed her mouth. Our tongues met in our mouths. We tasted each other’s pussy and saliva. Our breasts rubbed together, they were so sensitive that they tingled as they touched. As did the front of our pussies, both matted down by wetness. The feeling of post-orgasm washed over me, and I assume Cathy as well. I also knew that I wasn’t done with her yet.

When I could breathe again. I asked Cathy.

“Are you ready for some more?” Her answer was a grin. I rolled over and opened the drawer nearest me. I pulled out several toys I usually saved for special occasions. Cathy’s eyes grew wide, but they really looked shocked when I pulled out a rather large strap-on dildo.

“You like?” I asked inquisitively.

“Um, I’m not sure. It’s um… big isn’t it…” she replied.

I laughed. “That’s kindof the point, sweetie.” I grabbed the bottle of lube, opened it, and squeezed some liquid onto the top of the dildo. I then invited Cathy to rub her hands down the shaft as I attached it to my crotch. Cathy smiled but obviously was somewhat apprehensive.

“Don’t worry honey. You’ll like this. I promise.”

“What if I’m not ready for this yet?” she inquired.

“You’re not, but you soon will be.” I responded. With that, I leapt on top of her. I kissed her breasts passionately. I lightly bit down on her nipples. She started to moan. I ran my hands down her stomach, tickling and tracing spots with my fingers. I ran them down the front of her legs, going nowhere near her pussy.

I massaged and rubbed her breasts. Bringing her nipples to a small point and then devouring them with my mouth. Cathy’s breathing increased in frequency. I made my way to her navel. My tongue went to the middle of her belly button and teased her there. As I did this my hands traveled down her sides, stroking her tender flesh gently, every once in a while my hands returned to her nipples and pinched them. By this point, Cathy’s back was starting to arch again.

I went to one of my favorite spots on a woman, her hips. I went down to where her panty line was, just north of the start of her hair, licking all the way. Then I made my way to the left tracing along with my tongue. Cathy’s breathing was much more pronounced. She started to move with my motions.

I took my mouth off her body. Cathy groaned in agony, as someone who is pulled out of bed too soon. Then furiously, I descended down on her hips, and attacked it with my mouth. At this spot, many women have both a ticklish spot and an erogenous spot, and the dual stimulation is explosive on some women. Cathy was one of those women.

She nearly sat up and howled in both delight and laughter. She moved her hands down to the back of my head, wanting me to stop, wanting me to continue. I would press my face down hard into her left hip, kissing and rubbing it, which delighted her. Then I would lightly tickle her hip with my tongue, which drove her crazy. I moved my way down her left leg, kissing every spot on her thigh. I could smell her now, the sweet smell of youth.

I inhaled a deep breath a breathed on her pussy. Goosebumps appeared all over her legs. I moved forward as if I was going to give her the relief she sought. Instead I moved over to her right leg and peppered it with tender kisses moving over to her right hip.

I descended on her right hip as I had the left one. Tickling and stimulating it all the while. Cathy was being driven mad. She wanted the release. She moved her hands onto her breasts, kneading and pinching the nipples, but it wasn’t enough. She started to move her hands towards her pussy, but I gently pushed her hands away.

“Not yet, my sweet. Not yet. Trust me.” I whispered.

She moaned as if she was in pain, but I understood. She had never been teased like this before. The boys were still amazed to simply see a girl’s naked sex, so they rushed to see, feel, touch, and fuck it. Cathy’s sex, while beautiful, was nothing I needed to rush into.

I moved my hand down towards her pussy. I ran my finger around the outsides of her pussy. Playing with the corners of her crotch. Teasing the area between her pussy and her anus. Slowly running my fingers up the other side. Running my fingers through her pussy hair. I could feel the moisture in her hair as I ran through it. I flattened my palm against her opening. Her back arched in pleasure, and I felt a rush of fluid greet my hand.

“There you go sweetie. That’s it…” I whispered softly. I moved my face close and started lapping at the fluid. As I did, I rubbed her girl juice all over her lips, her clit, her mound. I pushed my tongue in, pressing against her walls. She shivered. I flicked my tongue moving it all around.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” was the sigh from Cathy, finally achieving some sense of relief and satisfaction.

I kept licking at her opening. Teasing, tickling, stroking the sensitive spots of her, as I learned what she liked and what she didn’t. This girl was on fire though. The rush of adrenalin was almost greater than the sexual onslaught of her hormones and her endorphins.

I kept licking and rubbing and stretching her. I inserted one finger, licking at the finger as it went in deep into her vagina. She moaned in pleasure as my finger penetrated her. I rubbed down the walls of her pussy. Opened up significantly, I pulled one finger out and pushed two in.

She started to get into the motion of my fingers, sliding in and out of her. She had ridden her own hand enough to be familiar enough with this. I pulled my fingers out of her and crawled my way up to her mouth, kissing her all the way up.

Cathy was startled by this, as she was ready to orgasm, and didn’t want the attention to be removed. I moved in and kissed her deeply on the mouth, and down her neck. With my hand I adjusted the dildo and moved it to her opening. She arched back in anticipation.

My artificial cock felt the resistance of the girl, as I pressed into her folds. She was not a virgin, but still was much newer to sex than any partner I had been with in ages. She gasped as the cock filled her opening. I did not go in too far. I slowly pushed in and then slowly drew out.

“God, it’s so full. So big!”

“Okay?” I inquired.

She nodded her head. Feelings of intense pleasure coupled with some discomfort. I didn’t want to hurt the girl.

I pulled out til just the head of the strap-on was in her pussy. Then I just went in and out for several short strokes. After about ten teasing short strokes, I slowly kept going all the way deep into her pussy. She loved that. She howled and grunted like an animal. I did that twice more, before I knew she was feeling good.

I started fucking her hard, slapping my thighs against her body. The noise of wet and sticky bodies hitting filled my bedroom. I could feel the orgasm building. She screamed as I went deep inside her one last time. Her nails scraped down my back as her second orgasm hit.

She let go and fell back onto the bed. I unhooked the strap-on and held her sweetly ‘til morning.

We lay like that for about 30 minutes. I ran my fingers through her pussy hair, and up and down her inner thighs. I kissed her forehead sweetly.

“Do you want to come over for another photo session?” I asked amusingly.

She smiled at me. “Yes… But this time, I want to take the photographs of you.”

I lay there basking in the moment, and thinking of the future photo sessions to come.

The End


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  1. fopiop said

    hey luna zax..I really like your stories. i think there really great and creative. you sound like a pretty cool person too. 🙂

  2. Arianna said

    Oh my God….it was so lovely

  3. ftfagos said

    I have to say i loved this story. The anticipation was brilliantly done. For my money it’s all in the build up and this one worked so well.



    • Luna said

      Thank you very much… I don’t get many replies to this story, and in some ways it’s one of my favorites.

      Thanks for finding it.

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