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An Online Conversation (ff)

Posted by Luna on February 10, 2008

This conversation did not happen in real life, cyberly, or anything, but I think it kindof applies to a few situations. Please let me know what you think about it.

I sat down in front of the computer, and noticed that she was on. She seemed very nice. I liked her a lot. Wasn’t sure if she just liked flirting with me or just needed a friend. I didn’t really care. I have ulterior motives, just like everyone else. But those motives are just on my todo list as things I’d like to get done.

Like when you write down what you need to do on a day off, and you put down “plant flowers”… well if it’s raining, or if you get something better to do, planting flowers may not take place. It doesn’t need to. If the flowers don’t get planted, that’s fine, no one suffers. But if it’s a good day, and the sun is shining, and it seems right, what the heck, plant some flowers. 

**Updated 02/10/2008: Added another part of the story that I thought I would expand upon.  But as that never came to fruitition, I’m just going to add it to the end of this story.

An Online Conversation, Part 1
by LunaZax
story codes: ffAuthor Note: The Luna in this story is the best representation as "me" as I will ever write. I wrote this as if I was having the online conversation with somone. There was a lot of fun with this. But this is not intended as a sequel to Luna and her Niece. The characters are not the same.

Luna: Hi there.
She: Hi Luna! How are you tonight?
Luna: Good, how about you?
She: How can you even ask that? After what I read!
Luna: Huh?
She: Your story!
Luna: Oh!

I had written a fairly sexy story. I had been working on it for a while, but I had put it on a website, and linked it in my journal. As it had been the Friday before, I didn’t think about it since then.

Luna: You liked it then.
She: Oh goddess yes!
Luna: LOL
She: I like the way you write. It’s cliché, but it’s like you understand.
Luna: Well, I SHOULD! But probably it’s more accurate to say that the other stories, don’t understand. Ya know?
She: Probably.
Luna: Well, it’s always nice to hear that someone liked your work. I can’t say that writing smut makes me an artist, but I think it’s the same reaction.
She: It’s not smut sweetie, tho…. never mind.
Luna: What?
She: Well….

I paused, I wasn’t sure that she wanted to be pushed into how the story made her feel. She said she liked girls. She had been sketchy on the details. I don’t judge. I push only to get answers and decisions. But I still try not to.

Luna: The story got you going, did it?
She: (blush) Oh yes.
Luna: Private moment to yourself, I hope.
She: Actually no. I had to content myself with a helping hand moment or two, before saving the memory for later.
Luna: LOL! I’m not sure I should say that’s a good thing.
She: I was close to not caring, but that would be bad.
Luna: Yeah, public jilling isn’t really accepted.
She: Jilling?
Luna: Oh, my bad…. I saw a group once, about female masturbation. As guys “jack off”, they figured that girls must “jill off”
She: Cute.
Luna: Well, I guess it’s more “jill in” than “jill off”
She: Laugh

There was a little bit of a lack of response at this point. I wanted to give her time to change the subject. I’m waaaay to pervy. I can talk about rubbing myself, evil fantasies, people I spotted in the mall who turned me on, and underwear all day. So I read some other emails, before replying.

Luna: You there?
She: Yeah.
Luna: You got quiet.
She: Well, it’s weird to talk about this.
Luna: Why?
She: Well… I know it shoudn’t be. And I’m not embarrassed. Just. I dunno. I don’t really know you and we’re talking about things I don’t talk to my best friend about.
Luna: The fact that I am a stranger makes it fun, in my opinion. I can’t give you a dirty look if you say weird shit like, “Ever have fantasies about squirrels?”
She: Laugh!!! You found out my secret fetish.
Luna: Yup, saw the subscription to Squirrels Monthly
She: You’re funny!

You’re funny. It’s one of the best and worst comments another person can make, especially online. I dunno, funny isn’t sexy. I mean in real life, maybe it means, “I could spend so much time with you, because you make me laugh.” And that’s wonderful, even tho people don’t look for that quality in a girl. But sometimes when talking online it feels like, “I like you as a friend.”

I don’t want people to stop saying it. Just I don’t know what it means sometimes.

Luna: So are you just relaxing? Or are you going to go out.
She: I’m relaxed. Took a shower, changed into sweat pants and a t-shirt. I’m actually alone right now. Time to myself.
Luna: Cat’s away, mice will play.
She: Well, almost too tired to play.
Luna: trop alésé pour baiser.
She: What?
Luna: LOL. Some of the little French I remember. It’s ‘Too bored to fuck’
She: LAUGHS. Well, maybe not that bored.
Luna: Oh really? (raised eyebrow)
She: Well, if you were here. How quickly can you get here?
Luna: Um, I think the answer is day after tomorrow.
She: Typical.
Luna: Well, what do you want me to do about it.
She: Be here right now.
Luna: You’re teasing, you don’t really mean that.
She: You never know.

The dryness in the mouth, the tingle down your spine, the small bit of perspiration in the small of your back, a slight longing in your thighs, a clench inside, I kindof do a body assessment without using my hands that is.

Luna: You’re mean
She: I don’t think I’m kidding.
Luna: Feeling it?
She: I still felt it all day, even tho I enjoyed myself yesterday.
Luna: I love and hate that feeling.
She: Tell me about it. I wish you were here.
Luna: What would you let me do.
She: Almost anything.

Unsure what to say, I proceed in a clichéd sort of way

Luna: Kisses your mouth passionately.
She: Nice. LOL
Luna: Runs my hands through your hair.
Luna: Kisses your neck.
She: If you werehere I’d love that.
Luna: Pretending can be fun.
She: Cybering? Naaah. Not for me.
Luna: I’m just trying to help.
She: Oh I know. I’m not trying to lead you on. Just seems so fake.
She: People don’t do what they say they’d do, plus you can’t type and… touch…
Luna: Well, you can, but it’s more difficult.
She: And it’s like writing a bad love scene. I don’t know. I’m just weird.
Luna: No, you can like what you want.
She: I know, but it’s so fake. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I do.

A light bulb goes off in my head.

Luna: We can try something else.
She: What?
Luna: You have to be somewhat imaginative.
She: O…. kay
Luna: Imagine that we’re in the same room. We can’t touch, but we’re still having the conversation.
She: What?
Luna: We’re in the room together. Picture a room. I’m sititng in my black arm chair, and you’re sitting?
She: On an easy chair in the living room.
Luna: I’m in my denim shorts, white t-shirt and socks
She: I told you, I’m in sweat pants and a top.
Luna: What color?
She: Pink?
Luna: No bra right?
She: Um yeah.
Luna: How good did it feel to take the damn thing off?
She: What?
Luna: Let’s just have a conversation, one that’ll let us talk like girls. But not caring where it takes us. Talk about all that’s not talked about.
She: Okay
Luna: But we’re there for each other, in the same room, sharing.
She: Okay, yeah, I love taking it off. I love that no one is here, so I don’t need to worry about anyone seeing me without a bra.
Luna: It can be fun. Just to let things flop about. We try to control it so much, but they’re kindof not meant to be ‘contained’.
She: I guess.
Luna: Poking through the t-shirt?
She: Laughs. Yeah, but only I would notice
Luna: It’s nice isn’t it.
She: Except when it rubs wrong.
Luna: Take it off then
She: Why?
Luna: Why not, just the two of us here.
She: If anyone comes in, you’re a dead woman.
Luna: You’re doing it.
She: Yes, you evil girl.
Luna: Hold on

I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor and started rubbing the skin from my neck to my breasts.

She: What are you doing?
Luna: I took off my shirt.
She: Ohhhhh.
Luna: Imagine, we were comfortable to just take our shirts off in front of each other, due to the conversation.
She: Normally, I don’t get anything out of my breasts being exposed.
Luna: Doesn’t do everything for me, but I like tweaking my nipples a lil
She: You like that when you do it to yourself?
Luna: Yeah! Don’t you.
She: Only when guys do it, and then only sometimes.
Luna: Here try this. Go get a glass of water.
She: Okay.

At this point, tho I like to undress myself like someone is undressing me when touching myself, I felt it unfair formy bra to remain on, and I unhooked it while she was writing. I already had a glass of water.

She: Back.
Luna: Drink some, making your mouth nice and moist.
She: Ok.
Luna: Put some water in your mouth, and wet your index finger.
She: Ok?
Luna: Now slowly drip some water on your breasts. And wet your finger again, and slowly tease your nipple.
She: Really?
Luna: Yeah, trust me
She: Ok.

A little while passes. I knew where the pleasure points in my breasts were. So I just rubbed and teased them a little.

She: It’s pretty good. More pleasure than I usually get from it.
Luna: Your nippies get pretty hard?
She: Oh definately

(I was going to write more, but I didn’ t get to it, and not in the mood to continue today, so let me post it, let it get out there, ferment a little bit, and see how I feel about it later)

She:   This is so weird.
Luna: Feeling them react to your touch, getting hard.
She:   Yeah. I would always hate it when a guy would paw at my breasts.
Luna: I think we all know that feeling.
She:   But you hear the stories…. like there’s something wrong with you if you don’t like it, or if you don’t let it happen.
Luna: There is no right or wrong here, sweet girl. Just learn about yourself. I like to tease my nipples, just barely touch them with my wet fingers. Like you were trying to give goose pimples.
She:   Ohhhhhhh.
I pause here for a minute.
Luna: Revelation or sensation?
She:   Huh?
Luna: Was the “Ohhhhhhhh” because you understood me, or because you tried it and liked it.
She:   Gotcha. Well, a lil of both. I like to be teased in general. And liked the idea of teasing nipples. But it was more from someone else doing it to me. Not that I was doing it at the time.
Luna: Ohhhhhhhhhh
She:   LOL
I paused to run my fingernails up and down my chest. Making goose pimpled all over my body. Running then up to my neck. 
She:  Why so quiet.
Luna: Oh just some teasing
She:   Like what?
Luna: Running my fingernails up and down my chest. Was thinking about squeezing/pinching my nipples.
She:   You like that?
Luna: Sometimes, it has to be right. 
She:   Gotcha
Luna: Sometimes I like ice cubes across my breasts.
She:   Oh! I had a guy do that to me. I loved it.
Luna: Then go get some ice cubes.
She:   Really?
Luna: Why should he only be the one who can do that to you. Grab a towel as well. Maybe several 😉
She:   Okay, be right back
I grabbed the glass of water and carefully poured some between my two breasts, and rubbed the wetness between them, enjoying the smoothness of my skin, shivering at the cold. I spread the wetness across my left breast and massaged it in.
She:   Back.
Luna: Nice. 
She:  And I grabbed lots of towels.
Luna: Very nice. Give the ice cubes a try.
She:   I can’t believe I’m doing this. 
Luna: MMmmmmmmmm
Slight pause. I run my nipples between my fingers like a wedge. My nipples got harder and harder. I started to squeeze between my fingers.
She:   COLD!
Luna: LOL! But was it good.
She:   Yes, but I’m shivering.
Luna: Run it directly over your nipples.
She:   Mean girl.
Luna: Do it.
I started pulling on my nipples. 
She:  Wow
Luna: Good?
She:  Not sure. Painful and pleasure in same reaction. Too strange. Hips buckled in pleasure and wanted to pull away.
Luna: Interesting
She:  I’m dropping cold water from the ice on my other nipple.   My areolas are so big now.
Luna: Huh?
She:   Well, when stimulated, my areolas feel like they spread out, as if to make my nipple bigger.
Luna: Oh! Never seen that.
She:   It’s nice. Mmmmmm
Luna: Glad you’re enjoying yourself.
She:   Yeah. What are you doing.
Luna: About to pinch.
She:   Really.
Luna: Yeah, I get them really really erect, and then I slowly start pinching and rolling them between my fingers.
She:   You like that?
Luna: Only sometimes, and only when I do it really slooooowwwwwwwww.
(The story kindof dried up here….. but maybe I’ll continue this

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