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Posted by Luna on February 6, 2008


I really had a boost on this site.  On the 3rd of February, I got 223 views on this blog.  Pretty impressive.  Now, that was 2 days after I posted the latest chapter of Luna and Her Niece. I’m sure that’s the reason… but how people know that I’ve posted a new story… that I’m confused about.  Don’t you need to view the website to see that I’ve posted a story? 

Unless hundreds of people emailed each other saying that there’s a new story on, I don’t get it.  I’m sure it makes sense to someone tho.  Maybe they got it through category links, dunno….


Most of my comments concerning my stories have been via email.  There have been two basic questions/comments, that I kindof want to address.  Not that anyone is reading this post… I’m sure that most just see that this isn’t an erotic story and move along… but regardless, here’s a few things.

Question 1: 

“Loved Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting.  Can’t wait to read what happens with Brianna and Katerina in Part 2.”


Well, that story will have to take place in your own head.  The Four Wedding Stories are completely solo vignettes.  Part 2 will most likely involve two friends who are both bridesmaids at their friends wedding. 

In my mind, there’s nowhere left to go with Brianna, Katerina, and Lauren.  Brianna was still going to go through with the wedding, and this was kindof one last fling before she got married.  Katerina and Lauren will probably have fun with another customer who comes into the shop. 

Question 2:

“I love the way you write.  It is so deep and erotic.  Hurry up and write the next chapter.  I can’t wait.”


*Sigh* Well, ya see… that’s the rub (pardon the pun)… There’s a reason that a well crafted hamburger at a corner pub costs more than the ones at McDonald’s.  There’s more craft involved. 

In my case, I don’t have tons of time to just write… and I’m just not always in the mood to write erotic fiction.  Or I’m only in the mood to write the ‘good stuff’ and not the set-up.  And for me to put my ‘stamp’ on a bit of writing, it needs to have a good set-up.

I have a great story from a few years ago (that needs editing) between a female teacher and her young female student.  And I really like it.  But there are thousands of teacher/student stories out there.  What makes my story unique is the set-up, the context surrounding the characters. 

Good stories take time.  Plus, you can kindof only write erotic stories for so long.  You have to be in a mood where you are just barely interested, and you have to stop when you’re pawing at your pants like a dog trying to get at a toy under the sofa.


So, what’s next?  Dunno.  I have five main erotic writing projects right now:

1. Finish the sixth, and probably final, chapter of Luna and Her Niece.

2. Write the second chapter of Four Wedding Stories.

3. Edit an old story that I found (had been looking for it) titled, Studio.

4. Write the beginning chapter of a sex story series called Amulet, and this chapter is nothing but set-up. 

5. Continue my writing of a story called Luna and Jane’s Trip to the City.

That’s where thing stand.  Hopefully the Muses, specifically Erato, will visit and get things moving. 



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