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Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting (FFF)

Posted by Luna on January 14, 2008

This story spun out of a quickie poll I did on my livejournal page, where I asked people what stories I should write about. Many people liked the idea of four wedding vignettes. I was originally going to write about the bride and the bridesmaids all exploding in an orgy-like scene. But seemed to much like porn rather than eroticsm. I really like this story much better, and am rather pleased with it.

It’s a little quicker than some of my stories, but not that much. I’m never going to dump you in the middle of the action, sorry….

Let me know what you think,


Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting
By LunaZax

storycodes (Fff)

Brianna’s first conscious thought was of the pain in her head.

Immediately, her brain changed directions and went back to sleep, hoping that relief would be found there. She was spared for a few minutes, before the sunlight came in her bedroom window and hit her face. If she had any energy, she would pull down the shade, but she had none.

She tried to roll over… Trying to descend into the soft fluffy world of her bed, where her hangover would not exist.But it was no use.She heard the creaking of floorboards. The muttering of voices. The banging of the heater pipes. The scent of coffee brewing, giving her the only pleasure. But the reality of the smell, opened up her mind to the truth… She was awake.

Her next thought was, “Ow!”

Brianna tried to remember the details of the previous evening. Her cousins and best friends from college all had decided to take her to the bars. She remembered all of them flirting with guys and bartenders to get free drinks. Trying a drink called a Mojito for most of the night, instead of her usual Apple Martini, tho she remembered having a few of those as well.

“Aunt Laura! Can I see if Brianna’s awake?” came the shout from her niece, Sara.

“Well, she’s got to get up soon. The appointment is in two hours,” came the reply from her mother, with a little bit of stress in her voice.

Appointment? Reality was settling in. It was Saturday. So she didn’t have to go to work today.

Sigh of relief. What appointment was her mother talking about.

Before any calculations could be made, her bedroom burst open. Sara came running into her bedroom and jumped on Brianna’s bed.

“Wake up, Brianna!” came the shrill voice of Sara, trying to be annnoying, which was automatic for her 7 year old cousin.

Brianna groaned.

“Your Mom says you have to get up, cause we have to leave in like an hour and a half. You’ll want to get breakfast, or at least get a shower.”

Brianna dived for her cousin, to punish her for bringing morning crashing down on her. Sara deftly jumped out of the way giggling. She stepped on the floor, and wrinkled her face. Sara then threw Brianna’s mini skirt at her, teasing her, “You’d better get upppppppppppppp! It’s a big day. I can’t wait to get my dress!”

Brianna groaned one more time and fell back into the pillow. Dresses! FUCK! This was the day she had been dreading for a while. She had to get fitted for her wedding gown. And her whole entire family and friends were in for this.

She remembered the shocked look on her mother’s face when she suggested that they just go to the Bridal store at the mall, that way everyone could go when they wanted. Brianna didn’t want this to be a big production, but apparently, everything with the wedding HAD to be a big production. There was no two ways about it. So they had to go to Katerina’s Bridal Boutique, which specialized in this stuff.

She kicked her feet over the side of her bed, finding her fuzzy slippers. She gabbed the pink robe that she only wore because her mother didn’t like her coming down in the morning in the boxer shorts she slept in. She pulled the straps of the robe around her and headed for the smell of coffee.

When she reached the kitchen, they were all there, ready and raring to go. Her mother, her Aunt Betty, Sara, and Melissa who had been out with her last night. She looked just as happy about the morning as Brianna, but as she shared a room with Sara, she must’ve been woken up much earlier.

“Good morning, bride-to-be!” said her mother, in a far too cheery voice, “It’s a big day!”

“For God’s sake, mother. I’m just getting a dress. I’m not getting married today,” came the bitter response from Brianna. It was mornings like these where she remembered the night she begged, only half-humorously, that she and David elope.

“Now sweetie. You can’t go into the bridal shop with that attitude. Picking out the best gown is very important. I mean this is the dress that people are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Think of all the photos. All the memories.”

Brianna tuned out her mother as she poured herself a cup of coffee, and went looking for the bottle of Tylenol above the sink. She looked over at Melissa, who looked half-dead. Melissa gave her a half-wink before closing her eyes in the same pain.

“You ARE going to take a shower, aren’t you?” asked her mother wrinkling her nose.

“No mother, I decided to go to the boutique and get bed stink all over their nice wedding dresses,” replied Brianna as she added cream to her coffee.

“Don’t be snippy, Brianna. I was just asking. You should probably hop in the shower, then.”

Brianna sipped her coffee. The warm beverage was the only thing that mattered at the moment, but the idea of a hot shower wasn’t a bad one, certainly. There was fruit and danish for the guests on the table, but Brianna had too many bad experiences with food after a night of drinking to attempt that at the moment. Plus, she was already worried about fitting into the wedding dress.

“Okay,” she sighed. She made her way back to the stairs, and started to climb them.

“Don’t forget! Wear nice underwear! You’re going to be in and out of gowns!”

Brianna groaned again and made her way up the stairs.


Brianna came out of the shower, feeling much better. The hot water had seeped into her pores and the Tylenol had done it’s job, removing the pain and fuzziness of the previous evening. She stood in the bathroom, trying to look through the fogged up mirror at her own reflection. She wiped at the mirror to see better.

She saw a 25 year old girl. Or was it a woman? She was unsure. Did getting married magically turn her into a woman. In the old days it would have turned a Miss into a Mrs.

Her brown hair was wet and drippy from the shower, normally it was naturally curly and hung back down to her neck. Her skin was fair this time of year, all vestiges of last summers tan were long gone. Her blue eyes were blood shot, but usually described as her best quality.

She turned sideways in the mirror. She didn’t like the idea of being the centerpiece of this wedding business, but she knew it was inevitable. Both her family and David’s family insisted that this be a huge gala affair. She’d be happy with a civil ceremony wearing the purple dress she wore to her company’s gala last fall. Not the virginal (HA!) white lacey thirty layer, pray to god you don’t have to pee, once you put it on, showpiece dress. But that was tradition.

Her chest was nothing to brag about, but with a nice bra or bodice, she was sure it would look fine in the dress. She was skinny enough to not worry about sizes, but she would try to lose some weight around her neck and face before the big day. She generally was pleased with her body, except for her thighs. She just never liked them. They were one of the reasons she didn’t get into a bathing suit often. David liked them, along with her butt. But they looked ugly to her.

She finished up in the bathroom, brushing her teeth, gelling her hair, and putting on some mascara and eye liner. Her mom had made an appointment with someone to do her makeup, but that was much closer to the wedding.

Brianna put on some nice tan slacks and a grey top, with a vest over top. She wasn’t sure how warm the place where they were going would be, so she dressed for comfort. She then made her way down the stairs.

“Heavens! Brianna, you’re not wearing that are you?”

“Mom, we’re going to get fitted. I’m not looking to impress the dress maker! I want to be warm and comfortable.”

She heard a resigned sigh from her mother. The signal that meant that obviously Brianna just didn’t possibly understand the ramifications of anything. Brianna also knew that it meant that her mother had given up, temporarily, on the subject. As time was of the essence, everyone hopped into two cars, and headed to Katerina’s.


Brianna sat in the passenger seat of her mother’s Volvo as she headed into a small town, that Brianna had never seen before. Her mom seemed to know the way. She pulled into a small complex of tiny stores that looked like little cottages.

Brianna was expecting a little boutique, but it was a rather large complex, filled with tiny shops. She saw signs for a restaurant, shoe store, dress and gowns store. All the clothes in the windows looked really nice.

Brianna turned towards her mother in the driver’s seat.

“Mom, this seems rather expensive. Are you sure…”

Her mother looked back at her and said, “Brianna, you are my only daughter. I have sat at three weddings of your brothers, waiting for the day that you would get married. I know you’re not into the pomp and circumstance of the day, but I want you to have the best.”

Brianna didn’t argue further. Her mom headed towards the main building, an old stone building with a wood fascade. On top of the roof the sign said “Katerina’s Bridal”

Brianna got out of the car, just as the second car with her aunts and cousins pulled in. She heard the clamoring of her little niece as she wanted to run into the store. Brianna tried to move past it, as she felt her hangover returning.

She groaned and walked into the store. The blast of white lace hit her eyes like a fiery sun. She had never been in a room where everything was white. There were a few ivory and cream colored dresses, but just the complete lack of color was startling to her. She was a bit overwhelmed.

There were racks on all sides of her. They didn’t even seem to be sorted by size, but by some crazy order that she would never understand.

“Moooommmmm!!!!!” whined her niece who was seeming brattier every minute, “Where are the flower girl dresses!!!! You said that I could pick out my flower girl dress today!!!! Where is it!”

She was threatening to throw a tantrum. Brianna braced for the impact, when a melodious voice spoke.

“The bridal party dresses are in the building down the way,” said the voice of a woman who came from behind a beaded curtain. The woman was rather tall. Brianna guesstimated that she was about 5’9”. She had curly raven-black hair, pale-ish skin, but very pretty. She was thin, but not so you’d notice. She had very pretty blue eyes. Brianna guessed that she was in her late 30s early 40s. She was an attractive woman certainly, and had a certain presence about herself.

“Are you Katerina?” asked her mother.

“I am indeed. And you must be Mrs. Smythe,” she turned towards Brianna, “And you must be Brianna. Your mother described you, but she did not do you justice.”

Brianna blushed, “How did you know I was the bride-to-be?”

Katerina laughed, “Because you are the only one who is nervous.”

Brianna smiled. Katerina made her feel very comfortable.

“If I might suggest, that Mrs. Smythe and Brianna remain in the shop, and the rest of everyone else, please go on down and look at the dress shop on the way. We only need a few chefs in this kitchen,” said Katerina shoeing them on.

Much to Brianna’s surprise the rest of the party actually left the shop. Even her pushy aunt and bratty cousin, who never listened to anyone, went along quietly.

Katerina turned to Brianna, “Let’s start with you, my dear. Do you have any ideas for your wedding gown. It’s fine if you don’t, because I can certainly help if you don’t. And please, don’t be shy.”

Brianna looked at her mother, who nodded slightly, to suggest that she didn’t need to worry about her decision.

“Okay, well… I like a classic style gown, with some sleeves, and I don’t like too much lace. I know I prefer white to ivory. And I don’t want to show off too much cleavage, or else I’ll be nervous the entire time.”

Katerina chuckled, “Do you want a long train?”

“No, I went to a wedding where the nieces and nephews would sit on the train, but a little flow to it, is ok.”

Katerina pulled out three dresses and put them on the racks in front of them.

“See anything you like of these three?”

Brianna looked at the dresses.  She pointed to the one in the middle.  “That one is really pretty. What do you think, Mom?”

Her mother’s eyes got wide, and she started to well up a little, “That one is very pretty, Brianna.”

Brianna turned back to the dresses.  But Katerina had already removed the two dresses she didn’t like, and was rummaging for more.

“Um, Miss Katerina?  I really like the…”

“My dear,” said Katerina in a sweet voice, turning towards her, “we’re just getting started.  There are hundreds of dresses here, and I want to narrow down your style even further.”

Three more dresses were pulled out, Brianna selected again, and Katerina again went into the racks looking for more dresses.  She pulled out three more, even more similar.  Brianna was getting confused.

“It can be a bit overwhelming, dear.  Let me help.  Lauren!” she cried out.

A pretty blonde girl, around Brianna’s age came through the curtain, she smiled at Brianna and her mother.  She was a little shorter than Brianna, with tan features, and not quite as busty. 

“Yes, Miss Kat?” she asked.

“I need you to help Brianna with some decisions.  I am trying to find the right dress for her.  You will explain better than I would.”

“Sure thing, Miss Kat,” Lauren replied.

Lauren looked at the three dresses. 

“Okay, the one on the left is going to be very high up your chest.  I would imagine you have nice cleavage, and you don’t want to completely hide it away, do you?”

Brianna was stunned at how forward this girl was, but she shook her head.  She got embarassed talking about her body, but she wasn’t one to hide it.  Brianna looked over at her mother, who seemed somewhat stunned.

Lauren helped her go through about twelve more dresses, til they came down to two dresses.

“Two is a good number,” said Lauren, “plus you still need to try it on.”

Lauren led Brianna to a changing room. 

“Now, you’re just going to put it on over your clothes.  We’re just trying to see how the gown lays on your body.  You might want to take your jeans off, but otherwise you should be fine.  Do you want some help?”

Brianna was unsure, but Lauren was the type who made you feel more at ease.  She nodded, and Lauren came in with her.

Lauren kicked off her flip-flops, and started to unhook her jeans.  She slid them down.  She caught Lauren’s look at her big white cotton briefs.  She didn’t know anyone was going to see her underwear, even this assistant girl.  She started to get red.

“Oh please, don’t get embarassed.  I have a pair of red underwear that has so many holes it looks like Swiss Cheese.  Probably just grabbed the first pair in the drawer, right?”

Brianna nodded.  “I just didn’t expect.”

“No one does, sweetie.”

Brianna put the dress over her head and let it lay across her body.  It felt bulky and cumbersome.  Lauren helped her with the buttons.

“Well, let’s go out and show Miss Kat and your mom, but I already know that Kat isn’t going to like it.”

Lauren led her out of the dressing room.  Brianna felt very awkward.  There was no flow to the dress whatsoever.  She nearly tripped over the skirt, and everything felt off.

“No no no…” said Katerina.

“What’s wrong,” asked Brianna’s mother.

“The dress, it does not lay right.  Not for your daughter’s shape.”

“It’s very pretty.  How different could it be?” asked her mother, obviously weary from the day.

“Let’s ask her then…  Brianna do you feel comfortable?”

Brianna paused, because she didn’t want to not be comfortable, and she certainly wasn’t.  But by the same token she didn’t want to not fit into a dress.

“Be honest, girl!” said Katerina.

“No, this… this just doesn’t feel right.  I can’t even really explain it.  I just feel off.  Maybe I just need to lose some weight.”

“No, my dear.  Your dress should feel correct today.  You can lose weight for the wedding, and if you want to look better for photographs, but the dress is the dress.  Lauren, take her back and try on the other.”

Lauren led Brianna back, and helped her take the dress off. 

“How did you start working here,” asked Brianna.

“Oh… well I got fitted here, for my wedding,” replied Lauren.

“Wow, I bet your wedding was really nice.”

“Oh, I didn’t get married.  My fiancee and I called it off, for various reasons.  I didn’t want to get married to him, anymore, really.”

“Oh ok.”

“And then I needed a job, and I remembered how much fun I had here when I got fitted.”


“Yeah, it’s not so bad, once you get over the initial decision.  And I asked Miss Kat if I could work here.  And she hired me on the spot.”

Lauren helped pull the other dress over Brianna’s head.  She smiled the second it fell across her shoulders.

“Oh!  That’s it!”

“Really?” asked Brianna surprised.

“How does it feel.”

Brianna hadn’t noticed how it felt, which she guessed was a good sign.  She turned and tried to twirl in the dressing room.  It fell off her shoulders a bit, and the skirt was too long, but it felt better, it moved better.

“It feels better.  Like I can move in it.”

“Exactly!” she exclaimed, “We found it!”

She led Brianna back out to her mother and Katerina.  Katerina’s face lit up when she saw Brianna in the dress, and even her mother held her hand to her mouth to hold back the gasp.

“Mom, stop it.  It’s not even fitted yet.  If I wore this, I would be flashing my boobs to the front pew.”

Through a sob, her mother said, “That’s the dress for you, Brianna.  No question about it.”

“I would agree,” said Katerina, “When you find the right dress, there is no need to look further.

Lauren led her back to the dressing room and helped her get changed back into her jeans and top.  She bagged the dress, and put it on a hanger.  She marked it with Brianna’s name.

“Trust me,” said Lauren, “No one else is even going to see that dress, until you walk down the aisle. 

Brianna replied, “Thanks for your help.”

Brianna came out to Katerina talking to her mother.  “Now, Mrs. Smythe, why don’t you go join the others, in the dress shop.  There, you can look at mother of the bride dresses.  Because I have to fully measure your daughter for the dress, and it is going to take a long time.”

Brianna looked over at her mother, and she nodded her head, “Go on down, Mom.  I’ll be alright,  and I’ll meet up with everyone.”

Her mother slowly left the shop, and Katerina led her to a back room. 

Brianna felt very comfortable around Katerina, and to a lesser degree around Lauren. Then two attendants came in at that moment, and she started to feel uncomfortable again.

“Brianna, relax. These are my three assistants. Masuki is an expert tailor, she’s just about your age as well. She’s been working for me since she was 16. And this is Eloisa, she’s our embroidery girl and accessories. She helps Masuki with making sure everything matches. And you have already met Lauren. Lauren will get you anything you want.”

Masuki placed her hands gently on Brianna’s shoulders and led her to a chair. Lauren handed her a cup of tea. Brianna sipped the tea, and it made her feel better. Eloisa got onto the ground and started to take off Brianna’s shoes and socks.

“Um, Kat… What… what happens next.”

“Well, just sit there and relax. The girls will help you get undressed. Enjoy your tea. They tend to take care of everything.”

Eloisa massaged her feet as she pulled her socks off of her feet. It felt wonderful. The tea and the warm air in this back room made her very comfortable. Masuki started to unbutton her vest, helping her out of it.

“I’m not sure I wore the right…. I mean if I wear a push-up bra, will that…”

“Dear, we take care of everything with your dress. Your bra, panties, slip, garters, stockings, petticoat, bodice, dress, veil… everything…

Masuki helped her vest out of her arms, as Brianna realized what Katerina had said. Masuki started to unbutton her top, as Eloise continued to massage her feet, pulling them closer to her body.

“But what… I have bras at home, that….”

“This is your special day, Brianna. You are going to be properly fitted. And I promise that you will like what we get for you. It is all about the customer. But we have never had any complaints.”

Brianna’s blouse was being opened. Her lavender bra revealed. Eloise massaged up Brianna’s leg, and gently and friendly like rubbed her leg.

Lauren came over with a cookie and a few pieces of chocolate on a very pretty plate, “I know it’s really overwhelming at first,” said Lauren, “But we are here to pamper you, and make you comfortable. But Kat really knows what’s best, and we are all really good. But it’s about you!”

“It’s just weird, being undressed like this. I just feel self-conscious, like I’m on display,” said Brianna, as her blouse was gently tugged off her shoulders.

“Here eat the cookie. I baked them myself,” said Lauren.

Brianna ate the cookie and it was good to have something in her stomach. The sugar and butter made things more pleasant. She had never been so warm and relaxed when getting a dress. Lauren helped her to her feet, and hugged her. Brianna embraced Lauren back. This was getting very pleasant.

Eloise reached up and slowly unbuttoned Brianna’s pants, and unzipped them. Lauren hugged her the whole time, and Brianna barely felt it when the pants fell off her hips.

“I should be embarrassed, I guess,” said Brianna.

“Well,” said Lauren, “it is really warm here, so that helps. Plus, we’re all girls here. We’ve seen gorgeous models and old women all come in here. There’s no secrets. You have to feel comfortable, you have to feel relaxed, you have to feel pretty and sexy… all at the same time. Or else we can’t find the best dress for you.”

“I guess. I still feel alone.”

“I can help with that too!” exclaimed Lauren. She started to take her sweater off of her chest.

“What are you doing?” demanded Lauren, taken aback.

“Lauren is getting changed, “ said Katerina, “She will try on wedding dresses as well. Many girls feel more comfortable when they aren’t the only one in the room going through this. Plus, you don’t seem the jealous/intimidated type.”

“Here, you can help,” said Lauren, and let Brianna undo a few of the buttons on her top. As Brianna looked at her, she laughed and gave her a big hug.

“See, fun!”

Lauren had on a plain white bra, that seemed to de-emphasize her bosom. She stepped out of her jeans and was wearing plain white panties.

“Your undies are so much cuter,” said Lauren.

“Um, thanks,” said Briana.

Eloise came up behind Briana and Masuki came behind Lauren, and they unhooked their bras. Slowly they were pushed off of the girls shoulders.

Katerina now stepped between both of them and pulled out a tape measure. “This is what I will do. I measure a girls chest, so I can ensure that the bra and the bodice are the right fit.” she said.

She ran the tape measure across Lauren’s shoulders. She then ran it across her chest, the tape measure crossing Lauren’s nipples. She then ran it across Lauren’s stomach. She then measured from the bottom of Lauren’s navel to the bottom of her neckline.

“Once I’ve made my measurements, I then measure bra cup size,” said Katerina. She then reached forward and gently placed her hands over Lauren’s breasts. She maneuvered her hands around, lightly squeezing the entire breast.

Then, she got down on her knees, and said to Briana, “Then I measure your legs for the slip, the petticoat, panties, and gown. “ She ran the tape measure from the bottom of Lauren’s ankle, up to the top of her waist. Then, from her knee to the top of her waist. Then from Lauren’s navel to the top of her knees. Then measured from the thigh down to her toes.

Katerina then pulled Lauren’s underwear down to the ground, where Lauren stepped out of them. Brianna blushed a little, as Katerina measured around Lauren’s butt. Brianna noticed that Lauren shaved her pubic hair, and that made her feel silly.

Katerina stood up and came over to Brianna. Brianna backed up a little, slightly worried. Lauren joined the two of them.

“It’s okay, Brianna. You are among friends.”

“It’s not that, I just… get… a little.”

Lauren didn’t allow her to finish, she pulled her into a hug. Brianna felt Lauren’s body against hers. It was totally comfortable. She enjoyed it for what it was. Katerina came behind her and started to pull her underwear down. Brianna tried not to react, but her butt was covered in goose bumps.

Katerina grabbed the tape measure and went around Brianna’s shoulders. She then wrapped it around Brianna’s bust, and brought it to the back. She muttered both times to Masuki, and Brianna started to be nervous.

“Don’t be nervous,” said Lauren, “it doesn’t even translate to dress sizes or anything. Kat and Masuki have their own system. You just need to get in the spirit of things.”

Katerina knelt down in front of Brianna, as Lauren massaged her shoulders. She ran the tape measure from her feet to the top of her knees.

“That’s for your stockings,” whispered Lauren, and her hand started to rub Brianna’s back. Lauren’s hands were warm against Brianna’s flesh.

Katerina ran the tape measure from Brianna’s thigh up to her tummy.

“That’s for your garter belt,” whispered Lauren, and her hand circled Brianna’s back.

Katerina took the tape measure and ran it around Brianna’s hips, around the back of her butt.

“That’s to get the proper size for your slip and petticoat,” said Lauren as her hands scratched at her flesh in pleasant levels. Itching spots that needed it.

“Open your legs,” said Katerina. Brianna was started to her the command.

“Open your legs, please,” repeated Katerina, as Brianna’s little movement wasn’t enough, apparently for Kat.

Brianna opened her legs farther, and she was embarrassed that her genitals were now on display for everyone to see.

“Now, do you want to wear a thong or bikini panties?” asked Katerina.

“Um, bikinis,” whispered Brianna.

Katerina briefly touched the bushy hair of Brianna’s pubis. “You’ll probably want to shave then. No one is really going to see, but it will make the panties fall better.”

The tingle through her public hair made Brianna react. She tried to stop it, but she could feel the sensation of warmth hit her genitals. She felt a little bit of wetness inside her. Lauren’s hand started rubbing her lower back, just above the top of her cheeks,

Katerina sniffed at the air, “I’m sorry, Brianna. I shouldn’t have touched you like that.”

Brianna looked confused, “Huh… wha?”

“Obviously, I made you a little excited with my stimulation. It wasn’t intentional.”

“Oh…” said Brianna, understanding now, “I just get a little. It’s fine. I just get a little excited sometimes. Not used to being naked like this.”

“Well, there’s a problem, though. I can’t have you trying on clothes in your excited state. If you somehow don’t like the material, I can resell existing underwear with someone else’s scent on it.”

Brianna was really confused, but tried to go with it, “Oh, okay. Well, I guess we can.”

Brianna felt Lauren’s hand move lower and start to caress her butt. Katerina’s hand went through her pubic hair again. She shivered with tingly delight.

“Oh god!”

Lauren’s hands massaged her butt, opening her cheeks wide, while Kat’s fingers pulled and roamed through her pubis, pulling gently on her pubic hair, exposing her clitty, making it bigger and bigger.”

Katerina found her wetness and spread it around her lips, while Lauren’s hands rubbed and strayed everywhere over her butt cheeks, into her crack, up the back. Massaging, and rubbing, and pleasuring.

They guided her to a long comfy chair, and sat her upon it. Lauren climbed into it with her. She hugged and gave her little baby kisses. Lauren and Briannas bosoms squeezed together in pure comfort.

Katerina moved her face in between Brianna’s legs and started to kiss at her pubic hair. Brianna felt her legs shake a little.

Lauren whispered in her ear, “Let it go, sweetie. We’re all friends here.”

Brianna opened her legs to Katerina. Wanting the woman to see her. Wanting to be judged favorably. She was to be wearing a wedding dress. She was to be a woman. She wanted this woman who had seen hundreds of women in their gowns, to see her. Brianna’s liquid and sweat quivered in anticipation of the touch. She felt Lauren’s hands on her breasts

She noticed that Masuki had come around to her mouth. Masuki opened her mouth and poured cold spring water into it. She was getting so hot internally. The water cooled her off, like jumping in a lake after a sauna.

Then Katerina’s mouth was on her opening. The tongue dancing on her swollen clitoris. The clumsy fumblings she had done with other girls was nothing like this. The tongue touched every nerve ending, tingling her with delight, as she gasped and cried and moaned into Lauren’s body.

Brianna found Lauren’s mouth and kissed her. The kiss was like that of sisters. Kissing sweetly, but completely. The mouths joining as one, not nervous about lingerings.

Katerina’s tongue danced even more,and Brianna started to buckle. Lauren’s hands covered her breasts, and pinched her nipples at the exact moment. But it was Katerina that was driving Brianna crazy. The tongue entered her vagina, as Katerina’s fingers rubbed her opening.

“Yes!” she whispered, as she found her mouth between Lauren’s breasts, comfortably smothering between them.

Kat’s fingers entered her, and hooked upwards towards the front of her pubis. She screamed and exhaled in pleasure, as the fingers went in and out faster-and-faster. Masuki and Eloisa had joined the other women on the sofa, and were cradling Brianna. Their robes feeling so comfortable against her body.

Brianna spread her legs wide. Kat was covering her with pure pleasure. She couldn’t believe the feelings. She couldn’t believe the sensation. She felt the climax building… building… building…

The climax crested like a wave. The intensity scared Brianna for a moment, unsure of how she could react to it. Her legs spread apart as far as they could, her body clenched, but the kisses from Lauren, and the rubbing of her clitoris by Kat, relaxed her as the wave of pleasure hit.

Her pussy clenched down. The wave ran the length of her body and crashed against her slit. She opened, and gushed liquid out of herself.

She was cumming!!! She was actually ejaculating!!! She could feel it flow out of her. She raised her hips to ride the orgasm and more flowed through her.

“Oh God!” she whimpered in pleasure and exhaustion.

Her body spasmed in pleasure several times. With the four women cradling her. Brianna gasping for breath, the pleasure still tingling through her body.

After a few minutes, Katerina spoke, “Do you feel much better?”

Brianna nodded.

“Many brides need the release from all the tension of the whole day. Plus, you need to feel completely sexy in your wedding dress. When you put it on, you will remember the sensations.”

Brianna nodded again, hugging her body in pleasure.

Kat said with a wink before continuing, “I’m going to go tailor your dress. Lauren will take you to go get cleaned up.”

Lauren led her to a warm back room, the temperature of a warm sauna. Lauren took a shower nozzle and sprayed Brianna all over, her fingers washing her everywhere. Lauren kissed her as she did this, and Eloisa came over and helped dry her off in a towel. They dusted her with a fine perfumed powder all over her body, especially her vagina. They fitted her in a soft cotton robe, before bringing her out to the changing room again.

Katerina had the whole dress and ensemble laid out on a table. The girls helped her put on her bra and panties. Katerina helped with the stockings and the garter belt. The bodice and petticoat were added next. Finally ending with the gown and the train. She did feel sexy in the gown, for the first time, wanting to be in the wedding ceremony.

They brought her over to the mirror, and she looked into it. She couldn’t believe the sight. She didn’t even recognize herself. The pretty gown flowed off her shoulders, and she looked so pretty, regal, and sexy.

Lauren whistled appreciatively.

Katerina smiled and looked from behind Brianna like a proud mother, “And this is without hair and makeup. Plus, you still have to come back for a final fitting, the week of the wedding. To make sure you fit properly.”

Brianna turned around in the mirror looking at herself from all angles.

“Plus,” continued Katerina, the four women coming up behind Brianna, “We have to make sure you know how to remove the dress properly.”

Katerina started to kiss Brianna’s neck as she undid the buttons of the gown. Brianna felt the other two move closer, and she once again succumbed to their pampering.


9 Responses to “Four Wedding Stories – Part 1: The Fitting (FFF)”

  1. Gia1978 said

    OMG! I love your ideas….. very sexy and exciting! I cant wait for the other three!

    I am looking for more stuff by you and having trouble!


  2. Luna said

    Hi Gia,

    Don’t know if you will read the blog site to get my response. But anyway. I’m just getting started of organizing my stories and my releases of stories to the general public.

    So, I’m afraid there isn’t much out there.

    But the good news is that you’re not missing any existing stories.


  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Stalwartness.

  4. babykeiko said

    So lovely… i love the seduction and can’t wait to be enveloped in the other stories… you are very talented and i am so glad i found you through leslita

    love from k

  5. Luna said

    The next chapter of wedding stories is working itself out a little bit. It’s about two friends who are both bridesmaids in a wedding. When emotions crash, the two of them turn towards each other.

    It’s very intense. Lovely in many ways.

  6. babykeiko said

    i had to read it again… and it made me so tingly again… you’re so the best…

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  8. R.M said

    very erotic story! loved every sentence! it is really hot and only a woman can write like this!

  9. Sylus said

    Wow, all wedding dress fittings should be like this, I think it would greatly reduce the number of bridezillas, lol! Such a beautiful story, does that place actually exist? I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to get their fitting there!

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