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What is Erotic?

Posted by Luna on January 9, 2008

This post on my Live Journal, got the most responses, so I’m including it here, editing out the bits that don’t apply to today (i.e., who I was writing it for).
Well, a recent friend suggested that I post more. I know, I know… There are several people who have told me the same thing.

(no comments from you folks)

I don’t know. My best posts tend to come when I am inspired to talk. And that usually comes when I am turned on sexually and creatively at the same time, or when I’m pissed off or disturbed by something.

I mean, I have these deep dark corners of my mind where I think of really sick twisted, erotic, taboo in every sense of the word, fantasies and indulgences. And the truth is that for ever person who would condemn me, call me a sinner, or send me to therapy for having these ideas, voicing these ideas, or even worse get turned on by these ideas…. there are probably just as many who would shrug their shoulders say ‘yeah… so…’ and then trump my hand by telling me of stuff that gets them off that’s even deeper and darker than the shit I would ever think of in my wildest nightmares…

I mean let’s face it, one person’s taboo is another person’s bread and butter.

Ehhh, too much in my head. Spinnings about fantasies, about cyber-relations, about revelations, about sharing of oneself. It can be too much at times.

How about what is erotic? Always a good question….

Now look. I take what I can get. If all I have are sex stories written by 14 year old boys about girls who will not only have sex with them but wiill invite their best girlfriends in on the party, cause they are so ‘huge’. Well, I can make do.


What is truly erotic is very different from what I can use to achieve pleasure. Now these are just my opinions.

A series of pictues depicting a woman slowly undressing is erotic. A single picture of a woman with her legs spread is not.

A picture regular girl showing a revealing shot of her breast(s) is erotic. An airbrushed picture of a model with fake breasts is not.

A picture of a man’s back is erotic, the musculature, the skin. A picture of a man’s thighs are erotic, even with hair on them. A picture of a man’s erect cock is not.

A picture of a naked man, where you can see his chest, his legs, and his cock can be erotic. (actually I think it’s sexier to see it flacid, cuter that way)

A movie of people having sex is not erotic (unless you are watching a movie of you and your partner, and it invokes feeling of eroticism from that day).

A movie of two people kissing passionately, removing their clothes, experiencing pleasure, that eventually results in genital stimulation (sorry for being scientific) and possibly penetration is erotic.

Seduction is erotic.

Any story where sex is a foregone conclusion before the first paragraph is complete is not.

Tease and suggestion are erotic. Vulgarity and directness are not.

Good eroticism needs to build. Like a good song. You build your lyrics. Find a catchy chorus, but leave it understated. Build a second level of lyrics. Repeat the chorus with a little more passion. Each time, different rhythyms are added to the mix. A third lyric and chorus combination can be thrown in. Sometimes you go wtih an instrumental section, or a solo. And finally you slam home a chorus with all of the instruments and voice with a crescendo of power, passion and energy, and slam the thing home.

(Currently thinking of the song called Home by Marc Broussard, CHECK THIS OUT!!!! But other examples are I’d Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf, Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone, Cooksferry Queen by Richard Thompson, or even Play that Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry)

It’s the difference between a Twinkee and a cake your grandmother made for your birthday.

The truth is instead of criticizing I should do something about it. Too true. I’m not an exhibitionist. Maybe I will get the gumption to post a pic of my naked body. But I never will film people having sex.

So it leaves writing. And the problem with that falls under my shortcomings of not being able to finish something that I start. And being in the right mood creatively, to write, and the right mood erotically, to write about sex.

I have two pretty good stories, about 75% done. They remain the old car waiting to be rebuilt in the garage out back.

One story has a good engine, I just have to put the steering wheel and the doors back on. (I have the sex part written, and I’m pleased with it, but I need to write the backstory)

The other story, I put the engine back into the car, but realized that I missed a piece. So I have to pull the engine out again, and put the piece back on. (Due to a computer kablooey, I lost a good chapter of the story, so it’s finished in my head, but completely lost on the paper).

And there are about fifty other ideas, that I want to use and do. But….

Half of me wants to get a group together and roleplay it. Online or something. But…. Oh never mind….

I’m just ranting at this point. You all probably stopped reading several paragraphs ago.

Anyway, I’m out of here….

Love you all,

Luna Zax – The Goddess of the Moon and the Curse of Cake Boys Everywhere

2 Responses to “What is Erotic?”

  1. Woman said

    “Good eroticism needs to build. Like a good song. You build your lyrics. Find a catchy chorus, but leave it understated.”

    I do so very much agree with you here Luna!!!! You need the whole story behind the actions in my opinion. The more the reader loves the characters, the more of a response they can have emotionally, physically or mentally even. Thanks!!! Love this post!!!!

    • Luna said

      Dear Woman,

      Thanks so much for finding this post. I wrote this so long ago, and I have more feedback in terms of what other people like, and what they agree with.

      The truth about eroticsm needing to build is still 100% though. I do think that when you love a character, it makes the response much greater.

      My favorite erotic story of all time, made me cry at the end of it. It’s a story called Me and Martha Jane. It’s all over the internet if you want to check it out.

      Love your site!

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