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Luna and Her Niece, Part 4 (fg)

Posted by Luna on January 8, 2008

This is the fourth part of the Luna and Her Niece story. Here are the links:

    Luna and Her Niece, Part 1
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 2
    Luna and Her Niece, Part 3

This is a story where a bisexual Aunt (college or post-college age) gets drawn into the uninentional erotic play between her and her (very) underage niece, and it gets out of control from there.

Disclaimer: If stories of underage sex make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy. I do not condone any adult having any sort of sexual activity with underage children.

Luna and her Niece Part 4
By LunaZax
story codes: fg, wsMy niece stared at my crotch as I climbed into the tub. I looked over at her and she blushed furiously.”What?” I asked as I settled my butt into the bathtub.”You… you’ve got blonde hair.”I looked at her with the most curious look on my face that must have confused her so much. Then the bolt of realization hit me.

“Oh, you mean down there? You’re wondering why it doesn’t match the hair on my head?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“Or had you never seen anyone with blonde hair down there?”

Allison shrugged her shoulders again.

“Well, I color the hair on top of my head Allison. I color it a darker brown with redish highlights. My hair is naturally blonde.”

She smiled at me.

“And does your mommy have darker hair down there?”

Allison nodded.

“Well, the hair on your body usually matches the hair on top of your head.”

I pulled a leg out of the water.

“Do you see the hair there? It’s very light and faint because my natural hair is blonde, like yours. When you get hair on your legs, it will be light.”

She barely whispered her next question, “Will… will I get hair down there.”

“Oh yes, sweetie. All women get hair down there. That’s just what happens when you grow up. You get boobies, hair around your pee hole, and can have children.”


“Do you want to touch my hair?”

She nodded.

I pulled her into me, and I opened my legs under the bubble water. I grabbed her hand sweetly, and guided it to my now soaking wet pussy hair.

She pulled and rubbed my pussy hair. She was so sweet with it, and it was driving me crazy.

“Do… do you know what some people call that?”

Allison shook her head.

“They call it a pussy. Because you… you rub the hair like a pussy cat. ”

She giggled. “Pussy…”

I nearly came right there, as her cute sweet little voice called out the word pussy.

I pushed my hand over to her opening…. “Pussy…” I said as I rubbed up and down her slit. She gulped a little before matching my motions, moving her hand down to my opening.

My lips parted. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Feels slippery” she said.

I nodded and kept rubbing her hands across my slit. Opening up for her. My clit felt huge. I felt so wet.

“Allison… put… put your fingers in…inside me….” I said as I raised my hips.

She tentatively put a lil finger inside me.. I felt her tiny finger enter my opening.


She put a few more fingers from her little hand in me.”


Her whole hand fit inside my pussy. I had never been fisted before. And it wasn’t, really that, but…. OH my GODDDD….. It stretched the opening so wide, and I felt every pleasure sense be pulled and yanked and teased.

“Oh god, Allison, that feels so good. Just move your hand a little .”

She rocked her hand a little. She seemed intrigued but unsure. Stretching me in so many new ways. Hitting spots that had never been hit by any man or woman. It was so unique.

“Oh godddd…. Oh godddddddddd…… Oh godddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!”

I clenched… I arched… Less from the stimulus itself but from the unqiue feeling. I opened my legs wide. I squeezed her hand with my internal muslces and intook breath, arching my back further.

Allison pulled her hand out quickly as I buckled from intense pleasure. I came down off the orgasm panting, like a madwoman.

“You okay, Aunt Luna?”

“Oh God, baby. I’m so good. That was so wonderful.”

“That felt good?”

“Like you can’t believe.”


I pulled her close. I kissed her face. Made my way down to her lips. We kissed blissfully.

“You liked seeing me like that?” I asked.

She nodded.

“I don’t know if you can feel what I just felt sweetie. It’s kindof an adult thing. It’s one of the reasons why adults and kids don’t do this together.”

“But we did it. Is something wrong?”

“Not unless you think something is wrong, baby. Are you enjoying this?”


“Did you like me rubbing your pee hole?”


“And your poopie hole?”

“That was weird but nice.”

“Did you like rubbing my pee hole?”

“Yeah, that was neat.”

“What else did you like.”

She got very red at this question.

“Allison, what is it?”

“I liked you seeing me pee.”

“You did?”

She nodded her head.

“That’s so nice sweetie.”

“Um…. ”

“What?” I asked.


“What, Allison.”


“Did you want something?”

She was quiet.

“Did you want to see me pee?”

She looked up at me with big eyes. She could barely nod her head.

I smiled at her and got my pelvis a little above the water. I started to pee. I had wanted to go for so long. The sound of my pee hitting the water was extremely sexy.

Allison grinned at the yellow liquid pouring out of me, and put her hand up to it as a child puts her hand up to a fountain.

I pulled her body under me and my warm pee hit her across the chest and ran down her torso. She loved it.


I pushed the warm water all over her torso, washing my warm pee off of her.

“Do you want me to try and make you feel good, Allison? Better than I did before. Like you saw me feel good?”

She nooded.

“Okay, let’s go to your bedroom.”

I pushed the lever on the drain, letting the water out of the tub. I handed Allison a towel, and then grabbed one for myself.

Toweling myself off, I grabbed her hand and led her to her bedroom.

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    • Luna said

      Um, I did…. there’s three other parts of this story 🙂 Hope you found them….

      Now if you’re asking me that at the end of part 7… Different discussion….

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