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Luna and her Niece, Part 2 (fg)

Posted by Luna on January 6, 2008

This is the second part of the Luna and Her Niece story, the first part can be found here.

This is a story where a bisexual Aunt (college or post-college age) gets drawn into the uninentional erotic play between her and her (very) underage niece, and it gets out of control from there.

Disclaimer: If stories of underage sex make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy. I do not condone any adult having any sort of sexual activity with underage children.

Luna and Her Niece, Part 2
by LunaZax
story codes: fg, nosexI got up from the sofa and made my way over to the kitchen to help prepare food for dinner. Allison settled down and started to watch her television show. She was unusually quiet. She usually hops around, while watching television. She sat there very still.I did start to get nervous. I mean, she might start thinking that I did something wrong to her. I started to peel the potatoes in the sink. I guessed on one potato for each of us, and then an additional one for good measure. I peeled the potatoes, chopped them into quarters and put them on the stove to boil.

I opened the fridge to get some lettuce out when Allison came into the kitchen.

“Hey Buggaboo… Do you want some juice or something?”

“Chocolate milk!” she said eagerly looking for a sugar buzz.

I opened the fridge and luckily the chocolate sauce was easy to find. I poured a good glob of chocolate syrup into the glass of milk and gave it to her. She sipped it as I grabbed more vegetables for the salad.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just getting the veggies out for salad. I got to wash the lettuce, and chop the tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers for the salad.”

I broke the bottom of the lettuce and tossed it into the garbage. Then I placed the salad in a colander and started to wash it with the sprayer from the sink.

“Why are you washing the lettuce?” she asked, like I was doing something wrong.

“Well, because lettuce comes out of the ground and has all sorts of dirt on the lettuce. You need to wash off the dirt before you can eat it.”

“Oh.” A long pause… “Can I help?”

I started to think about it. “Sure, no problem.” I handed her the sprayer. “Just take the sprayer and spray the lettuce leaves, til the water seems clear.”

She seemed to have no problem with this. So Allison washed the lettuce as I quickly quartered the tomato and cut the onion and cucumber into slices.

“How’s this?” she asked. I moved closer to the sink, and reached in to feel the lettuce. There was some grit on the bottom.

“It’s good, but let me toss it a bit, and then you can get the rest of the dirt off.”

Well, she didn’t wait for me to be done, and she blasted the water into the colander. However, it bounced off of the lettuce and into my face, accidentally.

I turned towards her with a smirk on my face and water dripping off of my chin. She started laughing in embarrassment, and I couldn’t help but laugh as well. She took this to mean that I was encouraging her to spray me more, because she pointed the sprayer at me.

“Allison, don’t do that,” I said laughing.

She gave one good spray that wet down my shirt.

“Ooooohhhhhh….” I grunted and leapt at her playfully. The water went off several times in her hand, soaking my hair and my shirt even more.

I grabbed her and I grabbed the nozzle. “Now, you’re gonna get it!” I said with mock evil intentions. She giggled even more furiously as I squirted her in the head. She shrieked when I sprayed her down her back. Then in a very bold move I pulled out her pants and sprayed down them. She shrieked even more, but playfully.

“Okay, I think that’s enough water. How about you pumpkin?”

She nodded, still giggling.

“God, I’m soaked.” I exclaimed.

“Me too.”

“Should we take off our wet things?” I asked with a tremor in my voice.

Her eyes got wide and she nodded.

I pulled my top off, and stood in my sister’s kitchen in my bra, which was also soaked. My nipples poked through the white bra, and were quite visible. She kept staring at my breasts.

“This too?” I asked her. She nodded her head. I reached behind and unhooked my bra. My boobs bounced free. My nipples were as hard as rocks.

“Now you,” I said as I pulled her top off, revealing her cutey little nipples. She got very red in the face.

“Are those panties wet too?” I asked.

She nodded.

I reached for her and pulled her into me with her back against my hips. I unsnapped her pants, and started to slide them down off her non-existent hips. Her cute little Disney Princess panties were in full view now. They were also soaked.

I just rubbed her chest. Her nipples got surprisingly hard. She giggled and sighed at the touch.

“Still weird?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Should I stop?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Turn around sweetie.”

She turned towards me. I unbuttoned my jeans and guided her hands to the zipper. She giggled as she pulled it down. I pushed the jeans off of my hips, and Allison tugged them down, revealing my blue satin panties.

I stepped out of my jeans.

“You like my undies?” I asked.

“They’re pretty,” she said looking at the shiny material almost reaching out her hand.

I nodded and guided her hand to the material. She rubbed the area near my hip, feeling the smooth satin.

“Smooth,” she said

I nodded.

I was getting very wet at this point. I had been trying to hold it back, saying this was just play. That I was just simply getting stuff for masturbation material later, but I couldn’t stop now, and I didn’t think she wanted me to stop either.

“Want to go upstairs for your bath?” I asked.

She wasn’t sure, I could tell. She was enjoying this too much.

“And maybe I’ll take a bath with you?” I said.

Her face lit up, and she practically ran up the stairs. I picked up her clothes and started up the stairs after her.

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