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More Erotic Fiction Tips

Posted by Luna on May 4, 2011

More advice for writing erotic fiction:

Okay, I’ve recently gotten addicted to erotic writing from the e-book community of erotic/romance writers.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago. 

Now, I am drawn to women writers, more than male writers.  I have had my fill of bad male erotic writers during my formative years.  Most of whom are living fantasies they will never achieve, or are writing for wish fulfillment.  However, these women writers can be just as bad, falling into the same tired old clichés over and over.

(Please note, both you and I would be fools if we thought that all e-published writers that sport female ‘nom de plumes’ are actually female… but I do believe that there are a greater percentage of real women out there.)

And please remember, all of the following advice comes from an over-opinionated bitch who likes to write a lot.  It means only as much as you want it to. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Grove part 1

Posted by Luna on May 2, 2011

I don’t know how it is with other ‘writers’, but I know how it is with me.  Sometimes my stories are scenarios that I have researched, plotted, and fantasized about in my head for weeks.  Othertimes, my stories are simple ideas that I just start writing and see where it goes from there.  Letting the story unfold before me.

This story did just that, unfolded before me.  This was meant to be a quick story, but it turned into something bigger.  And I’m not really sure what this is at the moment, or how big it can be, or what the destination is. 

This was intended to be an erotic story.  And part of me still intends on that.  But I am letting the story determine that.  If you’ve written a story, I think you understand that statement.  If you haven’t, then you’re just going to have to trust me.  It’s like going to a restaurant, planning on having chicken, but catching your eye on a menu item that was unexpected, and suddenly you’re having somethign completely different. 



That being said, please enjoy the following:

Luna Zax (05/02/2011)

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Writing Tip: Changing Things Up

Posted by Luna on March 23, 2011

Most advice I give is really tailored for those who are erotic writers or wanna be erotic writers.  Writing erotic fiction has some similarities to standard fiction.  But, there’s no question that it is much easier to get an original work of erotic fiction read by people. 

(I mean according to WordPress stats (which I’m not sure I totally believe), I get 100 hits a day to this blog, and I haven’t published an erotic story in over a year. )

Anyway, I digress.  This is about shaking things up when you are in a funk or have writers block.  We all have process, but sometimes it’s time to break the routine. 

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Poll: What Level of Plot Do You Like?

Posted by Luna on March 14, 2011

I started to think about writing stories. Not sure if I’m going to turn this into something for the site. But reading the erotic/romance novels started my thoughts as to writing an erotic novel. And if I wrote an erotic novel, what would I want to write. Or more specifically, what level of detail.

(BTW: I have a very good idea for an erotic novel. But I could never publish it with a company, as there would be some underage sexual encounters. Just heavy petting between girls… And all publishing companies follows the strict guidelines on that)

Okay, I’m curious of how my readers will respond to my latest poll. I’m basically asking what level of context do you like in an erotic story?

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Hacks and Erotic Ebooks

Posted by Luna on March 11, 2011

I don’t really know how it happened, but recently I discovered some erotic/romance e-book sites.  This wasn’t new knowledge or even a surprise to me, but I just had never explored it. 

And over the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve like purchased 12 of them.   I can be an impulsive buyer, especially when it comes to self-gratification.  Constantly looking for another thrill that will add another log on any internal lustful fires. 

I had avoided romance novels, because for me, the world of erotica/romance books is a two-sided coin. 

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My Missing Muse

Posted by Luna on February 14, 2011

Hi everyone,

It’s been almost a year since I posted.  I hope people don’t think this is a dead blog.  Almost everyday, I check the stats on the site, and look to see how people are finding my stories… 

It’s amazing that Luna and Her Niece is still the story that gets the hits and seems to be the story that they are looking for.  Not that I mind, but I figure that my more recent stories are better. 

I am very unsure about what 2011 holds for updates to this blog.  I have severe writers block for all of my stories.  I have at least 5 stories that are in my head, but when I start to write them, it’s like pushing water uphill. 

I want to have the fire.  Part of me says to just put a story out there.  Get my toe back in the water.  Create a story like Luna and her Niece, that just has enough sizzle to get out there.  Maybe so…  I just want to write something that feels real and seems true and lives inside me. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, as always. 



P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day

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The Necklace, Chapter 2

Posted by Luna on May 10, 2010

This is the second chapter of an epic erotic story, that will take place over many chapters. Heck I even have a sequel to the darn thing in my head. Hopefully, I have the energy to complete this one.

You can find the previous chapter below:

I usually write very long drawn-out realistic encounters between people. But even I get the desire to just write about crazy sex situations. The Necklace series is meant to fulfill that desire. The character descends into more and more sexual situations as the story goes on. Just engages in every sexual/perverted fantasy I can think of (at least those that please me)

Disclaimer: If stories of sexual activity make you all wiggy and weirded out, please don’t read the following. It is intended as pure fantasy.

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The Necklace, Chapter 1

Posted by Luna on May 7, 2010

This is the first chapter of an epic erotic story, that will take place over many chapters.  Heck I even have a sequel to the darn thing in my head.  Hopefully, I have the energy to complete this one.  

Some basic backstory:  I started writing erotic stories as a reaction to most of the male-dominated (even when writing as females) stroke material that exists on the Internet:  Bad grammar and sentence structure; poorly created female characters; lack of eroticsm and sensuality in favor of getting to the ‘good stuff’; complete lack of plot and setting; and unrealistic fantasies and situations.  

Or put another way.  I got sick of poorly told, girls are total sluts begging to be fucked in every way possible, by as many people as possible.   

I wrote my stories trying to avoid these things.  I would like to think that, in a very limited sense, I’ve achieved that (but I may be VERY wrong, who knows).  However, there is a part of me that wants to explore the side of eroticsm that is VERY taboo, but that my sense of realism doesn’t allow. 

I still get turned on by the sexual freedom that some crazy erotically charged women have in these stories.  But I want it to be well written.  I still want there to be plot and characters and fun settings.  But basically an outlet for every naughty, taboo, other-side-of-the-tracks fantasy I’ve ever had.   

Hence, this series.  Allowing me to explore a female protagonist that has a change that completely alters her outlook, tendencies, morals, and preferences towards sex, as well as the people around her (3 guesses what that device is, and the first 2 don’t count).  Now, there will be real characters in this story, but for the most part, there will be sexual encounters that don’t happen as organically as my realistic side prefers. So this is my way of getting around what I think the protagonist would do, and allow the evil side of my writing to creep in.   

I have recently re-written this, combining details from a set-up chapter, and an ‘action’ chapter, into a single chapter that gets going more quickly.   

Let’s see where this takes us.   


Luna Zax   

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Posted by Luna on February 4, 2010

I usually always write stories on the actual blog site, for safety purposes.  So that any story I write is saved and captured, because sometimes I write stories and I am so engrossed in the telling that I forget to save the document.  The blog sites typically save stuff automatically.  So I wrote this story a few weeks ago, and did not save it, and of course, a blue screen of death took the original content with it. 

This is my recreation of that story.  The story is inspired by happenings that I witnessed when I was younger.  Someone feeling the exhilaration of a performance (acting, singing, playing instrument, etc), and the feelings after the performance is complete, then meets someone who they have been attracted to for quite sometime, and yet have never gone past flirting. As to why this has not happened, in my head there is a vague tabooness to the relationship, that I leave upto the reader to determine.  Feel free to choose what ever erotic pairing gives you pleasure.  This is an imagining of a young inexperienced girl who meets up with the wrong lover at the right time.

One final note, the story may give the reader an impression of virginity for the female protagonist.  When writing, I was trying to stress her inexperience both emotionally and physically, but not necessarily true innocence and virginity.  I hope that comes through.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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Status of Things 2010

Posted by Luna on February 2, 2010

Like resolutions, I occassionally write in my blog of my new commitment to writing erotic stories.  And like those resolutions, they are only somewhat believable.

Things are a bit of a tumult for me right now. 

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